Volume 8 Chapter 6 – Mechanical Armor (1)

Aiwa and Aini have no supernatural power, but their night vision ability was higher than that of the average person. With their own feelings, they moved towards the distance. By daybreak, they had walked dozens of miles away.

In a valley, they found a hut in the shade of trees.

Aiwa immediately got excited and said, “Look!”

Aini also found the cottage almost at the same time.

“There shouldn’t be any people here. Now that there is a cabin, it’s likely that it is the dwelling place of the devil lady!”

Aini said positively.

They two approached the cabin carefully. Less than 100 meters from the cabin, they heard a girl’s moan, it’s Xuan Er’s voice!

At that moment, Aiwa and Aini rushed at full speed.

When they knocked open the door, they saw the masked devil lady was lying on Xuan Er’s vulva and sucking, Xuan Er was tied firmly, unable to resist, could only moan.

The arrival of two unexpected visitors, Aiwa and Aini, interrupted the action of the devil lady. She was absorbing Prime from Xuan Er’s body when, just after it had been done, she suddenly rose from the makeshift bed.

“Well, you two have come just at the right moment! I was trying to find you, but you sent yourselves to my door! Ha-ha, it’s God’s will!

The devil lady laughed loudly.

“What did you do to her?”

Aiwa was furious and forgot the devil lady’s power.

“Oh, I’ve sucked Xuan Er’s Prime into my body. Within seven days, her Prime will be transformed into my energy, and it will double my power! At that time, not to mention Cartel, even if you all work together, you can’t kill me. But, boy, you broke her chastity and almost ruined my efforts for more than ten years. Today, you must pay for that!”

Now, Xuan Er was lying on the ground, her legs had not yet been joined up, her private place had been licked muddy, pornographic water was flowing out of her meat hole. Xuan Er was not a lewd girl, but the devil’s mouth was so strong that no one could stand that kind of licking.

When Xuan Er’s Prime was sucked, she became so weak that she could hardly move on the ground.

Aiwa winked at Aini, attacked the devil lady together, and two huge fireballs shot at the devil lady immediately.

The devil lady didn’t expect Aiwa and Aini to launch an attack so fast that she almost missed the fireball. She had just absorbed Xuan Er’s Prime and consumed a lot of power before, so that she couldn’t react as quickly as usual and staggered due to Aini and Aiwa’s fireball.

But after all, she was very powerful. When she retreated to the corner of the cabin, she quickly counterattacked, pushed out her palms, and the two fireballs fired at Aiwa and Aini at the same time. As the energy was dispersed and fireballs were not very powerful, Aiwa and Aini took that at the same time, the four fireballs exploded.

The devil lady felt her weakness. She didn’t want to suffer immediate losses. With the cover of the smoke, she quickly escaped from the window.

Aiwa chased out and ran a long way,  he did not return until the devil lady disappeared into thin air.

Aini has dressed Xuan Er. Xuan Er’s body had been marked with many whips. It seemed that the devil lady had punished her. By the time the three of them returned to the base, it was already noon.

Cartel’s look was very dirty. He had long anticipated that Aiwa and Aini were looking for Xuan Er, but he was worried that Aiwa and Aini were not rivals of the devil lady.

“Cartel, don’t be angry. They are back here finally, aren’t they? It seems that the woman is not so terrible.”

Xena tugged at the corner of Cartel’s coat. She was worried that Cartel would be angry and punish them more severely.

“If anyone of you dares to step out of the base even for one step, I will break your legs!”

Cartel glared at them hatefully and went back to his office. Now they were confronted with a formidable enemy, and he did not want to punish the two main students with any malicious methods. They were lucky to survive after all.

In his mind, Aiwa and Aini were no match for the devil lady at all, so it’s enough to prove their strength that they could even rescue Xuan Er from her. In this base, no one could do it like Aiwa and Aini.

“Go back to your room and rest! Aiwa, you come with me.” Xena said.

Aini took Xuan Er back to her dormitory, and Aiwa followed Xena to her room.

“Do you know how worried Cartel and I are about your leaving camp without permission?”

Xena stared at Aiwa with her coquettish and watery eyes. It seemed that during Aiwa’s departure from the base, she really broke into a cold sweat.

“Thank you for your concern,” Aiwa said gratefully.

“Foolish words! I’m already yours. Would I feel better if something really happened to you?”

Xena stepped forward and leaned against Aiwa’s chest. Her slender fingers touched Aiwa’s chest and said, “You silly boy, always make me upset.”

“I’m in perfectly good condition right now, don’t worry.”

Aiwa also touched Xena’s hair emotionally. Aiwa was moved for the first time by a woman, a dissolute woman, who was deeply concerned about his safety.

“That girl is so important to you?”

Xena seemed to have a little jealousy for Xuan Er.

“No, it’s a man’s responsibility. I have to do something to make myself grow up. Don’t worry about me. If I don’t experience something, I will always be just a kid. You don’t like a useless boy, do you?”

Aiwa held up her face, and her hot tears slid across her beautiful cheek. Aiwa bent down and kissed the tears off her face.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. I’ll help Instructor Cartel make combat armor as soon as possible. If that woman comes again, she must not go back!”

Aiwa said confidently.

