Volume 8 Chapter 7 – Fall Into the Devil Lady’s Hands (2)

Cartel took a dagger and carefully cut the tail of the snakeskin, and no scratches appeared.

He tried to put more weight on it and made another cut, still without breaking the snake’s skin.

“It seems Aiwa didn’t boast. It’s really a good snakeskin!”

Cartel had two students tug at the snakeskin and stabbed it with a sharp dagger, but it still could not be pierced.

“Come on, let’s try and see who can pierce it?”

Cartel took the dagger and asked the students to test the snakeskin.

After four trainees tried that, no scratches were left on the snakeskin.

“Instructor Cartel, since the snakeskin is so strong, how do you make it into armor?”

Aini immediately raised new questions.

Cartel, who had been excited, encountered difficulties now. Yeah, how could he cut and sew such a strong snakeskin into armor?

“Couldn’t this snakeskin be cut by nature?”

Xena suddenly had a different view. Now that the snakeskin had been cut off from the middle, there must be a way to cut it. And seeing the snakeskin abdominal incision was so neat, it showed that once the method was found, it was easy to cut.

“Well, it’s our Duty Officer. There’s always a way. Come on, let’s study it carefully, but don’t let these guys learn it.”

Cartel came into the office with snakeskin and Xena and Aini.

“How can you cut it?”

Cartel put the snakeskin on the big desk and asked Xena.

“Well… I’m not sure. However, since Aiwa can cut it, we could also do it. Look, just now you all stabbed it from the outside, its surface is covered with scales, of course, it must be very hard, but if you stab it from inside…”

Xena said tentatively. She’s not sure, after all, it’s just a corollary.

Cartel patted his head, almost jumped up with excitement and said, “Why didn’t I think of that? Aiwa must have been cut it from inside!”

Cartel asked Aini to take the dagger and cut it from the inside snakeskin, and sure enough, there was a scratch. With a little more effort, the knife marks left by the dagger could be clearly seen. It’s just that the snakeskin was now dry and much stronger than it was when it was fresh, so it’s not so easy to cut.

“Xena, let’s do it now. We must make Aiwa’s armor before dark!”

After that, Cartel said sadly, “I don’t know if this boy can use it.”

“Rest assured! God blesses the good man. Aiwa will be fine.”

Although Xena was worried about Aiwa, she encouraged Cartel, and she didn’t want Aiwa’s closest roommate Aini to worry about it.

“I hope so.”

Cartel gave a bitter smile. He didn’t realize that when he began to like Aiwa, Aiwa had something wrong. He had always been proud and aloof, Aiwa was his first favorite student, just because he was the Instructor, he didn’t want to show his favor.

“How is Xuan Er now?”

Cartel asked Aini. He never visited the disciple of the Devil Lady. After all, the girl caused the resentment between Aiwa and the Devil Lady, so Cartel didn’t like her very much.

But after all, she was a girl Aiwa cared about, so Cartel had to ask.

“Much better. She’s also concerned about Aiwa, but she can’t help.

Aini said.

“Care about shit! Would Aiwa have done that if it hadn’t been for her?”

Cartel almost gave vent to his anger out on Anni, who spoke for Xuan Er.

“Also Aiwa’s reason, a little goat, cannot resist girls’ temptation!”

Xena’s remark was actually directed at Xuan Er, who refused to admit even Xuan Er’s beauty.

Aini said nothing. She thought, “If Xena knew that I was a girl, she must be jealous.”

When Aiwa was taken away by the Devil Lady, he was enchanted by the Dou Qi barrier due to his struggle, but he was dragged back to the Devil Lady’s another nest.

Aiwa, who was already weak, was dragged along a hundred miles mountain road before he fell asleep. By the time Aiwa woke up, it was the fourth afternoon. When he opened his eyes, he saw the masked Devil Lady, naked, lying side by side on a “bed”.

It was warm in the cabin, and the Devil Lady leaned naked, her snow-white breasts exposed, still a beautiful woman from her figure alone.

“You finally woke up.”

The Devil Lady’s voice was so tired, Aiwa did not know what the Devil Lady had done during his lethargy.

In fact, because of that heavy blow, she was unable to transform Xuan Er’s Prime into herself. She also needed to regain her strength, which was why she did not want to confront the base head-on.

“Where is this?”

Aiwa rubbed his eyes.

“This is my home and yours if you like.”

The Devil Lady moved her body deliberately to expose more parts.

Aiwa felt a little restored, but his body was still a little stiff after lying for a long time.

“Come on, what’s the purpose of bringing me here?”

Aiwa was thinking about how to escape from the Devil Lady.

The Devil Lady leaned over, her plump breasts pressed against Aiwa’s chest, and one hand touched the pillar between Aiwa’s crotches. Aiwa moved. The Devil Lady’s hand was so soft, and her breath of fragrance made Aiwa stir.

“I want you to be my man.”

