Volume 8 Chapter 4 – Night Attack on the Base (1) (Part 2)

Aiwa tried to turn her body over, but Xena put her legs on both sides. No matter which side Aiwa turned, he couldn’t turn her. But the stick was still deep in her muddy hole.

“I’ll stay with you at night, or you’ll freeze.”

Xena licked Aiwa’s neck a few times, slowly lifted her buttocks, and let Aiwa’s hard sausage pull out of her muddy hole.

Xena dressed quickly, opened the guardhouse door, smiled back at Aiwa on the cot and said, “See you at night!”

After Xena left, Aiwa lay upright on the quilt. A fierce battle just now kept his body warm.

Not far from guardhouse, Xena met Cartel.

“Is he all right?”

Cartel feared that Aiwa would disobey discipline.

“I gave him a lecture just now, and it seems that he has got it all figured out.”

Xena pointed to her head and said naughtily.

“That’s good. I… I’m afraid there’s going to be a terrible war tonight…

Cartel looked at the distance as if he saw his opponent hiding in a corner and would attack at any time.

“Is it that so serious?”

Xena was influenced by Cartel, and her face became grave.

“She’s not going to give up! And… Her apprentice is still here! Even if it’s not for her apprentice, it’s for Aiwa, she’ll come.”

Cartel sighed and said.

“Why? Aiwa has no rancor against that woman. Why she was against Aiwa?”

Xena found Cartel’s remarks unfounded.

“Otherwise, why did she catch Tony and Aiwa?”

Xena was speechless.

“How did Aiwa offend that woman? Just ask Aiwa if you want to know.”

“Maybe it’s about that girl named Xuan Er? If that’s all, the problem won’t be so serious.”

“In addition, there should be no other reason, right? Aiwa, this guy is a bit lustful…”

As soon as she spoke, she realized she had lost her word and shut her mouth.

“The problem is not that simple. As soon as Aiwa arrived at the base, I found something special about him. This guy has a different ability. I don’t think it can be trained. Maybe it’s natural for him. What’s more, you should also find out he was very different from other students when he passed my stick array?”

When Cartel said this, he couldn’t help showing admiration.

Xena knew that Cartel liked to punish Aiwa, but actually appreciated the little fellow.

“Well, it’s a little different. Otherwise, Lovna would not recommend him here. I’ve heard that Lovna doesn’t take ordinary men in her eyes at all.”

At this point, Xena found Cartel’s expression immediately sink. She was vaguely aware that perhaps there was an unknown love affair between Cartel and Lovna, and that it was a past that Cartel was reluctant to mention.

“Strengthen vigilance at night and increase one more round of patrol.”

After that, Cartel went back to his office.

When the sun went down to the west, leaving a bright red in the field, the whole base seemed very quiet, but Cartel’s mood was very heavy. He felt that it was the tranquility before the storm.

He walked along the alarm line set up during the day and found no problem before returning to his residence.

Aiwa lay quiet in the guardhouse and spent the whole afternoon sleeping, waiting for Xena to come again at night.

Until the night had fallen completely and the whole base was well covered, Xena patrolled around the base again. Cartel’s words made her dare not relax. Seeing that the patrol trainees were gone and nobody cared about the little guardhouse, Xena came slowly.

Aiwa had been a little anxious about waiting Xena, after all, he did not vent in the afternoon, waiting for Xena to help him vent the fire!

Xena walked so quietly that no one would hear her at all, but she carefully looks around. After all, on the stage, she was the only woman in the base, and she was so beautiful that she had to be careful, or she might cause some fighting.

She easily opened the door of the guardhouse, which was nothing to her, an omnipotent woman.

At this time, she was like an oestrous lioness.

As soon as she entered the guardhouse, they hugged together.

Aiwa also looked out carefully and said, “Nobody saw you come in?”

“Am I so stupid?”

In the darkness, Aiwa could still feel Xena’s affectionate eyes. They couldn’t wait to take down each other’s clothes.

Aiwa pressed Xena on the bed, separated her long legs, and held the meat stick up to insert it into her vulva.

“So urgent! First help me lick.”

Xena grabbed Aiwa’s big meat stick and refused to let him stuff it into the hole.

Aiwa had to stop, slide down and lick her vulva…

“Oh… Your mouth is awesome…”

Xena moaned softly and kept holding her hips up to make closer contact between her vulva and Aiwa’s lips and tongue. Her clitoris soon congested and stood upright.

