Volume 8 Chapter 2 – Prime (Part 2)

The energy in the Devil Woman’s body, little by little, was being transported to his body along with the roots of his penis.

“Ah… Boy… Why don’t you cum?

The Devil Woman twisted her beautiful carcass intoxicatedly.

Aiwa suddenly noticed that the Devil Woman’s face was beginning to change — gradually showing signs of aging.

“Was it because he absorbed her energy?” Aiwa was overjoyed in his heart.


The Devil Woman suddenly screamed, pushed Aiwa aside, and pulled the huge stick out of the lower body of the Devil Woman, which was still stained with vaginal secretions.

“You dare steal my energy!”

It had been dimly seen that the aging face was covered with glim.

Aiwa was too frightened to move, he just murmured and argued, “I… didn’t…”

Then there was a sudden riot outside.

“What’s the matter?”

The Devil Woman stared at Xuan Er, who was standing aside and still immersed in lewdness.

“I’ll take a look!”

Xuan Er immediately lifted her sword and left. Within half a minute, she ran back.

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“master, there’s a group of people coming in, and there’s been a lot of mercenaries were killed!”

Panting, Xuan Er reported to White Hair Bride.

White Hair Bride  immediately bounced off the ground and said, “Who is it?”

“I don’t know. Those girls have run away too!”

Xuan Er looked at White Hair Bride’s face in horror. Her present appearance was not comparable to that of the past. Even she, as her disciple, was afraid to look at her.

“Look at them! I’ll take a look.”

After that, White Hair Bride quickly put on her clothes and rushed out.

There’s a fight going on outside.

“Who dares to fight here?”

White Hair Bride shouted at the fighting crowd, then the fighting stopped.

Cartel stood there with more than twenty students. At that time, Cartel’s sword had not been pulled out. He was fighting with mercenaries with his bare hands. How could those mercenaries who were no more than 2nd or 3rd level be his opponents?

Soon they suffered heavy casualties, and a few other girls who could not run away died under the random sword.

“You pervert! Get my men out of here!” Cartel stood in the middle of the yard, roaring fiercely.

The students huddled around him, glaring at White Hair Bride.

“Ha-ha-ha… Cartel, you do your business, I practice my kungfu. It’s not related to each other. Why do you give me a hard time?

White Hair Bride looked it was Cartel and immediately laughed wildly.

“If you don’t hurt my people, of course, I won’t take a hand in your business, but you caught two of my students, can I sit watching?” Cartel’s waved his sword twice.

Strong antagonism, who starts first, who will be not confident enough. But Cartel couldn’t hold back his anger, and the two scornful lights in Devil Woman’s eyes were unbearable to any man.

“Cartel, what if you kill more mercenaries? Come and stab me if you have the ability!

White Hair Bride stood there, totally relaxing. Her lazy look undoubtedly angered Cartel standing in the middle of the yard.

“Old witch! I will kill you right now!”

As soon as the voice faded away, Cartel’s sword came out. The sword had just come forward, he had stood in front of the steps where White Hair Bride stood.

A huge airflow suddenly hit Cartel, which was just between White Hair Bride waving his hand.

Cartel could not help staggering, but the sword in his hand stabbed the Devil Woman. But when the tip of his sword was about to pierce the Devil Woman’s dress, it suddenly slipped away.

In order not to be hurt by the Devil Woman’s powerful airflow, Cartel had to move his body aside. He rubbed the edge of the air stream and landed less than four meters away on the steps where the Devil Woman stood.

“It seems that the instructor has made great progress. No wonder you have accepted apprentices again!”

White Hair Bride didn’t mean to keep attacking, but the mockery worsened Cartel’s self-esteem, whose face immediately turned blue.

“Hand over my students now! Otherwise, I’ll be rude to you!”

White Hair Bride, with a grim look, laughed again and said, “You have to be responsible for saying that!”

“I know you are a little more powerful than others, but if we all work together, will you still have an absolute chance of winning?”

Cartel sneered and stared at White Hair Bride’s slightly aging face with eagle-like eyes. He saw this woman two years ago, but why did she grow old so fast?

“When did the instructor learn to win victory through numerical superiority? Besides, I am a woman!”

White Hair Bride was not angry at all but seemed to be teasing Cartel.

At this time, Xuan Er was watching Aiwa and Aini nervously in the hall.

Seeing the Devil Woman went out, Aiwa found the chance to escape. He smiled and said to Xuan Er, “Xuan Er, we have been husband and wife now. Why are you pointing your sword at me? Besides, you heard just now that your master is going to take your Prime and turn you into a useless person. Aren’t you afraid?”

Aiwa felt that the best way to escape was to cast in a bone between Xuan Er and her master.

