Volume 8 Chapter 5 – Night Attack on the Base (2) (Part 2)

Aiwa was very worried that Aini would live apart from him, so he was careful not to annoy the princess.

“If you do well, I won’t apply to Duty Office Xena for a room division.”

Aini turned over and the beautiful breasts were lifted up by two hills, but the room was too dark for Aiwa to see clearly.

“Today Pienne has had enough of it. You beat him up and instructor Cartel told him a good lesson.”

Aini knew Cartel was really angry, otherwise, he won’t kick his student that hard.

“Oh, they deserve it! By the way, Aini, do you think Xuan Er is in danger of being caught by her master?

Aiwa was not a heartless person. Although he only had sex with Xuan Er once, he liked her very much. Since her master raised her for Prime, the Devil Woman would not spare Xuan Er if she was caught back this time.

“But what can we do? We don’t even know where they live.”

“Aini, shall we draw the bed closer?”

Aiwa put his head forward and asked pleasantly.

“You mustn’t mess up!”

Aini thought, ‘He just said to move the bed closer, not sleep in the same bed’, so she didn’t object.

As soon as Aiwa heard this, he jumped out of bed and dragged the bed directly. He put the two beds together. After getting into bed, Aiwa immediately moved over to Aini with the quilt on.

“Don’t come near me!”

Aini immediately put out her hand vigilantly to block Aiwa. Her outstretched arm was so white that Aiwa immediately became dizzy.

“Hee, I’m not going to invade you, just… I just want to get closer to you to talk with you.”

Shamelessly, Aiwa decided not to go back.

“Don’t reach out!”

Aini’s hand was caught by Aiwa and she quickly pulled back to warn Aiwa.

“Well, I must behave myself!”

Aiwa also retracted his hand into the quilt, but he was still sniffing at Aini’s girl fragrance.

Aiwa lay there tossing and turning, not only because Aini was sleeping beside him, but also because he missed Xuan Er. It would be a pity for a beautiful girl to be killed.

“Aini, you say, what is that bad woman doing to Xuan Er now?”

Aiwa lay on his back, looking at the ceiling with his eyes open.

“Wouldn’t her master kill her?”

Aini didn’t fall asleep and was worried about Xuan Er’s safety. She knew that Xuan Er was a kind-hearted girl, who had been with her master for so many years but had not been infected with any evil.

Aini got out of bed because he was upset. Although at night, they both kept their eyes open and gradually adapted to the darkness in the room. Now Aini’s upper body showed up and was clearly seen by Aiwa.

Aiwa was also thinking about Xuan Er, but when he saw Aini’s snow-white and plump breast, his thoughts suddenly became confused. Aini, however, neglected that she was bare-breasted because she was in worry about Xuan Er.

“Say something!”

Aini did not hear Aiwa’s response, so she pushed Aiwa.

Aiwa sobered up and asked, “What did you say?”

“Where are your thoughts? I’m asking you, will the Devil Woman kill Xuan Er?”


Aiwa’s mind was still unable to move from Aini’s snowy, plump chest. He tried hard to hide his saliva and the insect between his crotch was restless again.

“What may it be?” Is it may kill her, or may not?”

Aini shook Aiwa’s body, and two snow-white breasts trembled as her body swayed.

“Maybe… Maybe we should sleep together!”

Aiwa suddenly grabbed Aini’s charming body and kissed her on her breast.

“Ah! What are you going to do?”

Aini realized that she was naked.

“I’m going to fuck you!”

Aiwa’s mouth immediately clicked on one of Aini’s nipples, and his hands touched her smooth back as if swallowing Aini.

“Ah… No…”

Aini wriggled violently in Aiwa’s arms, but which only increased Aiwa’s interest in her beautiful carcass and did not make Aiwa retreat.

“Aini… Let me kiss you…”

Aiwa kept kissing on Aini’s delicate white crisp breast. Aiwa refused to let Aini go and dragged her directly to his bedding as Aini’s two small hands slapped on him.

Aini didn’t have to pretend to be a boy in front of Aiwa anymore because she had revealed her identity. So when she went to bed tonight, she simply stripped herself naked. She hadn’t relaxed so much for a long time.

Unexpectedly, Aiwa did not keep his promise.


