Volume 8 Chapter 6 – Mechanical Armor (2)

“About three or four days.”

“In these days, we will certainly be able to modify your armor! But now… Can you do something else?”

Xena’s glamorous eyes looked at Aiwa, and she leaned against his chest. A hand reached in from his breastplate and stroked his chest. His muscles are so developed that even without wearing this armor, he must be a steel fighter.

“I also wanna…”

Aiwa’s desire that he could not vent on Aini last night shifted to Xena now.

“Then help me undress, will you?”

Xena’s plump breasts rested on Aiwa and inspired his desire.

Aiwa did not unravel Xena’s clothes, but tore off her little underwear. Xena also pulled Aiwa’s flies open and pulled out the meat stick. Aiwa holds Xena to the table, leans on it, and the huge meat stick is inserted into her vagina.


Xena groaned intoxicatedly, and the vagina was already muddy, Aiwa entered smoothly.

She leaned back slightly, unfastened her jacket and exposed two plump breasts.

But Aiwa did not touch her breasts, but just stood up and let the stick come and go in and out of her vagina. With the shaking of their bodies, the breasts of Xena kept shaking.

“Oh… Ah…”

Xena kept holding Aiwa, but could not leave his meat stick inside.

“Oh… It’s so amazing…”

Xena’s jacket slid to both sides and the whole crisp breasts was exposed.

“Ah… I will… Pregnant… Don’t shoot in, will you?”

Xena’s bud was blocked by Aiwa’s huge sausage, and her delicate body kept trembling.

But Aiwa turned a deaf ear and pumped as usual. Her vagina made a “hoot, hoot” sound.

“Oh… Dear… Ah… Oh… I can’t stand it anymore.”

Xena’s two long legs gradually raised, although she was afraid of pregnancy, but reluctant to give up this wonderful taste, pornographic water constantly flowed out of her vagina. Her clitoris was completely hyperemic and stood tall, like bright cherries.

She gritted her teeth and tried to endure the fatal pleasure. The flower bud could not control it, and a pudendal ejaculation came out.


Aiwa slowed down, and Xena reached the orgasm, shaking her delicate body just by touching her buds.

Aiwa put the huge meat stick in Xena’s body and gently lifted her off the table.

“Honey, you’re so strong…”

Xena was flushed with drunkenness.

Aiwa’s big hand touched her plump breasts and lowered his head to kiss her lips. She couldn’t wait to stick out her tongue, but Aiwa raised her head again.

“May I poke your anus? So you won’t get pregnant.”

Aiwa kneaded her breasts as if holding two doughs of dough.

“You can poke in anywhere you want!”

Xena looked at Aiwa in a coquettish manner.

Aiwa pulled out the meat stick, turned Xena around, put her hands on the edge of the table, and bent her buttocks.

Raising Xena’s skirt, her buttocks are already sticky.

Aiwa held the big meat stick against her anus, and because of the lubrication of the pornographic water, Aiwa could easily get in.


The slight pain made Xena moan. But after a few rounds of pumping, Xena’s anus was extremely lubricated.

Aiwa didn’t have to worry about injuring Xena at all. He could insert her safely, and the feeling of the huge meat stick rubbing against the meat wall in the anus was also amazing.

Aiwa leaned up, held her breasts in both hands and pumped it vigorously.

“Ah… Oh…”

Xena kept clamping her backyard, where the contraction seemed to be greater than that of the vagina.

The rubbing of Aiwa’s huge meat stick also gave Xena great pleasure. At this time, she swayed her breasts and buttocks, very lewd.

Aiwa knew that women’s pleasure in the backyard can last for a long time, so he’s not worried that Xena won’t last. His pumping force was also growing, each time is deep and long pulling, so that the friction between the two reached the extreme, her anus folds were all stretched out, and each time pulling, she would moan with happy.


The two of them moaned.

At last, Aiwa stepped up and inserted the meat stick deep inside. The muscles on his buttocks were completely tight, and the searing essence sprayed up.

Aiwa’s body shook for a while, holding Xena’s two boobs tightly in both hands.

“Ah… you crushed me up…”

Xena was happy and painful.

As Aiwa slowly pulled out, Xena’s body was still shaking.

Xena slowly straightened up, turned around, looked at Aiwa with a flushed face and said, “It seems that this armor has no effect on…”

She squatted down, put Aiwa’s meat stick in her mouth, and licked up the filth.

“Go back and have a rest! You must be tired after a sleepless night.”

Xena patted Aiwa carefully, took him back to his room and changed his clothes.

When Aiwa returned to his residence, Xuan Er and Aini were resting in their respective beds. Xuan Er’s body was still very weak. After all, she has been sucked out of Prime and couldn’t recover for the time being. She struggled to raise her eyelids and glanced at Aiwa. Her eyes immediately filled with tears of gratitude.

