Volume 8 Chapter 2 – Prime (Part 1)

As White Hair Bride’s body gradually approached, Aiwa’s huge meat stick slowly penetrated her lower body.

To Aiwa’s surprise, her vagina was long enough. If another woman were to be replaced, she must be intolerable if two-thirds of Aiwa’s stick was inserted into her body. By this time Aiwa’s stick had entered three-quarters, but it had not reached the bud deep in her vagina.

Aiwa didn’t believe that the foreplay had no effect. It was reasonable to say that her buds should have come up at this time. After the woman’s sexual desire starts, the buds hidden in the bottom of the cave will rise.

Even Aini and Xuan Er, standing on besides, were somewhat surprised. Especially Xuan Er, who had made love with Aiwa, though she did not take the initiative, for her body, some changes happened. But Aiwa did not insert the big meat stick so deep that it seemed that her master was really an unusual woman.

Aiwa didn’t want to lose to the Devil Woman. Just as he was trying to start his lewd technique to increase the meat stick, he suddenly felt the bursa gradually rising in the depths of Devil Woman’s vagina.


The Devil Woman couldn’t help moaning intoxicatedly.

Aiwa’s meat stick was not only long but also very thick. In the process of entering her vagina, the friction between the two people was very intense. The thick meat stick stretched out all the folds in her vagina, and there was almost no place not to be rubbed by the meat stick. Especially when the round head of the tortoise was against her bud, the intense stimulation made her delicate body tremble.

She just let the turtle head touch her bud lightly and immediately pulled back.

“If you don’t want to put up with it, shoot! I’ll lick you up again.”

The Devil Woman’s body slowly came up again, letting Aiwa’s stick slowly penetrate her carcass again.

“Oh… Oh…”

The Devil Woman stiffened her waist and contracted her vaginal parietal muscles.

Her vaginal parietal muscles were powerful, but she could not control Aiwa’s sticks.

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The Devil Woman looked at Aiwa charmingly. She leaned up, and her full, delicate breasts cling to Aiwa’s chest.

Her body was slowly turning, and two full poops were swirling around Aiwa’s chest, her seductive eyes looked straight into Aiwa’s face.

No man could resist fucking such a lewd woman. Aiwa was very strong at this time. His big dick was very strong in White Hair Bride’s vagina. Whenever her body came up, Aiwa would stretch out the huge and powerful dick, let the strong penis pierce the bud, and made her body tremble.

“Oh… How awesome you are…”

The Devil Woman looked at Aiwa obsessively and felt the fiery flame of passion.

White Hair Bride lifted the slim arm, stripped Aiwa’s clothes off, and massaged Aiwa’s solid chest with a full, soft breast. At the same time, her buttocks twisted slowly fore-and-aft, pulling Aiwa’s strong and thick dick, her whole carcass like a beautiful snake, leaning on Aiwa’s body and twisting.

“Oh… You are so brave…

The Devil Woman breathed charmingly and sprayed on Aiwa’s neck and chest, triggering his sensitive nerves. Suddenly, Aiwa felt that the hard object under his body was firmly clipped by her narrow vagina.

The Devil Woman’s body began to lean back, but the penis was still in her carcass.


Now it’s Aiwa’s turn to call.

“Why, does it hurt?”

The Devil Woman had left Aiwa’s body at this time, but the organs were still joined together.

The Devil Woman looked down at her lower body. Her vulva was stretched long and Aiwa’s stick showed a small part.

Aiwa had never seen such a powerful woman before, and he was suddenly frightened.

“Don’t be afraid. I just want to play a game with you.”

The Devil Woman raised her head again and looked at Aiwa charmingly. Gradually, her vagina began to relax. Aiwa’s coarseness gradually pulled out of her lower body. There was even a little membrane blood on it.

Aiwa looked at the Devil Woman in surprise.

“What’s up?”

The Devil Woman’s smile had a frightening sinister sense.

“You are wondering why such a lewd woman looks like a virgin, aren’t you?”

Aiwa was hit hard by the fact that a woman could be so sensible when she was fucked.

She didn’t go on explaining, Aiwa didn’t want to know much too, he just wanted to fuck the self-righteous woman to die.

“Sister, don’t you think it’s disgraceful to have sex with a man in this way? Are you afraid that a child like me will kill you?

Aiwa wanted to excite her.

“Oh, boy, I can let you go. The reason why I tie you up is that I’m afraid you won’t be able to bear it.”

In fact, White Hair Bride was worried about Aiwa’s sudden rise, smashing the bottles and cans that she had worked on for years. Now she could see that Aiwa was a very lustful fellow. In that case, he shouldn’t be so hot-tempered.

“Xuan Er, untie him. But don’t try any tricks in front of me. Otherwise, I will kill you!’

The Devil Woman’s smile was poisonous, but Aiwa felt a chill in her eyes, though it was fleeting soon.

Xuan Er stepped forward and untied the rope tied to the post. For a moment, Aiwa’s wrists were numb.

Aiwa asked White Hair Bride to let him go. He didn’t want to let go immediately. He knew his strength, so he didn’t want to suffer right now. But as long as the hands and feet were released, there will be the hope of escape.

Aiwa couldn’t help looking at Aiwa, who was still tied to the pillar. Her snow-white breast was exposed outside. Aiwa could not help but swallow spittle. Aini quickly turned her eyes away, and the huge one in Aiwa’s crotch made her face red.

The moment the two eyes met, Aiwa conveyed an important message to Aini: We’re sure to escape from here!

