Volume 8 Chapter 7 – Fall Into the Devil Lady’s Hands (1)

Aiwa lay on Xuan Er and plowed slowly. He didn’t move much, but his pumping made the feeling of friction clearer. Xuan Er’s body slowly squirmed along with his stirring, and an intoxicating expression appeared on her face.

It’s just that her body was extremely weak now and her lower body couldn’t match Aiwa’s movement at all, but for Aiwa, that’s enough. Xuan Er had only been fucked once by him, not to mention having a child, so her vagina was still so tight that Aiwa felt wonderful.

Ani, who was watching beside, was also affected. She felt that it was not Xuan Er, but herself, who was under Aiwa’s body. So when Xuan Er moaned happily, Aini echoed softly.

Aiwa continued to wriggle on Xuan Er for a while. He couldn’t move too fast, let alone make Xuan Er orgasm, he kept Xuan Er at the edge of her orgasm, so that he could transmit energy to her.

However, the energy Aiwa transmitted to Xuan Er this time was not general energy, but a prime-energy in the human body.

Without prime-energy, even if Aiwa recaptured Xuan Er’s Prime from the Devil Lady, the Prime could not continue to be active in Xuan Er’s body. Now the prime-energy he passed to Xuan Er is the nourishment of the growth of Prime in the human body, also known as the initial energy of the human body. It is the basis and source of all energy.

Aiwa feared that Aini would be worried, so he said it would not affect his body. But to restore Xuan Er to a certain level, Aiwa must consume at least half of his energy, which was very dangerous for Aiwa. If the Devil Lady raids at this time, Aiwa will not be able to fight back.

But he had little choice but to gamble. He believed that if the Devil Lady came back to the base at this time, Cartel, Xena and Aini would be able to work together against her.

Two hours later, Aiwa had separated some of the prime-energy from his body, and then guided them through Dou Qi’s, through his penis, to Xuan Er’s body.

After her Prime was deprived, Xuan Er’s prime-energy was also destroyed, which was the reason why she was extremely weak. As Aiwa’s prime-energy continued to be imported, her spirit gradually improved.


Xuan Er moaned while her body was gently twisting and her vagina had some strength.

Aiwa was very excited. After all, his efforts were not in vain. He continued to squirm, allowing more prime-energy to enter Xuan Er’s body.

Xuan Er became more and more powerful. She even began to clench her fists and kick off the quilt on both legs and raise it up.

Aiwa kept his original rhythm and plowed slowly. His body was propped up like that. From beginning to end, he could see Xuan Er’s intoxicating and moving expression.

“Ah… Quick…

Xuan Er was closer to the climax, but she didn’t squirt.

Aiwa took the opportunity to quickly transport the last part of his prime-energy, through his penis, to Xuan Er’s body.

When the last prime-energy was shot into Xuan Er’s body, Aiwa’s body suddenly softened and lay on Xuan Er’s body.

Aini didn’t know what men and women should look like after the intercourse, but Xuan Er had a little experience.

However, at this time, she was only concerned with excitement and did not notice the change of Aiwa.

But Aiwa lay on Xuan Er and did not move for a long time, which made them feel a little curious.

“What’s wrong with him?”

Aini asked first.

“Is he tired?”

Xuan Er said with confusion. She shook Aiwa gently, but he rolled off Xuan Er.

“Aiwa! What’s wrong with you?”

Despite being naked, Aini took off the quilt and jumped over, holding Aiwa’s head up.

“I… I’m fine. I’ll be better after a rest.”

Aiwa said weakly.

“It’s all for me, he becomes so tired like this!”

Xuan Er said apologetically.

Aini did not respond. She pulled the quilt over Aiwa and laid naked Aiwa in her arms.

Xuan Er was a little jealous as they snuggled together.

Aini sat sideways on Xuan Er’s little bed, letting Aiwa’s head rest in her arms, her snow-white breast against Aiwa’s face.

Aiwa struggled to open his eyes and saw Aini’s snow-white breasts, but Aini had no intention of covering. If Aiwa wanted to, she would let him keep like that forever, even if he sucked her breasts in front of Xuan Er, she would say nothing.

Aiwa’s body was so weak that he could only breathe. Aini tried to keep her body as close as possible to Aiwa’s body. She had no alternative but to warm Aiwa’s body with her own warm.

Suddenly, the door was opened, and in the faint light of the sky, a woman could be seen standing at the door.

Aini could not help feeling awe. She could see that the woman was nobody else but the Devil Lady she was worried about.

Aini subconsciously hugged Aiwa. She knew that Aiwa had no resistance at this time, but Aini knew she was no match for the Devil Lady.

“What do you want?”

Aini and Xuan Er asked almost simultaneously, but neither of them did anything else. They knew very well that with their ability, not only could they subdue the Devil Lady, but they could also imperil Aiwa.

“Oh, you are smart. If you let me take him away, I won’t hurt you. If you dare to shout, I’ll let three of you die together!”