The Devil Lady’s breasts rolled over Aiwa’s chest.

“Didn’t you want to take my Prime, too? You just want more power. You’re not really interested in men.”

Aiwa blocked his hands between their bodies, trying to isolate himself from her temptation.

“I’ll have sex with you first, then take your Prime.”

“You are a woman with a heart like a snake and a scorpion, you will do anything to improve your power!”

“Oh, you’re right. There has never been a shortage of men in the world, but not a man with a special Prime like you.”

“If I can get your Prime, I would be an unrivaled master! No blame. It’s only your Prime is so special!”

“If you destroy me, you will be the enemy of the whole Hass Empire. My father Kyle will kill you. Even if you run to the ends of the earth, he can find you and break your body into pieces!”

“Ha-ha, young age though, why speaking so cruelly? At that time, even he could find me, he could do nothing with me! You and that silly girl named Aini have a common virtue, you both like to frighten people with the adult behind you. Oh, do you think I will be scared?”

The Devil Lady said as she kneaded Aiwa’s meat stick. Although Aiwa was somewhat afraid of the vicious Devil Lady, his meat stick was still raised up.

“I don’t want to do that with you, because I’m not recovered yet!”

Aiwa pushed the Devil Lady.

“Never mind. I can wait for you. I’ve been waiting for you for four days. Don’t expect that fool Cartel to bring someone to your rescue. If he really wanted to save you, he should have come long ago.”

Aiwa couldn’t believe it when he heard that he had been here for four days. Did the transmission of a portion of prime-energy to Xuan Er have such a great impact on his body?

“Don’t you believe it? Do you know why I let you take Xuan Er away so smoothly last time? Ha-ha, I knew you would spare no effort to save her, even your prime-energy. You have some abilities, I can’t do anything to you for a moment, but you will be no match for me anymore once you have passed your prime-energy to the contemptible wretch. Now, you have to listen to me, lest you suffer from flesh and skin. Moreover, as long as you cooperate with me, I will allow you to get what you want from my body!”

Now Aiwa realized that it was the Devil Lady’s trick to let him rescue Xuan Er so easily. Aiwa suddenly had a plan in mind, he was about to treat the Devil Lady in the same way.

“The essence in my body is not something I can give to others, it is my treasure!”


The Devil Lady laughed.

“Of course. If women absorb my essence, they will become more and more beautiful. This is a rare beauty fluid. But if you don’t have any unique bed skill, you never want me to shoot it out.”

Aiwa lay there with no sign of resistance. He knew in his heart that since the Devil Lady would give him so much freedom, then she must be sure to control him, so it would be better for him to be smart.

“I want to see how powerful your essence is!”

The Devil Lady lifted the thin mattress covering Aiwa and exposed his strong body. His meat stick had already been kneaded to swell up, on it the veins were bulging, like earthworms crawling all over it.

“Ha-ha, my greatest skill is to enable women to reach uncontrollable peaks of happiness, I don’t know if you can’t stand it.”

“I haven’t got anything I can’t stand yet! Just you? Come on!”

The Devil Lady rode on Aiwa and rubbed her vulva against his meat stick.

“Ha-ha, are you losing your confidence? If you have the guts, we can lie here and see who lose the willpower first. How about that?”

“What tricks do you want to use? How can we compare willpower lie down like this?”

The Devil Lady looked at Aiwa suspiciously.

“Men will attract women, and naturally, women will also attract men. You can’t have no feelings to me, do you?”

Aiwa had long thought that he would use his obscene skill to upset the Devil Lady and take Xuan Er’s Prime back from her body.

This was the only chance to save Xuan Er. Once the Devil Lady converted the Prime into her own Prime, it’s hard to extract it. And she was so smart to guard against, if not first upset her, she must be able to detect, so that his plan would be completely frustrated.

“I’ll see today what tricks you can do!”

The Devil Lady lifted the mattress off the bed and lay side by side with Aiwa. Because she was sideways, the two breasts were squeezed together, which made her even more attractive.

Aiwa secretly launched obscene skill with Dou Qi. His two little Lewd Serpents had been inactive for a long time, and when he triggered the two snakes, the whole cabin soon filled with pink smoke.

“What kind of trick are you playing, boy?”

The Devil Lady was immediately alert.

“Afraid? I am to create an atmosphere and release the obscene qi. Anyway, we are all here, and we are all affected by this kind of lewdness. It’s fair to both of us.”

“Fine, I’m not afraid! You can’t play any tricks, you just let out Lewd Serpent, I’m not afraid! “

The Devil Lady did not tie Aiwa, and she knew that even if Aiwa killed her, he could not save Xuan Er. She would be safe enough only if Xuan Er’s Prime was in her body. She was also not worried that Aiwa would run away. He could not save Xuan Er even he returned empty-handed.

In the smoke, two Lewd Serpents flew out, hovering in the air for several rounds, and then they fell on the body of White Hair Bride.

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