Volume 8 Chapter 4 – Night Attack on the Base (1) (Part 1)

“Instructor Cartel, why lock up me? They stirred up trouble first!”

Aiwa felt that Cartel was unreasonable and that he would send him to the brig without forethought. Aiwa thought that Cartel should lock up three of them with him together.

“Guardhouse can only accommodate one person!”

Cartel suddenly changed his appreciative manner towards Aiwa. It seemed that he was really angry. Aiwa shut up quickly.

“Well, just lock up me!”

Guardhouse was about 300 meters away from the dormitory. It’s a single hut.

Aiwa thought, “It’s not bad to sleep anywhere in this broken base, but it’s a pity that I can’t play with Xuan Er and Anni tonight. Otherwise, how pleasant it would be to sleep with two girls in arms!”

There was only a small broken bed in the cabin, and nothing else.

“It’s so cold, isn’t it necessary to give me a quilt?” Aiwa complained to the assistant.

“The Duty Officer will send one to you later.” The assistant locked the door and left Aiwa alone.

An hour later, Xena came with Aiwa’s quilt. Every step she took, the pair of breast peaks trembled. Compared with Aini and Xuan Er, Xena’s breasts were particularly large. Even though he had poked White Hair Bride’s meat hole just in the morning, Aiwa didn’t feel much under duress. He preferred Xena.

Aiwa waved to Xena from a distance through the window, but Xena was a business expression. She opened the door, and as soon as the quilt was thrown into the cot, Aiwa leaned over.

“How did you come to a fight with Pienne?” Xena asked, looking up at his handsome face.

“You don’t think I should be locked up, do you?”

Aiwa felt warm when he saw Xena sending quilts.

“Whatever your reasons, this is not the time for infighting.” Xena said it seriously.

“Why? Why do they insult me and I have to swallow it? Is it because of the influence of their family?”

Aiwa did not believe that Xena was also afraid of Pienne’s family. His father General Kyle was also the most powerful general of Hass Empire. Even the incumbent prime minister had to act in accordance with the will of the Holtzer family. How could he be afraid of a Pienne?

“At present, in the face of powerful enemies, they are your comrades, let alone they are three people! Do you really want to deal with the White Hair Bride alone?”

“So you also believe that the Devil Woman is still alive?” Aiwa felt a little depressed.

“If not, would Cartel be so prudent? When did you see him so vigilant?

“Do you think that woman will come tonight?”

“I am not that woman, how can I know? But at least now she won’t come…”

Xena slowly leaned up and touched Aiwa’s stomach with one hand. Aiwa immediately felt a heat rush into his Dantian.

“This… This is guardhouse…”

Aiwa was not worried about being discovered by Cartel, but about the Devil Woman who could have survived the huge explosion.

“I’m not locked up…”

Xena’s slender hand slid down against Aiwa’s belly and reached into his trousers. Her charming eyes looked straight at Aiwa, flashing lustful flush.

“Aiwa, it’s going to be a war, don’t you want… to get some energy out of my body?” Xena’s eyes were filled with longing.

Her slender, soft fingers had been wrapped around Aiwa’s meat stick, and under the bewilderment of her lustful eyes, especially her warm little hands, she gently touched his lower body, letting his male hormones secrete rapidly, and his breathing became urgent immediately.

Xena raised her head, closed her eyes slightly, and her long eyelashes twinkled slightly, making her more sexy.

Aiwa lowered his head and pressed his lips on her sexy lips.

Maybe because of the battle in the morning, Xena’s lips were dry, but when Aiwa kissed them, they were so hot.

Soon, the two lips were wetted by their saliva. She couldn’t wait to poke out her tongue, flicked between Aiwa’s lips, and rubbed her hands in Aiwa’s pants excitedly.

Aiwa’s lower body suddenly swelled up and his penis held up the head in an instant and became hard.

Xena just turned her tongue in Aiwa’s mouth and pulled it out. She lowered her head, supported Aiwa’s trousers with her arms, looked inside at the big sausage, and smiled with satisfaction, “So soon… So big!”

She pulled her hand out of Aiwa’s trousers, lifted her leg and kicked back, and the door closed. She slowly unfastened her jacket and exposed the two huge breasts on her crisp breast…

“Don’t you roll out the quilt yet?” Xena said as she took off her trousers.

Aiwa has been attracted by her plump breasts. How could he remember the quilt? It wasn’t until Xena reminded him that he pulled open the quilt with a giggle and put Xena in his arms. They both fell down on the small bed together.

Aiwa was bottom, Xena was top, but Aiwa hasn’t undressed yet. Xena was a little impatient and took Aiwa off in a hurry until he was clean and naked.

Xena’s finger rubbed slowly and vigorously on Aiwa’s meat stick.

“Oh…” Aiwa groaned.

“Would you like me to help you…?”