Aiwa came over, wiped away her tears from the corners of her eyes and said, “Don’t worry. I’ve read a book, it won’t have much impact after Prime is taken away, but you can’t practise martial arts anymore. Moreover, Prime can be recaptured, it only takes time, and now we don’t know where your Master is.”

Neither Aini nor Xuan Er knew whether Aiwa was telling the truth, they just thought that he was comforting.

Xuan Er’s bruises had been treated with Aini’s potion. Aiwa untied Xuan Er’s clothes and looked at the bruises. Her skin was as good as before.

“Don’t know how to find that bad woman?”

Aini looked at Aiwa and asked.

“I’m trying to figure it out! I think she’ll show up sooner or later.”

Aiwa said confidently.

“You came back from Xena? So long?”

Aini said somewhat unhappily.

“Oh, I just went over and tried the mechanical armor that instructor Cartel and Xena had made for me. Not bad, but not as flexible as I imagined. It needs to be improved.”

Aiwa took off his clothes and lay down in his little bed. His bed was still side by side with Aini’s.

“Damn that Sassi! Xuan Er would not have been caught if he hadn’t stolen the alarm bell.”

Aini scolded.

“They’ve been punished. Don’t expect that kind of person to do anything good. Next time once I find out what they’re doing, I’m not going to kill them.”

Aiwa pulled open the quilt angrily and approached Aini.

Out of the girl’s shyness, Aini still moved away from Aiwa, keeping a certain distance from Aiwa, but today she did not seem to wrap her breast in a bundle. Although she was covered with the quilt, the beautiful peaks still showed proud height.

But Aiwa was really tired. He needed a good sleep.

“Sleep! I’ll give Xuan Er another treatment in the evening. Then she would be better.”

Aiwa closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

At 5:30 p.m., the sun set and the whole base was silent again. Only the bright red in the sky showed the traces of the sun passing by.

Aiwa woke up, sat up from bed and stretched.

“Aiwa, didn’t you say you wanted to help Xuan Er with her treatment? What can you do about it?”

Aini woke up too, but she was still lying there without getting up. Besides, Aiwa was embarrassed to get naked in front of her.

“I can pass on some energy to her, which will be very helpful for her to regain her strength.”

“Doesn’t it affect your strength?”

Aini worried, what if the devil lady comes back tonight?

“Never mind.”

Aiwa went straight to Xuan Er’s bedside naked. Xuan Er was still drowsy and lacked the strength to open her eyes.

Aiwa lifted Xuan Er’s quilt and got in. His hand unbuttoned Xuan Er’s underwear under the quilt. Xuan Er tried to open her eyes several times, but her eyelids were so heavy that Aiwa had to let Aiwa strip all her underwear off.

Then Aiwa turned over and pressed Xuan Er.

When Aini saw Aiwa lying on Xuan Er’s stomach, she turned her face shyly.

Aiwa had just wanted to poked Xuan Er, but he felt a little dry in her private place. He hesitated and slipped his body down.

Aiwa separated Xuan Er’s two white legs, lay between her legs and licked her vulva.

Although Xuan Er felt exhausted, Aiwa still felt when Aiwa licked her vulva with his tongue.

Every time Aiwa licked her, her delicate body trembled.

Aiwa’s tongue licked and sucked hard on her vulva, and her bud lips and vagina reacted.


Xuan Er finally moaned softly.

Aiwa wanted to insert her, but he didn’t want to waste her newly slippery vulva. Her vulva was delicate and sensitive, and Aiwa loved to play with the fleshy vulva. The tip of his tongue kept sliding on the labia minora, and mucus quickly secreted from the vagina.


Xuan Er’s legs began to move. Aiwa was satisfied with the slight twist.

Ani beside heard Xuan Er’s moan and turned her face around.

Aiwa was lying there, licking Xuan Er’s private place vigorously. Xuan Er’s legs curled up and her face looks sportful.


Xuan Er’s tongue stuck out and kept licking her lips. From the quilt shaking, Aini could guess what action Aiwa was doing under the quilt. She felt that Aiwa was licking not Xuan Er’s vulva, but her.

“Oh… No…”

Aiwa licked faster and faster, and Xuan Er couldn’t stand it.

Aiwa then climbed up and slowly inserted the bloodshot huge stick into Xuan Er’s vulva.


Xuan Er groaned uncontrollably as the stick went deeper. Her buds had already blossomed, and when Aiwa was at the bottom, her delicate body gave a tremor.

Aiwa’s hands were propped up, his buttocks began to pound, and the quilt followed. Aini watched in silence.

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