“Don’t bullshit, my master won’t hurt me!”

Xuan Er’s heart has been shaken. Nobody wanted to be a useless person all her life. Although she always revered her master, when she heard that her master wanted to take her Prime, her heart had been shaken greatly. But now she had no courage to resist her master, after all, the master could kill her easily.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to betray your master. But let me put on my clothes first, please. How bad would it be if someone outside comes in and sees you, a girl, facing a naked man?”

“Then put your clothes on quickly!” Xuan Er still did not retract her sword and remained vigilant.

After putting on his clothes, Aiwa ran to the table where the bottles and cans were placed.

“Xuan Er, now is your chance to escape. Don’t miss it! If you wait for your master to come back, it will be too late!”

Aiwa looked serious and had no sense of joking.

“You want me to betray my master?”

Xuan Er hesitated. After all, she didn’t want to be invalid.

“What are you waiting for? Are you willing to be an accessory to the old witch? She’s a Devil Woman without humanity!”

Aini was also tied to a post and urged Xuan Er anxiously.

“But…” Xuan Er was more shaken.

“Follow me, your master won’t find you. With the protection of our base, nobody can bully you! ” Aiwa said with unusual firmness.

“The people in your base can’t defeat my master!” Xuan Er suddenly changed her attitude and pointed her sword at Aiwa again.

“It’s too late for you to be so indecisive! I have a way!” Aiwa was burning with anxiety.

“What can you do about it? You can’t even defeat me!” Xuan Er didn’t believe Aiwa at all.

“For my carelessness. I fell for your trick! Here’s the medicine your master used to deal with the enemy. Now we can treat her in the same way as she has done to others! “

Aiwa had planned for a long time. White Hair Bride said that as long as the two pots of potions were combined, they would be extremely lethal, and even she could not escape a disaster.

“You want to kill my master?”

Xuan Er stared at him. She didn’t have the courage to flee for her life; she dared not even think of killing her master.

“You don’t have to do it. I’ll do it all! You let Aini go and let her take you back to base first. I’ll do the rest! “

Aiwa saw Xuan Er wavering and stepped up his psychological offensive.

“My master won’t take my Prime because… Because I’ve been fucked by you…

Xuan Er suddenly remembered what the master had said. She cared about whether her body was clean or not.

“Dare you to tell your master that you have been fucked by me? Your master has raised you for more than ten years, just for your Prime. Now I have destroyed it. In her words, it is impure. Can she not be angry? Think about what the consequences would be if your master’s efforts for more than ten years were destroyed.”

Aiwa finally found a breakthrough and went on to say, “Maybe, in a fit of anger, take your limbs off and make you completely useless!”

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“But… If I ran away with you and was caught by master one day, it would not be a dead end?”

Xuan Er’s sword tip had dropped down and she was clearly beginning to hesitate.

“If you don’t run away now, you never think about having a good life in the future. She will make you worse off than dead!”

Aini also joined in persuading Xuan Er that she did not want Xuan Er to be hurt because her eyes showed kindness and innocence.

“I can let you go, but I won’t go with you. I don’t want to betray my master.”

Xuan Er still couldn’t make the final decision. After all, she had been living with her master for more than ten years. She was brought up by her master. If she didn’t know the purpose of her master today, she would always treat her master as her mother.

“If you stay here, your master will torture you, so you must go with us!” Aiwa’s head was sweating with anxiety.

Cartel was still confronting White Hair Bride. White Hair Bride feared that Cartel would have an advantage in numbers if she fought with him and that there were three other people in the hall made her anxious.

“Old Witch, won’t you still let them go?”

Cartel saw that White Hair Bride did not intend to go to war, wondering whether Aiwa and Tony had been killed.

“I will let them go, but not now. Let the two sleep with me for one night, and I’ll let them go.”

“You whore! How old are you? You even want to rob the cradle?” Cartel couldn’t help laughing.

“Cartel, you’re so strong though, I won’t do it even if you ask me to sleep with you! Who knows your two soldiers have extraordinary talent? Once I take their Primes, I will let them go and they won’t get any harm.”

“Take their Primes? You want them to be scrapped? Old witch, if you dare to move their Primes, I will peel your skin and make drums!”

“Ha-ha-ha… Cartel, you are bragging! Dare to talk to me such a big story. Come with me if you have the guts!”

Finishing that, White Hair Bride suddenly turned and swept into the hall.

Cartel immediately brought people in.

Just as Cartel reaching the entrance of the hall, he heard a “boom” inside, and the whole hall collapsed.

“No! Run fast!”

Before Cartel could turn around, he was pushed out by a strong airflow with the students.

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