As Xena stroked the huge dick, she sprayed a fascinating fragrance on his face, and the plump, hot breasts rolled over Aiwa’s chest. When she spoke, her tongue kept licking her lips.

“Oh… Of course…”

Aiwa’s meat stick jumped in Xena’s hand.

Xena’s body slowly slid down, letting the huge dick walk through her charming cleavage. Aiwa felt the whole body’s blood gather there as his huge dick slid past the soft, warm breast.

Xena slid close to Aiwa’s carcass, her eyes fixed on Aiwa’s face. The drunken expression on Aiwa’s face satisfied her.

She kept letting the huge dick slip out of her cleavage and across her neck. She clamped Aiwa’s huge sausage with her jaw, looked at Aiwa lewdly, and Aiwa looked down at Xena lying between his crotch. Looking down from her shoulder, Xena’s plump breasts could still be seen squeezed flat on his thighs…

Xena’s white neck was either loose or tightly gripping Aiwa’s huge meat stick, and then she let it slip out of her white neck, letting her sexy red lips gently rub against the bright glans.

Like a child reluctant to eat a popsicle, Xena delayed the bright glans sliding into her mouth, just letting the bloodshot glans rub against her red lips. Her two snow breasts were caressed up and down Aiwa’s thighs, causing Aiwa to itch all over.

A few minutes later, Xena stroked her hands, gently grasped the sausage of bulky veins, and put the glans in her mouth. She wrapped the molars around her lips to avoid scratching Aiwa and swallowed it bit by bit…

With the experience of intercourse before, Xena already knew Aiwa’s durability was unusual, so she was not in a hurry to let Aiwa fuck in. She wanted to make Aiwa happy with her little mouth first.


Aiwa groaned intoxicatedly.

Xena gorged and disgorged Aiwa’s big meat stick while holding it in both hands, sliding up and down, sometimes with a firm grip.

It lasted ten minutes before Xena spit out the big meat stick, put one hand on it, spread it on Aiwa’s stomach, and licked Aiwa’s two balls.

Aiwa felt that his meat stick seemed to be more sensitive, especially Xena’s sexy tongue licking on his wrinkled skin, which was more comfortable than words could say.

Next, Xena put the whole ball directly into her little mouth and gently bit and pulled it with her fine teeth to make Aiwa itch.

“Ah… It’s so refreshing…”

Aiwa couldn’t help but cross his legs and feel Xena’s soft breasts.

But Xena was not satisfied. She spit out the pair of balls and gently bit the huge meat stick across her mouth. Then she turned around, pointing her privacy at Aiwa’s mouth.

She pouted her buttocks, her private place had been wet. Aiwa hugged her big white buttock and covered his lips.


Xena cried briskly. As soon as Aiwa’s lips and tongue touched her vulva, she moved quickly. “Ah… Don’t…”

Xena quickly grabbed her legs to stop Aiwa licking her again.

Aiwa let her go. Xena turned around again, looked at Aiwa with a smile and said, “I only let you lick for once, but you lick endlessly!”

Xena rubbed her plump, straight breasts and rode up to Aiwa’s crotch, holding the huge sausage, poking the bright, bloodshot glans in her vulva, breaking through two labia and wrapping up the whole glans.

Xena looked at Aiwa’s face lewdly and slowly fell down. She was half-crouching, and as her body slowly fell, Aiwa’s thick meat stick was swallowed in bit by bit. It wasn’t until three-quarters of the stick was left that Xena’s face showed uncontrollable drunkenness, and Aiwa’s glans had pierced her sensitive bud.

“Oh… It’s so nice… Ah…”

She slowly closed her eyes and carefully felt the taste of the bud being poked by the hard head of the tortoise. She tried to grind the tortoise’s head on the flower bud, and the pleasure spread from there to the whole body.

Then she slowly lifted herself up and clamped the vagina. In the process of separating the stick from her lower body, the same pleasure spread to the whole body.

“Ah… Oh…”

She freed up her hands, pressed them on her breasts, and slowly rubbed them.

Next, her movements became regular, and the vagina gave a “whimper, whimper” sound, rendering an extremely lewd atmosphere.

Xena rode up and down on Aiwa for more than half an hour, but Aiwa remained hard.

In fact, Xena didn’t want Aiwa to scum too fast. If he had been comfortable so soon, he might not miss her so much at night. Therefore, Xena no longer controlled herself, and when approaching the orgasm, she deliberately twitched her body quickly and let Aiwa’s hard glan strike hard against her delicate buds.

Her carcass suddenly trembled violently and the whole body lay on Aiwa.

“Good for you!”

After Xena was satisfied, she leaned over Aiwa’s strong carcass. Her breasts were compressed flat and squeezed out between their carcasses.

“Do you want me to… fuck you more times?”

Aiwa had not yet reached his orgasm.


“I haven’t had enough…”

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