Aiwa sucked Xena’s vulva, while sweeping the sensitive clitoris with the tip of her tongue, causing her carcass to shiver. She kept rubbing her plump breasts, as if only in that way could she survive.

“Oh… Okay…”

Suddenly she folded her legs so that Aiwa had to raise his head.

“Miss my sausage, don’t you?”

Aiwa laughed and straightened up, his knees splitting Xena’s legs a little wider, near her vulva. His body slowly fell down and he took his big dick to her vulva.

Xena’s legs were up, her vulva was up, and Aiwa was in.

The hot meat stick moved in slowly, and Xena was very satisfied with the full pleasure.

“Your little guy is so big!”

In the darkness, Xena praised happily.

Aiwa pushed the meat stick to the bottom and withstood the bud. The licking just now has brought Xena to orgasm.

“Oh, that’s my magic weapon to defeat women.”

Aiwa said proudly, pumping slowly. Although not very fast, Xena felt very addicted. The big meat stick opened all the folds in her cave and made her cave rubbed happily everywhere.

“Oh… Oh… Dear…”

Xena moaned happily, her smooth abdomen rolling in waves, shining white in the darkness.

Aiwa’s arms were on both sides of her body, separating them from each other, with only the underneath part inserted. So Aiwa could see her body twisting. Although the expression on her face was not clear, subtle movement of her body brought great enthusiasm and strength to Aiwa.

Aiwa poked at the bottom of Xena’s hole every time he stirred. The feeling of the flower bud poking made her feel so wonderful that she wanted to shout. But on such a quiet night, the voice would spread far. She didn’t want the men in the base to know that she was in estrus.

At this point, Aini and Xuan Er lay in their respective small beds, unable to fall asleep.

“Aiwa was confined by Instructor Cartel, and on such a cold night, I don’t know if he can stand it. His quilt must be very thin, isn’t it?

Aini lay in bed and said quietly.

“Yes, it’s very cold tonight.”

Xuan Er also cared about Aiwa.

However, she did not know where the guardhouse was, and if she went out at night, she would be suspected by the base people.

“Just leave him alone, he shouldn’t have ruffled instructor!”

Aini turned over to comfort herself, but was still awake.

Sending quilt to a man in the middle of the night. Others didn’t know she was a girl, but Xuan Er knew that. What would she think?

Both of them opened their eyes in the dark, and neither of them fell asleep.

In the mid of the night, Aini couldn’t help it. She was afraid that Aiwa would be cold. So, after hearing Xuan Er’s even breathing, she crept up Aiwa’s quilt and walked out of the cottage.

From a distance, the black guardhouse was a little scary, but Aini’s concern for Aiwa was beyond her fear. If she didn’t send the quilt over tonight, she would not sleep. So Aini headed for guardhouse.

Less than twenty meters away from the guardhouse, Aini heard Aiwa gasping.

Was it too cold at night, so Aiwa was training to keep warm inside?

With some curiosity, Aini slowed down and walked carefully, but soon she heard a woman gasping very slightly, but very violently.

“Ah… Oh… Can’t stand it…”

Xena begged for mercy under Aiwa, but Aiwa was still trying to get in.

It was the third time they made love. Xena didn’t know how many times she had squirted. She had drifted into the mist of happiness and her little feet in the air shook irregularly.

But Aiwa ejaculated only once in the first two intercourses… The main purpose of each his intercourses was to draw energy from women.

It was clear to him that separate energies would have no effect, but once concentrated on one person, it would have an unusual effect.

“Ah… Don’t…”

Xena couldn’t bear Aiwa’s hit anymore and Aiwa gasped to a halt.

“Just let it stick in, don’t pull it out, I think… you can fall asleep keeping this… by daybreak…”

“Are you addicted?”

Aiwa asked softly.

“Too addictive… almost fall apart…”

Xena held Aiwa tightly.

Aini stood in the cold wind with Aiwa’s quilt in her arms, wondering whether she should send it in through the window. Suddenly, she heard a woman screaming, “Cartel, come out if you are a man!”

The curse made the whole quiet base tumble up, and Aiwa heard the woman’s curse as well.

The people of the base immediately rushed out of their rooms and gathered at great speed. In almost thirty seconds, a dozen people were standing behind Cartel. When Aiwa arrived, a dark shadow was grabbing Xuan Er and confronting Cartel.

“She’s your apprentice. Of course you can take her away.”

“Humph! Such a good wish! Give me the man called Aiwa!”

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