“I stayed up all night last night and stayed up all morning. Cartel and I finally made the first armor sample. You try it on first.”

Xena left Aiwa’s arms and turned to take the sample.

“Aren’t you saying you’re worried about me? You even have the time to make armor samples, it seems not as serious as you said!”

Aiwa suddenly felt that what Xena had just said was not true.

“You are so heartless! We didn’t realize you were missing until noon. We thought you didn’t sleep well last night and slept late in the dormitory!”

“Oh, so it is.”

Aiwa blushed, he misunderstood Xena.

Xena took out a piece of armor made of animal hide.

“You haven’t measured me yet. How do you know the size?”

Aiwa asked puzzled.

“You don’t believe my eyesight so much? Take off your clothes first.”

Xena whispered, shaking her armor and handing it to Aiwa.

It’s a mechanical armor. The hide was full of mechanisms. All joints were flexible, it’s also a hydraulic armor. Aiwa had only imagined it before, but couldn’t figure out how to overcome its transmission problems. Cartel was a great mechanic, and it’s obviously easy for him to do that.

Aiwa undressed in front of Xena and put on the armor.

“Xena, you are terrific! You even didn’t measure my figure, but it fits me so well!”

Aiwa exclaimed as he tried it on.

“Of course, I am an expert in making armor! And my eyes are so good that I can tell you the size of your body at a glance.”

Xena also said proudly.

This armor was indeed her masterpiece. It was made overnight plus one morning. Of course, Cartel also contributed a lot.

“Hee, then what size is my little brother?”

Aiwa grinned and touched Xena’s breast.

Although his hands were separated from Xena’s clothes, the elasticity still made him fond of it.

“Who knows how big you are? Your little brother is always changed. It’s not small anyway. Every time you make me itch inside, it’s longer than my hole! “

Xena blushed and gave Aiwa a sweet look.

“Would you like to measure it now?”

“By the way, I left you a front opening for this armor. Come on, try it. Can you take it out?”

Xena reached for the front button of the armor and unbuttoned it.

“The armor has front buckles?”

Aiwa laughed and thought Xena was so sweet.

“You can’t take off armor when you pee, can you? That’s inconvenient!”

Xena pulled the zipper to the bottom, reached in with her slender hand and held Aiwa’s meat stick.

“Xena, you are trying to make it easier for me to have sex with you in armor, aren’t you?”

Aiwa stood there, letting Xena caressed his meat stick. Aiwa’s androgens were secreted madly when she kneaded the meat stick with her delicate little hands lightly or heavily, and the specific dragon blood was gathered at his dick.

“Your hands are so tender!”

Aiwa looked at Xena’s beautiful face and said.

“Can Xuan Er compare with mine?”

Xena also looked up at Aiwa. Her lips moved slightly as if begging for Aiwa’s kiss. But instead of kissing her, Aiwa gently unfastened the two buttons on her neck and exposed the snow-white cleavage.

“Didn’t Cartel take advantage of you with the excuse of the job?”

Aiwa thought Cartel should be a workaholic, and such a  beautiful woman was around him, can’t he be moved?

“How, do you want to put up a desperate fight with him?”

Xena was kind of happy to see Aiwa was jealous.

“If he dare touch you, I will castrate him!”

Aiwa suddenly gnawed his teeth and said.

“Look at you, as if you are going to put up a desperate fight with him! Take it easy, I’m fine.”

Xena’s tiny hand finally pulled out Aiwa’s meat stick and said, “It seems that my design is still out of order. It must be uncomfortable to be so tight?”

Xena pinched Aiwa’s black bird and felt that the opening was still a little small. This may be okay for the average man, but it’s a little uncomfortable for Aiwa, who had a huge penis. Especially when the meat stick became congested, it became narrower.

“However, you’d better try it first. It’s OK to make a slight change to this place.”

The purpose of making this armor was to fight. The front opening was only Xena’s originality, and she didn’t want to affect Aiwa’s combat effectiveness.

Aiwa did a few moves in armor and felt less flexible, but he did have much more power.

“Is that all right?”

Xena asked.

“It’s a bit heavy.”

Aiwa felt a little disappointed. At such a speed, he will surely suffer in the battle.

In Aiwa’s view, speed was the first factor, if he was not fast enough, it would be difficult to fight.

“There is still a problem with hydraulic power transmission, and it seems that it needs to be improved. Let’s go and test the strength data first.”

Xena took Aiwa to the base’s laboratory, where there was also a set of testing instruments same as Lovna’s.

Aiwa hit the testing steel plate, and before he could do his best, the data on the screen was 1,600 pounds!

“How powerful!”

Aiwa was very satisfied with the strength of the armor.

“If flexibility can be improved, it will be perfect.”

Aiwa said regretfully.

“Your snakeskin hasn’t come yet. We still have some time to develop it. Don’t worry! With Cartel, it’s bound to improve. The production time is too short this time, mainly to rush out of this set before the devil lady arrives.”

“When will your snakeskin arrive? “Xena was also a little anxious, if Aiwa could not deal with the devil lady, the entire base would be threatened. The devil lady came and went like a shadow and apparently unable to apply the army. If Cartel alone, it may not have much to lose, but the devil lady’s goal was not Cartel, but Aiwa.

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