“Honey, you can’t go with another. If you can satisfy me, then I’ll give you a chance to be happy with her. However, it depends on whether you have the ability to do so!”

The Devil Woman slowly pulled Aiwa’s body, letting Aiwa’s body face her smooth and plump carcass.

“May I take the initiative?” Aiwa asked politely.

“Since I dare to let you go, there’s nothing to be afraid of. But you’d better settle down and concentrate on sex to live longer!”

“I know what I should do, Okay?”

Aiwa pretended to laugh lightly, and the huge sausage swayed in his crotch.

“If you like, we can do it on the ground.”

Again, the Devil Woman looked at Aiwa with a haunting looking.

The ground was covered with scarlet carpets, which could be used as beds.

Aiwa suddenly hugged the Devil Woman and pushed her to the ground.

White Hair Bride lay down on the carpet without any resistance. Her long legs were facing Aini, and even if Aini did not look at it intentionally, her private parts were exposed to Aini’s eyes.

Before Aiwa got up, White Hair Bride raised her legs and pointed her plump vulva towards Aiwa.

Aiwa pushed himself down, and the long stick smoothly penetrated White Hair Bride’s vagina and was swallowed most of it immediately.

In this position, Aiwa didn’t need a whole insertion at all, because her crotch was upright and her uterus was upright. In this way, Aiwa needed only two-thirds of the insertion to hit her bud.


White Hair Bride couldn’t help moaning. The powerful collision made her flower buds blossom.

Aiwa was half-propped, keeping his body at a distance from the Devil Woman so that when he plunged in, he could clearly see a hill on the smooth lower abdomen of the Devil Woman.

The Devil Woman clamped at the same time, and his huge dick was immediately stimulated and hardened.

Xuan Er and Aini could not help but look at Aiwa, half-propped, and the long sticks of meat coming and going in and out of White Hair Bride’s cave.

“Oh… Will you hurry up? Do you want to entertain your sister?” The Devil Woman looked at Aiwa almost begging.

Aiwa was still pumping slowly. He wanted to play with her slowly. Since he couldn’t escape from her magic, so he wanted to have fun with her. Wouldn’t it make her happy if he quickened his pace now?

He decided to let her stand for a while before stealing some energy from her body. Even if she couldn’t steal all her energy, at least weakened her energy a little. In this way, he could still had some chance to escape.

“I want you to be happy for a long while.”

Aiwa said slowly as he slowly lifted up and down his butt.

“Are you afraid you won’t get in after ejaculation? You can rest assured that I’ll let Xuan Er lick it for you… Oh!

While White Hair Bride was talking, Aiwa suddenly inserted her deeply, and his thick, strong dick stuck hard against her delicate stamens. A burst of intense pleasure spread from the bud to her whole body.

However, Aiwa did not stop but kept the meat stick grinding tightly against her bud.

“Oh… Awesome…”

The Devil Woman‘s body shook violently. But to Aiwa’s surprise, the Devil Woman did not eject the sex fluids as quickly as he had imagined.

He did not know that White Hair Bride specialized in Yingong. At first, the great power in her vagina came from her Yingong. If she was a normal woman, Aiwa would make her orgasm after grinding the bud for a few moments, but the White Hair Bride just shook her body a few times.

Aiwa gradually realized the power of the Devil Woman and dared not take it lightly.

He meditated on his mind and initiated obscene skill. Even if the Devil Woman found out, she could not do anything about him.

Aiwa suddenly tightened the Devil Woman’s full carcass, kissed her white gooseneck, pushed her buttocks and threw her in a crazy way. This kind of quick pumping, and was close combat, no matter how strong the woman was, she cannot stand.

As expected, the Devil Woman’s body reacted violently. Ans as Aiwa quickly pulled in, her beautiful carcass twisted and her mouth gasped.

“Oh… Ah…”

Her vagina was getting muddy and pornographic water splashed outside.

No matter how the Devil Woman wriggled, Aiwa refused to let go of her body, and the giant turtle head stroke her stamens hard.

“Ah… Can’t stand it…”

The Devil Woman cried out in a cheerful voice, and the pudendal nucleus kept moving.

Aiwa did not make long pumping, but a short pumping, which increased the frequency of hitting her vaginal nucleus, and there was no place in the vagina that was not strongly rubbed by his thick meat stick. Additionally, Aiwa tightly clung to her body, so the friction between the two bodies gave the Devil Woman a strong and unusual pleasure.

But now, Aiwa’s attention was focused on absorbing the energy of the Devil Woman. As he rose and fell on the Devil Woman, he meditated on his mind and began to absorb her energy by his penis.

Because the Devil Woman was immersed in the euphoria that made her intoxicated, she completely ignored Aiwa’s little movements at this time.

When Aiwa’s Dou Qi continued to move several times through the meridians, his energy-absorbing power began to strengthen gradually.

As the Devil Woman has reached her orgasm, her energy converged from the body to the vagina, allowing Aiwa to absorb her energy more quickly.

Aiwa felt that more than half of the energy in the Devil Woman had converged to her lower body, and he also had opened the energy tunnel. He held his breath and absorbed energy with the greatest effort. After all, Aiwa had limited power and couldn’t absorb all the energy into his body.

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This made Aiwa very anxious. If he couldn’t absorb most of her energy, he couldn’t defeat her. Even if he did half of that, he couldn’t guarantee that he could win. How much energy did a woman with such a powerful vagina have in her body? Aiwa was frightened at the mere thought, but he had no way out.

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Volume 8 Chapter 1 - Lascivious White Hair Bride (Part 2)
Volume 8 Chapter 2 - Prime (Part 2)
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