Volume 8 Chapter 3 – Vigilance (Part 1)

Just as White Hair Bride was about to walk towards the hall, Xuan Er was dragged hard by the Aini who had been released and ran out of the back door of the hall. And Aiwa placed the two jars full of potions behind the two doors.

White Hair Bride was also trying to use this tactic against Cartel and his students, but she didn’t expect that Aiwa did to her before she did to him.

When Aiwa just reached the back door, there was a loud noise and a huge wave pushed him out. Even Xuan Er and Aini, who had run more than a dozen feet away, were thrown to the ground by the huge wave.

The whole hall turned into ruin in an instant.

Cartel and the students climbed up from the ground and laughed as they watched the hall collapse in the thick smoke.

“Instructor, that old witch must have died in it!”

The students were very excited. When Cartel played against White Hair Bride, they also saw that Cartel was no match for her. Now, as soon as White Hair Bride came inside, there was such a violent explosion. How could she escape it?

But Cartel still stood there in dismay.

“Will Tony and Aiwa be okay?”

Fortunately, not a single hair was injured, Cartel’s head and face covered with dust. If he followed White Hair Bride in, he might die inside. When Cartel’s students went behind the hall, they found Aiwa and Aini, along with another girl, Xuan Er.

“Instructor, they’re here!”

The students were excited to report to Cartel.

“Didn’t they get hurt?” Cartel asked.

Either Tony or Aiwa, he had a hard time explaining what had happened.

“I don’t think so.”

Aiwa got up from the ground and rubbed his buttocks, only his face had a little skin was broken, which was not a big problem.

“Go back to base!”

Cartel murmured. The group of people left the ruins with Cartel.

“Do you want to find the woman’s body, sir?” One student asked.

Cartel waved his hand.

“Instructor, I made that explosion!” Aiwa caught up and reported excitedly to Cartel.

Cartel looked grave and said nothing.

Aiwa looked at the other students doubtfully, whose faces were also full of doubts.

It’s supposed to be a great victory for the base to wipe out the Devil Woman. Why did Cartel have dirty looks? Was it because he had violated any regulations on patrol? But he didn’t?

Because of Cartel’s silence, none of the students dared to speak. Aiwa also closed his mouth and everyone went back to the base in silence.

“Reinforced alert.”

After that, Cartel got into his room and didn’t come out the whole morning.

For Xuan Er, Cartel said nothing. She would live in Aiwa and Aini’s room for the time being. But Aiwa couldn’t hold back. He went to the Duty Officer Xena.

“What happened to Cartel? He seems to be angry with me?”

“No. If he was angry with you, will you still be so comfortable now?”

Xena knew Cartel best. To all trainees, no matter with whom he was unsatisfied, he would have the corresponding punishment and will never deal with it by silence.

“Then why he gave me a dirty look? Humph, do you know how I blew up that old witch?

Aiwa looked complacently at Xena’s plump breasts.

“Did you blow her up? Are you sure?”

Xena looked at Aiwa in disbelief, and her suspicious eyes were so charming.

“Ah, the old witch said to me that if the two pots of potions were mixed together, she would blow up the whole base. It’s me and Aini… No, it’s Tony who persuaded Xuan Er, the apprentice of the old witch, to let us go. Then I put the two pots of potions behind the door. When the old witch pushed the door in, the two pots of potions would naturally shake out and mix together. The old witch never expected to die in her own hands, of course, mainly because of my contribution.”

Delighted, Aiwa sat at Xena’s office desk, which made it easier to see Xena’s deep cleavage.

“I think the old witch may not have died, otherwise how could the instructor’s expression be so dirty, and ask us to strengthen the vigilance?”

Xena also participated in the battle, she was wearing a male cadet costume then, so Aiwa did not recognize.

“We have run out of the hall and almost died. Can the old witch withstand such a violent explosion? It’s impossible! Otherwise, if we go back and dig up the ruins now, we will surely find the body of the old witch!

Aiwa jumped unconvinced from the table.

“By the way, the girl you brought back is the apprentice of the old witch?”

Xena sat upright and adjusted her jacket, which was slightly irregular supported by her breasts. With this adjustment, her breasts became taller and straighter, with a slight white skin on her breast, which was more noticeable.

“Yes. We were fascinated by her hallucinogen, otherwise, how could we be caught by the old witch?

“Then why are you bringing her back?”

“She doesn’t want to work for her master anymore. Her master wants to take her Prime to improve herself.”

“Where are you going to arrange her?” Xena stared at Aiwa’s face.

“She can live with me! Anyway, she’s been fucked by me. Haha, anyway, it was inconvenient to meet with you, so she can take care of my life in the future.” Aiwa said mischievously.

Xena glanced at Aiwa and said, “This is the base. You have to ask for Cartel‘s instruction. My words do not count.”

“Aren’t you the Duty Officer? This is logistical work, of course, you have the final say. “

“Don’t flatter me. If Cartel blames me, I cannot assume responsibility. You’d better report it to Cartel before he makes trouble to you.”

Especially Xuan Er’s special status made her dare not make decisions without authorization.

