Volume 8 Chapter 3 – Vigilance (Part 2)

Although Aiwa did not have much confidence in the police, he had to calm down the two girls first.

In fact, Aiwa’s knew that even Cassia can avoid his traps after drinking, so it should be easier for White Hair Bride to find those fine wires. Moreover, the explosion did not kill her. Even Cartel could not cope with her. Her strength was conceivable.

“You rest first. I’ll go and find Cartel.”

After that, Aiwa stood up and went out.

Cartel lay in his bed, but did not sleep. Seeing Aiwa come in, he didn’t move.

“Instructor Cartel, apart from the alert traps, do we have to take some precautions?” Aiwa came straight to the point.

“What precautions?”

Cartel glanced at Aiwa. Everything was caused by Aiwa, but Cartel didn’t blame him. He knew that even if it wasn’t Aiwa, the woman would bother him sooner or later.

“For example, we can make armors or something else.”

“Armor?” Cartel stared at Aiwa.

“Armor can enhance our ability to defend and attack. You’re so good at mechanics, shouldn’t it be a problem?

Cartel suddenly sat up from the bed and said, “I can make armor, and I can also make hydraulic armor, which can increase the strength of the attack by three to five times. It’s just… I don’t have very good materials. Although the metal armor is strong, it is not flexible enough, and other materials can not play a protective role…”

“Can snakeskin do it?” Asked Aiwa.

“Snake skin?” Cartel wondered.

“When I was in Tanzya, I got a good snakeskin, which even can’t be pierced by the sword. It’s great to make armor.”

Aiwa had long wanted to make a good armor out of it, but he was not good at it, fearing that it would only destroy the skin, so he kept it in Tanzya.

“Where is it?”


Hearing the word, Cartel’s face collapsed as if it was a pricked balloon.

“If we fly a pigeon and send it directly to Tanzya, it will be delivered in five days.”

Aiwa seemed confident. He had long discovered that there were several pigeons in the base, which should be carrier pigeons.

“Five days? Do you think that woman will give you five days to prepare for all this?”

Cartel put his hands behind his head and asked Aiwa with a disdainful look. The excitement before vanished.

“I think she must have been badly hurt by the explosion, or she would not have escaped. She’s supposed to be recovering these days. She won’t come so soon, will she?

Cartel pondered for a while and said helplessly, “That’s the only way. However, we can’t take it lightly these days. Not to mention that your father is General Kyle, but I don’t want you to have an accident, for Lovna’s sake.”

“Thank you for your reminder and concern. I think we will study the method of making armor while sending letters, so that when the snakeskin arrives, we can make it immediately.”

“Do you know about armor?”

“A little.”

When Aiwa studied in the Eastern Empire, he learned how to make hydraulic armor.

“Then don’t take part in training these days, study with me and try to make our armor as impeccable as possible!”

“Let’s send the letter now.It permits of no delay.”

Now Aiwa really felt that Cartel was not only a teacher, but also a brother.

Aiwa wrote the letter and gave it to Cartel. Pigeons were all trained by Cartel himself. They were the only way to contact the palace in this desolate base.

When Aiwa came out of Cartel’s room, he saw Pienne and others standing in the corner of the playground.

He didn’t want to greet them. He glanced at them and turned around and left.

“Aiwa, where are you going! Come here, I have something to talk to you.” One of Pienne’s colleagues said.

“What’s the matter?” Aiwa stopped.

“Don’t you want to come and make a fun?”

Pienne smiled hilariously and said, “Are you afraid that we’ll give you a damn?”

Pienne’s provocation annoyed Aiwa.

He walked slowly over, only to find that three people were surrounding another student, and picking the guy’s pants.

Two guys twisted the man’s arm, so that the man bower and could not move. Needless to say, this guy was often bullied by them. But Aiwa didn’t want to meddle. Who taught him to be timid and incompetent? He’s turning around and leaving.

“Don’t go. Would you like to insert a few strokes into his anus? Let us see how you conquer women.” Pienne stepped forward to stop Aiwa.

“Not in it.”

Aiwa didn’t even look at Pienne. He was always against this kind of person, and it was disgusting to see Pienne.

“Did Aiwa only use his mouth to do it with women? What a feat! Just show us how you fuck this guy!” Pienne looked at Aiwa extremely provocatively.

“As I said, I’m not interested! I have something else to do. I won’t bother you.”

Aiwa pushed Pienne aside and was about to leave.

“Aiwa, are you in a hurry to go back and lick Xuan Er’s vulva? Oh, you’re too insecure to let Tony lick for you. If you’re inadequate, I can help you, too. If you can’t do it, you can watch it while we do everything for you. Hahaha… How about that?”

Aiwa was mad at Pienne’s nasty remarks. He turned slowly, with a fierce look, as if he was swallowing these guys.

“Why do you look at me like that? We are kind enough to help you conquer that little girl! “

Pienne was frightened to retreat slightly, but he was not afraid of fighting, because now it was three-to-one, Aiwa was at a disadvantage.

