Volume 8 Chapter 5 – Night Attack on the Base (2) (Part 1)

“Ha-ha, you finally stand out, still a man! But if you really have the guts, just go with me now!”

The Devil Woman laughed. She saw Aiwa appear and her eyes immediately brightened.

“Old witch, you are so naive to try to prod me like this. Who said I have to go with you? Dream on!”

Aiwa was not fooled by her. How could he not know what would happen if he went with the Devil Woman?

“Let’s not talk about that you destroyed the potion that I had carefully made for more than ten years, let’s not talk about that you ruined my face, do you really think you can let all these go? That’s too good for you! Go with me, and I can assure you that you will not die!” The Devil Woman said viciously.

“It’s all because you and your disciple returned kindness with ingratitude, I had saved your disciple, but she caught us and you even wanted to take our Prime, just drop the idea forever!”

“Huh, boy, you want to fight me unless you’re tired of living!”

As she spoke, Aiwa immediately felt a strong force coming over him.

Aiwa’s body responded spontaneously, and the air was sharply compressed by their giant aura. Meanwhile, Cartel, Xena and Ani also launched attacks on the Devil Woman. With a bang, the forces of both sides compressed the air in the middle to the limit and finally exploded. Cartel and Aiwa and others immediately bounced back.

“You win!”

The Devil Woman, with Xuan Er, withdrew back more than a dozen feet and disappeared into the thick darkness.

Only then did Cartel breathe a sigh of relief.

After a violent cough, Cartel spat out a mouthful of blood, but through the cover of the night, he did not let his students find out that. Just after the Devil Woman failed to attack Aiwa, her target immediately turned to Cartel.

Cartel’s current combat capability was no longer comparable to Aiwa’s. Because Aiwa, after drinking two mouthfuls of Fengming River, had intercourses twice with two powerful women. Especially the energy absorbed from the Devil Woman doubled his energy. If he didn’t do that, he would have been knocked down.

“Who’s patrolling tonight?”

Cartel scanned the crowd. Although no one could see his sharp eyes, the tone of his voice had made everyone shudder.

At that moment, four people came out.

“Why haven’t you noticed anything?”

“We really didn’t loaf on the job. We’ve been patrolling…” One of the students muttered.

Cartel did not speak but walked outside the barracks to see what was wrong with the alarm system he had set up. He couldn’t believe that the badly injured Devil Woman could still find his trap in the dark.

Cartel came to a place where the stick was inserted and stopped. The small bells on it was missing!  After a tour, he found that all the bells near Fengming River had disappeared.

“Who did it?” Cartel roared.

He could conclude that it was absolutely impossible for the Devil Woman to do it. If she found this trap, she didn’t need to take all the bells off. She just needed to avoid the fine wires.

All the students were silent.

“Admit it earlier, maybe I’ll spare your life. If I find out who it is, even your family can’t save your life, because it’s a betrayal!”

With a flop, a student knelt in front of Cartel. It’s the tall one with Pienne. His name is Sassi.


Cartel gave a low roar. Just now he hoped that Xuan Er did it. After all, she did it for her master, but he didn’t know why Sassi did it so.

“It all blame Aiwa for our feud against the Devil Woman! And he brought her disciple to the base. I think the goal of the Devil Woman is Aiwa. If we hand over Aiwa, the base will be safe and sound.”

“Why should we make an enemy with the cruel Devil Woman for his own sake? “Sassi vomited his displeasure.

“So you deliberately let that woman in?”

Cartel took a step closer and asked, suppressing his anger.

“If the Devil Woman were not allowed to take Aiwa away, the base would not be peaceful. We can’t stay up every night, can we?”

“You have the guts to say it again!” Cartel was furious.

“Instructor Cartel, you won’t let him alone affect all of us, will you? Why?”

Sassi looked up at Cartel with no sign of weakness.

Cartel flew up and kicked Sassi away.

“Instructor Cartel, you can’t do that to him! He’s also for the safety of the whole base!” Pienne leaped out of the crowd.

“Fuck you! You silly pig!”

Cartel kicked Pienne in the chest, and Pienne fell back on the spot. One of his associates hurried to hold him up and the whole room was quiet.

Cartel grabbed Aini and said, “Do you know who he is? You think your family is great and your life is valuable. Then what do you know about him?”

Together, the crowd turned their attention to Aini.

“He’s from Her Majesty the Queen. Which of you is worth more than him?”

None of the audience dared to speak. No one knew what Aini’s background was, but it’s only now that they understood why Cartel, known for his strictness, took extra care of Tony.