When Aiwa came out of Xena’s office, he saw Cartel carrying a large bundle of wire on his shoulder and a lot of sticks in his hand.


“Aiwa, get some people to work with me!”

Without saying anything, Aiwa called out several students to follow Cartel together.

Guiding those students, Cartel walked out of the base for tens of feet before stopping. He looked around for a while and indicated the direction with his hands, letting two students follow the route and distance he had indicated to insert those sticks he had brought into the earth.

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Five circles of wooden sticks were erected around the base, within a distance of 100 meters between each circle. The fine steel wires were tied on the sticks.

“What is this, sir?” Asked Aiwa puzzled.

“Will silence suffocate you?”

Cartel stared at him and said fiercely. Aiwa was the most daring of the students at the base to contradict the instructor, but he dared not ask any more questions at this time. He had wanted to ask about Xuan Er’s placement, but now when he saw Cartel’s dirty look, he had to shut his mouth.

The whole work was completed in less than an hour.

Aiwa had seen that the five wires laid around the base were close to the ground, and under the cover of grass, they could not be seen without the reflection of sunlight. Finally, Cartel pulled out countless bells from a bag and stuck them one by one at the top of those sticks. As long as someone touched those fine wires, the bell would make a crisp sound.

“This is obviously a warning device. Is there any threat to the base?” Aiwa could not help guessing.

“Where does the threat that makes Cartel so cautious come from?”

Thinking about that, Aiwa was terrified.

He wasn’t worried about himself. Even when he was tied to the post by White Hair Bride, he didn’t fear, but now he had to worry about the safety of Aini and Xuan Er. It is the greatest disgrace for a man to fail to protect the woman he likes.

“Officer Cartel, this morning… I just wanted to blow up the witch, but I didn’t expect you to follow up. Are you all right?

“Am I so vulnerable?” Cartel glared at Aiwa.

“That’s good. Fortunately, I blew up the old witch. She’s really a pervert!”

Aiwa wanted to offset his fault with his own merits.

“She couldn’t die so easy!”

Cartel looked up at the distance with a solemn expression.

“You mean the old witch is not dead? How is that possible? That explosion was so strong…”

Aiwa thought Cartel was a bit mysterious, but before he had finished, Cartel interrupted him.

“I saw her escape from the smoke.”

Cartel turned his eyes to Aiwa’s face and said, “There may be more brutal fighting next.”

After that, Cartel walked alone to his barracks.

Aiwa stood there in a daze as if he had seen the burnt Devil Woman coming toward him.

“Instructor… How could it be?” Aiwa followed.

“Be ready to fight!” Cartel said without looking back.

When Aiwa returned to his room, he saw Aini roll up her trousers and Xuan Er was cleaning her wound.

“Aini, you’re injured? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Aiwa immediately ran over and saw a deep scratch on her snow-white leg.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Aini said lightly as if she didn’t want Aiwa to see the injury on her leg. That small wound was neither small nor large, but for a girl who loved beauty, she cared very much.

“Let me see.”

Aiwa squatted down and held Aini’s leg. Such slender and delicate legs, but there was a scar, so Aiwa was very distressed.

Aini, after all, was a girl, she shyly retrieved her legs, but Aiwa held them tightly and Aini could not retrieve them.

To Aini’s surprise, Aiwa bowed his head.

“What are you doing?”

Aini was so nervous that she wanted to pull up her legs. Aiwa kissed her wound and licked the blood clean, which made Aini feel crisp all over her leg.

Although Aiwa licked her comfortably, as a girl, she felt awkward when she was licked by a boy. Strangely, as Aiwa licked, the wound slowly began to heal.

“Aiwa, don’t… Stop licking…”

Aini was embarrassed to be licked in front of Xuan Er by Aiwa.

“Aini, look, your wound is healing!” Xuan Er cried excitedly.

At this point, Aiwa slowly raised his head, with a trace of excitement and anxiety on his face. The excitement was that he could cure the princess’s wounds. The worry was that the news from Cartel really made him feel uneasy. This time he offended the old witch, she would never give up.


Aini took back her leg in disbelief and looked at her wound. The wound was as good as it had never been before, and the skin was as good as before.

“Aiwa, you are amazing! What kind of magic is this?

Xuan Er was so excited that she almost hugged Aiwa.

“This is my supernatural power. My saliva heals wounds, but only for women.”

Aiwa was not at all excited.

“What’s wrong with you, Aiwa?”

Aini thought Aiwa looked a little abnormal and asked, “Did the instructor make trouble to you?”

Aiwa shook his head listlessly. “We’re going to face a new battle.”

“With whom?” Aini wondered.

“Her Master.” Aiwa looked up at Xuan Er.

“Was my master alive?”

Xuan Er’s eyes showed a strong fear. If the master found her, she must be killed.

“Did Cartel know?” Asked Aini.

“That’s what he told me. He said he saw the Devil Woman run away from the smoke. It’s so shocking that she was not killed by such a terrible explosion?”

Aiwa still felt incredible and shook his head.

“Then what can we do now?” Xuan Er was near to tears.

“Ready for battle. Cartel has set up the device around the base. Once the old witch comes, we’ll hear it.”

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