Volume 8 Chapter 1 – Lascivious White Hair Bride (Part 2)

“Old witch, don’t be too arrogant! Both of us are people with backgrounds. If you hurt us, Mandeff Base will kill you! “

Aiwa had to come up with a base name that he didn’t even believe in.

“Oh, isn’t that the monster Cartel? I’m not afraid of him. See? The pile of bottles and cans in front of me is not just potions to improve my ability.”

The white-haired woman stood up and went to the row of bottles and cans in front of her. Her slender fingers touched the two jars and said, “If I add the potions of the two jars together, huh-huh, let alone Cartel, you will all die together.”

Aini and Aiwa looked at the two jars and saw nothing special. It seemed that the white-haired women not only made merit pills, but also made weapons.

Aini and Aiwa looked at each other in despair. It seemed that even when Cartel was here, he couldn’t handle the woman.

The white-haired woman came over again, dressed in a gauze as thin as a cicada’s wing, with exquisite curved and bulging breast peaked undoubtedly revealed. Judging from her figure, she was only about twenty or thirty years old, but if she was so young, how could she possibly keep Xuan Er for more than ten years?

Aiwa looked boldly at the white-haired woman’s breast and thought, “If I don’t look at it anymore, I won’t see it anymore. Isn’t it too bad?”

“Boy, your eyes are so lustful! Shame on me!”

As the white-haired woman walked towards Aiwa, she covered half of her face with her slender fingers, pretending to be shy.

Aiwa thought, “If you’re shy, there’s no shy woman in the world.”

When the white-haired woman came over, her breast was so high that Aiwa could almost see her straight nipples.

A fascinating fragrance floated from her body and perfumed Aiwa’s heart and lungs. It stimulated Aiwa’s dick to rise.

“Oh, my little brother is very sensitive!”

The white-haired woman said, and her slender, scallion-like fingers caressed Aiwa and gently pressed her hand on Aiwa’s newly erected tent.

“You’re not allowed to rape me!” Aiwa roared.

The white-haired woman was not angry at all, but happily put her face on Aiwa’s face. Her skin was so soft and warm that Aiwa’s special dragon blood suddenly boiled.

“Your anger is so hot! But I like a boy as you…”

The white-haired woman untied Aiwa’s belt and pulled out his huge sausage.

Xuan Er was so ashamed that she quickly turned her face away and her heart jumped. Yesterday, she was punctured by Aiwa’s dick, and the feeling seemed to linger on her.

At this time, the white-haired woman poked her hand on the thick sausage with bulging green tendons, and her lips were close to Aiwa.

This gesture was really exciting. She always gave Aiwa a gentle brush of her breasts before she left quickly. Her lips were like a blunt, exhaling flower, stimulating Aiwa’s sexual nerves.

Her hand gradually grasped Aiwa’s sausage, which swelled up in her hand.

“Even you put my brother in your hole, I will not obey you!” Aiwa closed his eyes and roared.

“Would you submit if you stuffed your stick into her hole?”

The white-haired woman released her hand from Aiwa’s sausage and tore Aini’s jacket apart, exposing her whole breast.

To Aiwa’s surprise, the snow-white breast was a pair of wonderful poops that made him sniffle!

Aiwa’s eyes were wide suddenly!

Aini’s eyes were full of shyness, but at this time her hands and feet were tied firmly and it was difficult to move.

“Tony, are you a girl?”

Aiwa completely forgot that his life was on the verge of death, and even felt a little annoyed – since she was a woman, she slept with me for several days without saying a word!

“This girl is really beautiful. Why, don’t you know your companion is a girl?

White Hair Bride turned her head and asked Aiwa.

“My name is Aini. I’m the king’s daughter! If you dare to touch me, my mother will kill you! “

Aini put forward her own chips, at least exerting some pressure on the witch, so that she could not easily take her Prime. In Aini’s view, ordinary people dare not easily confront the king.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to be the princess of Hass Empire?”

The witch’s face was stunned, even slightly backward.


Aiwa was even more surprised. Just now he thought she was just the same name as the princess, but now Aini has admitted her Princess identity.

Aiwa regretted it even more. At first I saw that Tony’s tender skin was not like a boy. Why was he so careless? Looking at Aini’s snowy and seductive breasts, Aiwa’s teeth itched with regret!

Seeing Aiwa’s astonished expression, Aini naturally recalled the scene of bathing, massaging for his penis, his face became hot.

The slender fingers of the white-haired woman touched and kneaded Aini’s delicate breasts in an extremely lewd way, which made Aini even more shy, but unable to resist, so she could only bite her teeth and endure all this.

The white-haired woman stroked Aini’s breast and looked at Aiwa, incredibly asking, “Why, don’t you know she’s a girl?”

“Who tell you I don’t know? I just, I just…!”

Aiwa said unconvinced. He really wanted to push away the hand of the devil woman and hold Aini in his arms to enjoy her snowy, plump poops.

“Oh, forget it! If you have known she was a girl, would you still be so jealous now?” White Hair Bride laughed complacently.

“She’s the great Princess of Hass Empire. Do you think you can touch her? Even if you’re not afraid of Cartel, are you not even afraid of Queen Sofia?”

Now that Aiwa had known Aini’s identity, he certainly wanted to frighten White Hair Bride.