Ever since Pienne’s partners were ordered by Cartel to palm their mouths, they had been avenged against Aiwa and had been trying to get revenge. Today they finally seized the chance. But unexpectedly, Aiwa suddenly changed into a smiling face.

“Oh, you want fuck her too?”

Aiwa’s smiling eyes wandered back and forth across the faces of the three men.

“Of course, we are brothers.”

A member of Pienne’s party came up to Aiwa. By this time, the student who had been stripped of his pants had been thrown aside, and the three men surrounded Aiwa instead.

Aiwa smiled and asked, “What qualifications do you have for sleeping with Xuan Er? Show me something, you guys.”

The three men looked at each other and laughed.

“We can take off our trousers and show you.”

Pienne took the lead in untying the belt and boldly pulled out his dick.

The other two men also took off their pants and showed off their dicks to Aiwa.

“Those who dare to provoke casually should pay the corresponding price!” Aiwa scolded in his mind.

He walked up to the big man, reached out and held his dick gently, smiled and asked, “I don’t know how long it will after swelling up?”

Aiwa looked at the big man’s face and stroked his dick, which swelled in Aiwa’s hands.

“Anyone who dares to rob a woman with me will die without descendants!”

Aiwa’s smiling face suddenly became horrible, and he grabbed the man’s dick and pulled hard. The man immediately cried out in pain and squatted down. The pain of pulling out his intestines made it extremely difficult for him to breathe. Tears rolled down immediately.

Pienne saw his party members was attacked by Aiwa, immediately attacking Aiwa. But before he could punch, he had been hit hard in the face.


Pienne’s head cracking-off backward.

Another man saw Pienne being beaten and jumped up. Before he touched Aiwa, Aiwa kicked him hard, right on his crotch.

Aiwa hit their vital part specially. Unfortunately, he launched too fast, almost in one go, everything was over soon.

“Do you still want to sleep with my girl?”

Aiwa squatted down, facing the tall man, pinching his chin with one hand.

That fellow couldn’t even breathe with pain. How could he get the chance to fight back?

“Aiwa! How dare you beat me?”

Pienne only got a punch, he was still able to fight back. So he wanted to show off his ability.

Immediately, he ran his Dou Qi and threw a fire ball at Aiwa. At that moment, Aiwa flew into the air, dodged the blow, his body curled up in the air and hit Pienne.

Aiwa’s attack was totally beyond Pienne’s expectation. As Aiwa was about to hit him, Pienne quickly retreated.

Suddenly, Aiwa sprang out his legs, kicked Pienne right on his chest.


Pienne screamed and flew back; Aiwa floated to the ground.

Aiwa felt that this series of actions was really weird, it was never so fast before, nor so explosive. Was it because he had had intercourse with the White Hair Bride and absorbed her energy?

“Aiwa, what are you doing?”

Aiwa was complacent when an assistant of Cartel came up and saw the fight.

As a base instructor’s assistant, he couldn’t ignore it.

“Ha-ha, we are practicing. Didn’t you see that? I defeat them three.”

Aiwa clapped his hands and laughed as if nothing had happened.

Pienne was kicked down by Aiwa’s feet and flew out, but he fought against the heavy hit with his Dou Qi and stood on the ground after flying more than two feet away. His look was very dirty. If it hadn’t been Dou Qi as the chest protector, his heart would have been broken.

“Is that true? Pienne?” The assistant turned to Pienne and asked suspiciously.

Pienne had just stood firm, and the intense pain from his chest distorted his expression, so that his condition had not yet been adjusted. He wanted to sue Aiwa, but when he saw Aiwa’s grim eyes, he had to swallow back and said, “Yes… Yes.”

If the voice was a little louder, his chest would be too painful to bear, so he could only answer in a quiet voice.

The assistant gave Aiwa a dubious glance and scanned the faces of the other three before turning away.

Aiwa stepped forward and patted Pienne on the shoulder. Pienne almost fell to his knees. Aiwa said beside Pienne’s ear:

“Good guy, don’t provoke me any more!”

His voice was so light that only Pienne could hear it, but the tone was solemn enough to make Pienne tremble.

Aiwa smiled at the other two and left.

Aiwa was about to walk towards his room when he heard a dull voice calling him, “Aiwa.”

Aiwa turned back, and saw Cartel was looking at him sternly. Aiwa’s heart gave a leap.

“Oh, instructor, what’s the matter? Don’t you want me to cooperate with you in the study of armor making? I… I want to get ready first.”

“I want to know why you beat them so hard? They are your comrades in arms!”

Like two swords, Cartel’s sharp eyes made Aiwa very uncomfortable.

“They insult me!” Aiwa had to give his reasons.

“I’ll lock you up for twelve hours with your reasons! Kerr, take him to the guardhouse!”

Kerr was the assistant, and then he hadn’t left the scene far away yet.

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