Seeing that everyone was silent, Cartel said to Sassi, “If he suffers even a little, you’ll die without a place to be buried!”

With that, Cartel turned and walked toward his hut.

Aini caught up and said, “Instructor Carte, why did you tell them this?”

Cartel suddenly turned around and stared at Aini sternly. “Did you mention your identity when you were caught by the Devil Woman yesterday?”


“Said or not?” Cartel whispered.

“Yes. I… I just want to put some pressure on her so that she won’t kill us…”

Aini realized that she had made a terrible mistake.

“I can’t imagine you being so dumb! Where were you when Xuan Er had an accident tonight?”

Cartel suddenly remembered one thing.

“I… I’m going to give Aiwa a quilt. It’s so cold in the guardhouse that he’ll freeze and get sick…”

“When will you be able to make me less trouble?”

After that, Cartel calmed down for a moment and said, “But thanks to your absence, or you will be taken away.”

Indeed, Aini was absolutely no match for the Devil Woman. Just now she was hit in the chest by the dark breath of the Devil Woman, and she still felt a dull pain now.

“I’m sorry, instructor. We’ve got you involved.” Aini said sorry.

“Forget it. Tell Aiwa to let him sleep in his room tonight. You two need to be extra careful. Once you hear something, it’s important to run for your life. You can’t fight that Devil Woman! “

Cartel emphasized that. He no longer wanted these two little guys to have an accident, otherwise, he can’t take the responsibility.

“Got it, instructor.”

Aini rushed back and asked Aiwa to come back to the room together.


Once in the room, Aiwa talked to Aini in an ingratiating, soft voice.


Aini was ungrateful. She knew that if she made even a slight sentiment to Aiwa now, he would be insatiable. And maybe he would rape her in the bed right away.

“Hee, okay, sleep.”

When Aiwa heard Aini said that, he was so excited that he forgot all about the thrilling fight and quickly took off his clothes.

“Don’t get naked to my face in the future,” Aini said to Aiwa with her back to Aiwa.

“Hee, how uncomfortable it is not to sleep naked!”

“If you don’t listen to me, I’ll apply with Duty Office Xena to move out and leave you alone,” Aini said firmly.

“Why bother? I’ll just listen to you.”

Said that, Aiwa stopped take off his underwear, but he turned around and found that his quilt was missing.

“Where’s my quilt?”

Aiwa turned around and looked for it.

“By the way, the quilt was taken to the guardhouse by me.”

Aini suddenly remembered that when sHeeard that Devil Woman had attacked the base, she immediately threw the quilt and gathered.

“What did you throw my quilt there for?”

Aiwa didn’t know Aini was kind.

“There was a woman lying on your body to help you warm up, of course, there is no need for a quilt. I was worried that you would freeze. It seems that I was worried too much.”

Aini didn’t mean to get the quilt. She took off her coat and went to bed.

When Aiwa heard that Aini was going to send him a quilt, he was grateful and said with a smile, “Thank you very much, it’s… Duty Office send me the quilt and then… we…”

Aiwa felt a little sorry for Aini.

“You two are on good terms, what’s the matter with me?”

Aini slowly loosened her corset in the quilt and freed her two breasts. But in the darkness, Aiwa could not see anything. He took Xuan Er’s quilt to his bed.

After lying down, Aiwa turned and asked, “Aini, are you cold? If it’s too cold, we can sleep together.”

“Go away, who’s going to sleep with you!”

Aini rubbed her breasts in the quilt, being tied all day long, the bandage made her feel bad.

“By the way, Aini, why can’t I find you are a girl? Did you wrap up your little baby with something?”

Aiwa wasn’t sleepy at all. He wanted to know how Aini kept the secret.

“It’s a secret, I won’t tell you!”

Aini turned her back to Aiwa and slowed down her hands.

“Hey, what would they think if they knew I was sleeping in a room with a girl who is the Princess of Hass Empire?”

As Aiwa spoke, he became lewd. His tone was intoxicating as if he had gotten everything from Aini.

“Stop smug. If they knew the truth, they would cut you down!” 

Aini crouched in bed and laughed triumphantly.

“Ha-ha, even if they cut me down, I will not be separated from you. Aini, promise me never to leave me, will you? You see, I’m so obedient. I’ll do whatever you want me to do. If you were in the same room with those lechers, how could you be so free? Besides, if that old witch comes back again, I can protect you too!”

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Volume 8 Chapter 5 - Night Attack on the Base (2) (Part 2)
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