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“Ha-ha-ha… Didn’t I say that? If I add these two jars together, no matter how many people Cartel brings will be killed. How could the Queen know that her daughter had fallen into my hands when no one had ever reported to your Queen?”

White Hair Bride laughed more arrogantly.

Hearing that, Aiwa was no longer expected Cartel to rescue them. He reasoned that White Hair Bride’s power was definitely beyond Cartel, let alone her poisonous medicine. If the whole army of their base was destroyed, there would be no one to report.

“Baby, would you like to fuck her? I can just appreciate how could you trigger her. But now I won’t let you touch her. I’ve seen that she’s still a virgin. Wouldn’t you make her Prime impure if you fuck her first? After I get her Prime, you can play with her any way you want! “

White Hair Bride looked at Aiwa lewdly and said.

“Don’t you want to taste my dick?”

Now that he was dying, Aiwa was no longer so afraid. Before he died, he could play with the devil first.

White Hair Bride loosened his hand on Aini’s breast, walked towards Aiwa, held Aiwa’s bulky face, and said with an obscene smile, “It’s big enough, but are you not afraid to be cut into a few pieces by my meat knife?”

As she spoke, her slender fingers rubbed along the edge of Aiwa’s turtle head, and Aiwa became bloodshot.

“Ha-ha, it’s my honor to refresh a lady, and also the honor of a Dragon Blood Dscendant!”

As soon as Aiwa changed his obscene expression, he said solemnly.

“Are you Dragon Blood Clan’s descendant? No wonder…”

White Hair Bride’s face was shocked. Everyone on the mainland had heard the legend of Dragon Blood Clan. Now the man in front of her was the descendant of Dragon Blood Clan. How could she not be excited? But at the same time, she had some worries. After all, the old Kyle was not only an empty reputation, and behind this guy was not only one Kyle, but the whole Dragon Blood Clan! She couldn’t help worrying.

“Are you afraid?”

Aiwa looked haughtily at White Hair Bride, who was apparently deterred.

“So what? If I took your Prime, you will be a waste. But don’t be afraid, even if I take your Prime, it won’t prevent you from playing with women. I believe that with your father’s prestige, many beautiful women will come to sleep with you.”

As she spoke, she poked Aiwa’s massive sausage with two slim hands.

Aiwa thought to himself, “This woman must have played with a lot of men. She’s holding her sausage. It’s amazing and intoxicating!”

Aiwa could not help but close his eyes and moaned.

“Xuan Er, untie my clothes.”

White Hair Bride did not turn around, and her soul-stirring eyes kept staring at Aiwa’s face. At this point, Aiwa’s muscles were slowly expanding and he was almost about to break the rope tied to him — of course, the rope was unusual and could not be freely broken.

Xuan Er came over and untied White Hair Bride’s dress.

A carcass full of temptation suddenly appeared in front of Aiwa, even Aini marveled at it.

It’s absolutely a devil’s figure. The slender waist, slender legs, two peaks are so straight, two bright red nipples stood high and steep, as if just touched by a man, blooming beautiful and moving fine lines.

From her cleavage down across the smooth stomach, an inverted triangular, curly jungle crawled in the secluded area.

At this point, White Hair Bride’s hands still gently stroked Aiwa’s dick.

“Xuan Er, lick Master’s bottom to make this Dragon Blood Dscendant more exciting.”

She slowly loosened Aiwa’s penis, stepped back and asked Xuan Er to come over.

Xuan Er came shyly and squatted down against White Hair Bride’s carcass. Her hands touched Master’s snow-white thighs, and her tongue stretched out and licked on Master’s vulva.

White Hair Bride separated her legs and exposed her vulva toward Xuan Er’s face. Xuan Er was very skillful in licking on her vulva. Whenever Xuan Er’s tongue swept over her two thick shade lips, she would moan drunkenly, “Oh…”

At the same time, the goose-like neck was elongated, the breast was high and straight, and the two peaks were more attractive.

“Oh… Put your little tongue deeper…”

White Hair Bride muttered, opening her eyes from time to time to look at Aiwa’s face.

Aini also looked at her. He had never seen such a lewd woman before. Obviously, her lewdness had deeply infected the innocent girl, and there was a subtle reaction under her vulva.

Aiwa just looked at Xuan Er and turned his eyes to Aini, because Aini’s plump breasts were exposed, and Aini’s breasts were more attractive than those of white-haired women.

Aiwa’s face turned red as his eager eyes focused on Aini’s bare breast.

Aiwa’s eyes were filled with longing and greed, and endless regrets.

“Oh… It’s so cool…

White Hair Bride was more and more comfortable licked by Xuan Er and could not help rubbing her breasts.

“Oh… It’s great… Ah… Get out of here…

White Hair Bride moaned and pushed Xuan Er away, who was licking her vulva. She no longer wanted Xuan Er to torture her with her tongue, but wanted to enjoy the penis of Aiwa.

Xuan Er got up from the ground and stood aside.

White Hair Bride climbed up to Aiwa, took the big sausage and stuffed it into her hole.

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Volume 8 Chapter 1 - Lascivious White Hair Bride (Part 1)
Volume 8 Chapter 2 - Prime (Part 1)
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