The fierce voice of Devil Lady made the air in the room freeze.

Aini’s heart sank within her. She thought the Devil Lady was going to take Xuan Er away, but now the situation was beyond her expectation.

“Why did you take him away? What does he have to do with you?”

“Ha-ha, I’ve taken Xuan Er’s Prime. I don’t want to take such a big risk to take away a useless one! Do you think I’m a fool?”

“Then why do you take him with you?”

Aini held Aiwa tighter, like a mother guarding her baby.

“Why take him with me? Oh, I’m going to take his Prime, you know? This guy’s Prime is much better than this girl’s. It’s a once in a lifetime! Besides, the Prime I just removed from Xuan Er has not been refined yet. I will take his Prime together and refine it slowly together.”

With that, the Devil Lady approached Aiwa and reached for him.

“Don’t touch him!”

Aini still hugged Aiwa and turned around. At this time, she could only protect Aiwa with her own body.

“Ha-ha, you’re quite amorous! But I’ll have to use him first. When he finishes his work for me, I’ll give him back to you.”

“Master, if you want me, take me away! You can let me do anything, please let him go! “

Xuan Er knelt there, pleading with the Devil Lady.

“Get away! Shameless fellow! I have kept you for more than ten years, but you have given your body to a man! You tart!”

White Hair Bride lifted her leg and kicked Xuan Er. Xuan Er flew out and hit the corner.

“Give him to me quickly, lest I start!”

After all, the Devil Lady had scruples about Aini’s identity. She did not want to fight the royal household until she had to. It’s not a good thing to antagonizes too many people. But Aini hugged Aiwa and refused to let go.

The Devil Lady burst into force, knocked Aini down on the bed, pulled Aiwa up and sped out the door.


As Aiwa was snatched by the Devil Lady, Aini immediately shouted. The whole base was startled at once.

After all, White Hair Bride was ready to flee with Aiwa toward another nest, regardless of whether or not anyone came after her.

Aini dressed quickly and chased out with Cartel, Xena, and others. At this time, by the dim light, they could only vaguely see the two figures. Because Aiwa struggled hard, the Devil Lady couldn’t run fast.


At Cartel’s command, more than a dozen students immediately chased out. Suddenly, there was a scream. A student fell down and a sharp stick arrow shot into his throat.


Cartel had to order a halt to the pursuit in order to avoid the more insidious trap.

Xena hurried to treat the wound for the student. Although it hurt his throat, he was lucky to avoid the key point.

“Go back!”

Cartel waved his hand dejectedly and watched the Devil Lady bring Aiwa into the dark.

“Instructor Cartel, please, save Aiwa! If we don’t chase him, maybe we’ll never find him!”

Aini begged Cartel with a crying voice.

Do you think I don’t want to save him? However, if Aiwa does not have the ability to escape from her, he will be destroyed in the hands of the Devil Lady sooner or later.”

Aini said nothing more. After fighting with the Devil Lady several times, Aiwa escaped from her magic. Was it so tragic this time? Aini did not believe that Aiwa’s fate would be so bad.

Xena also hoped that Cartel would lead all students in the search for Aiwa, but how difficult it was! She thought Cartel was right too, but she was emotionally reluctant.

“We have to wait.”

Xena put her hand on Aini’s shoulder and said, “I know you two are very affectionate with each other and I like him very much, but now we have to wait.”

Xena was not really thinking about waiting. She thought that if the Devil Lady wanted to kill Aiwa, she would not have to take him out of the base. When the snakeskin was delivered and the mechanical armor was made, Cartel would have a better chance of dealing with the Devil Lady.

Now to find Aiwa, even they could do it, it was impossible to bring Aiwa back.

Among the base students, Pienne and his party members were the three people who snickered in their hearts. From the very beginning, they saw Aiwa badly and wished Aiwa had been killed by the Devil Lady.

Now one of the students has been captured. If this happens again, Cartel can’t take responsibility. He doesn’t want his students to take the risk again. As a result, Aini was kept in strict custody, and Cartel feared that she would venture to find Aiwa alone. This is the biggest matter for Cartel.

Aini and Cartel and others spent three and a half long days in their ordeal. Catherine sent someone and gallop all the way to bring the huge snakeskin.

Cartel had imagined what Aiwa described as snakeskin, but he was surprised to see it. He was very satisfied with both the texture and hardness. He had never seen such an ideal material.

“Great! This is a rare treasure! “

Cartel looked over and over at the snakeskin and said, “I wonder where this guy gets such a huge snakeskin!”

Everyone saw the snake skin and thought it was incredible, especially when they knew it was the skin of a big snake that Aiwa had killed.

“It seems that Aiwa really has some abilities! As soon as he came, I could see that he was an extraordinary person!”

Cartel is more confident that Aiwa will survive.

Cartel and Xena have not been idle for nearly four days and have been designing new mechanical armors.

Now that they have gotten such a good snakeskin, they need to improve the original design, they have to live up to such good material.

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