Aini is still struggling. Mother Sophia had taught her that, under no circumstances, as the great princess of Hass Empire, she could not freely give her virginity to a man.

Although Aini’s carcass was in Aiwa’s arms and Aiwa’s mouth held her steep nipples, she still clamped her legs to keep Aiwa from invading her privacy.

If Aiwa used his obscene skill to provoke Aini, Aini would let him invade, but Aiwa did not want to use that kind of obscene means. He only used those tactics against the bad girl, such as Lisa.

“You go back on your word!”

Aini stopped struggling, calmed down and said coldly; she loved being held in Aiwa’s arms and the feeling of being sucked on her nipples. However, her identity prevented her from giving away her virginity easily.

“Don’t you think it’s warmer?”

Aiwa also stopped the attack. He spit out the steep, hard nipples, raised his head from between her two upright peaks, and looked at Aini, who was already in heat.

“We’ll make mistakes…”

Aini was sucked by Aiwa for a while, kneaded by him for a while, and she was a little crisp.

“Is there anything wrong with love?”

Aiwa moved up and lay down with her so that he could smell her soft breath and put his hand on the plump breast peak.

Aini would not have let Aiwa put his hand on her breast without the strong kiss she had just received. It was the most sensitive part of a girl.

At first, Aiwa did not dare to squeeze Aini’s breasts vigorously, but his gentle stroking made Aini’s whole body soft, and there were instant layers of tiny bumps on her breast wall.

Under Aiwa’s stroke, Aini couldn’t help closing her eyes.

What makes Aiwa even more lustful was that whenever his finger touched her nipple, the pointed nipple became extremely hard and straight.

Aiwa stroked Aini’s breast and looked at her face.

Aiwa’s big hands alternately stroked the breasts and occasionally squeezed them. Aini lay there, eyes closed and motionless.

Aiwa’s hand caressed and kneaded on the two jade peaks for a long time before slowly sliding down and touching the smooth abdomen.

Aini’s abdomen was tight because Aiwa’s hand was getting closer to her forbidden area.

But she tightened slightly that Aiwa touched the jungle beneath her belly.

Aiwa dare not to go any further. After all, Aini was the princess, and she was not as open as Xena in this respect.


Aini couldn’t help moaning as Aiwa’s big hands moved back and forth in the jungle.

Aiwa lowered his head, gently chucked a nipple and slowly sucked.

“Oh… Don’t…”

Aini was so intoxicated that her head shook involuntarily. But when Aiwa tried to go further down, Aini held out her hand and blocked him.


Aiwa had to stop. He didn’t want to be tough on the lovely princess. Aiwa felt that Aini belonged to him sooner or later, but not now. So Aiwa retracted his hand, but his mouth was still sucking on her nipples.

“Ah… Aiwa… Don’t do that, will you?

Aini was still close-eyed and intoxicated.

“Then… Can I sleep with you in one bed?”

Asked Aiwa in a low voice.

“No, you can’t control yourself.”

Aini finally opened her eyes and refused Aiwa decisively.

“I promise I won’t violate you, I… Just touch and I’ll be satisfied, I promise! Hee, baby, shall we sleep together tonight?”

Aiwa whispered in Aini’s ear, which made her itch even more.

“No, What if you bully me when I fell asleep in the midnight ?”


Aini said without reassurance.

“Hee, I’m not going to fuck you on the sneak even though I’m a little lascivious. You can rest assured that I can control myself.”

Aiwa assuredly said that while his hand stroked Aini’s plump breasts and kneaded them back and forth.

“Aiwa, don’t knead it, will you? I… Can’t stand it…”

“Well, let’s sleep!”

Aiwa stopped decisively, but his hand was still reluctantly laid on Aini’s breast, holding a breast.

“Aiwa, do you want to rescue Xuan Er?”

Aini couldn’t fall asleep. She always thought it was unsafe for her to sleep with Aiwa.

If Aiwa could not control himself and rape her, and once she became pregnant, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Yes,” Aiwa affirmed.

“Shall we go and save her tonight?”

“Aren’t you afraid of being punished by the instructor?”

“As long as you are not afraid, I am not afraid!”

They quickly dressed and, taking advantage of the night cover, crossed Cartel’s trap and pursued the direction in which Devil Woman had escaped.

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