Volume 9 Chapter 2 – Save Xuan Er (Part 1)

There was still a little residue on the big meat stick. She did not hesitate to put the glans in her mouth and sucked it up in a manner.

“Oh… It’s so cool…

“You little goat!”

Aini watched Xuan Er suck Aiwa’s meat stick, couldn’t see it anymore.

She was about to dress, but Aiwa pulled her back.

“Study hard and serve me like that in the future…”


Aini shyly turned aside and put on the clothes.

Xuan Er had been licking, she would like Aiwa to fuck her again, but after all, he was injured, although the wound has healed, now he still needed to rest for some time.

“Xuan Er, don’t listen to him. It’s ok!”

Aini said to Xuan Er as she dressed.

Now, Xuan Er had to listen to both of them. After all, these two people saved her life. She is almost willing to be slaves of these two people.

Xuan Er looked up at Aiwa, Aiwa had to wave his hand. He was willing to listen to Aini, both in status and in emotion.

Xuan Er slowly rose from Aiwa’s crotch to get dressed.

“Don’t worry, let me touch you first.”

Aiwa saw the snow-white skin on Xuan Er’s breast.

Xuan Er leaned up and asked Aiwa to put his hand into her breast. After touching the two round breasts for a while, Aiwa suddenly grabbed them again.


Xuan Er moaned softly.

Aini glanced at them and said nothing. She knew Xuan Er had had sex with Aiwa, and that’s just nothing for her. But all this, in her eyes, used to be so hard to imagine, but now she was somewhat accustomed to it.

When Aiwa pinched Xuan Er’s breast, Xena broke in.

Saw the situation, Xuan Er got up and put on her clothes.

“Well, is he all right?”

Xena already knew the affair between Xuan Er and Aiwa, so she didn’t feel surprised.

She sat directly in front of Aiwa, lifted the quilt and was about to look at his wound.

“Yes… I’m ok.”

Aiwa appeared somewhat nervous. He didn’t want Xena to know that his wound was healed.

Only in this way could he rest for two more days without having to take part in the torturing training.

“Where’s the wound?”

Xena was surprised to find that Aiwa’s wound had disappeared. She looked doubtfully at Aiwa and then at Aini.

Aini turned around and pretended nothing had happened.

“Hehe, I’m in a special physique. Ordinary wounds will heal soon, but I can’t move now, so… I can’t take part in the training for the time being.” Aiwa observed the expression on Xena’s face and said.

“It’s amazing. I’ve never seen anyone recover so quickly. Let me see if it’s true?”

Xena pulled Aiwa’s quilts aside and even exposed his meat sticks, but she couldn’t find any wounds, which made her feel incredible.

“Xena, please, don’t tell Cartel. If he knows, he must ask me to take part in training today. All right?”

“Then you can’t do that again!”

Xena said earnestly, then turned her eyes to Xuan Er’s face and said, “Xuan Er, do you hear me? Now Aiwa is in a special period, you must control him!”

Xena’s attitude was very strict, it’s totally commanding.

“I see.”

Xuan Er bowed her head and promised. She knew Xena’s position in the base, and of course she dared not disobey her.

“If Aiwa’s body is in trouble, you’re the only one I’m asking!”

Xena turned to Aiwa and said softly, “Take care of your body. I’ll tell Cartel that you need a good rest. Just don’t let you take part in the training.”

After that, she covered Aiwa’s quilt and gave Xuan Er a fierce look before she walked out of the hut.

Aiwa suddenly remembered Sassi, who had fought against him, but had acted bravely in the battle, so he asked Xuan Er to send some Aini’s medicine to Sassi.

Aiwa didn’t take part in the training, but he couldn’t always stay in the hut, so he put on his armor and practiced the techniques Cartel taught him alone.

In the battle against White Hair Bride, he did comprehend the subtlety of this technique. Of course, without this snakeskin armor, he would have been pierced by White Hair Bride’s sword.

In countless exercises, Aiwa found the subtlety of the unique techniques, which made him admire Cartel even more.

It seemed that Cartel was Cartel. Otherwise, the Queen would not have sent her daughter to him for training.

Aiwa stayed in the hut for two days, but finally, he couldn’t hold back and asked Cartel to take part in the training.

Cartel wasn’t idle during that time, and he developed a set of endurance and response training programs for Aiwa.

The training was totally beyond Aiwa’s expectation. He was somewhat surprised by the intensity and speed. It seemed that the training Cartel created for him had been very subtle and comprehensive.

Although Aiwa’s physical strength and reaction speed were greatly enhanced after he absorbed the prime-energy of White Hair Bride, he still could not pass Cartel’s test.

“Instructor Cartel, since you designed it, can you make it through?”

After several days of training, Aiwa still couldn’t meet Cartel’s requirements and began to complain about the training.

“If you want to be at the same level like me all your life, you can give up now.”

Spoke that, Cartel left the training ground.

Aiwa pouted and went back on the training. Since he wanted to come to the fore, so it was reasonable that no matter what kind of training Cartel asked him to do.

After seven days of hard training, Aiwa finally broke through all the barriers of Cartel.

“All right, you can rest for two days now.”

Cartel said satisfactorily.

Aiwa felt as if he had been scattered and had no strength to walk back to the hut.

For Aiwa’s training, Xena particularly changed his ration, not only in quantity but also in composition.

Within five minutes of Aiwa’s return, Xena brought the specialty foods.

After Aiwa had eaten, within ten minutes, he felt full of strength.

“Ah… After all, I can rest for two days!”

Aiwa comfortably asked Xuan Er to take off his armor and immediately felt relaxed and comfortable.

“Aiwa, when can you give my Prime… back to me?”

Xuan Er asked hesitantly while serving Aiwa. She had been holding up for some time, but could not find the opportunity to talk to him; first, Aiwa was busy with training, and second, there was some suspicion of recovering the debts.

“Oh, I forgot. Don’t worry, your Prime won’t be digested in my body. I never thought about taking possession of your Prime… But I want to take possession of your body! “

Aiwa pinched Xuan Er’s face.

“I can give you any time you want…”

Xuan Er lowered her head shyly.

“Then take a good bath, and I want to take possession of you tonight.”

Aiwa’s eyes focused on Xuan Er’s blushing face.

This time, Aini took the initiative to prepare a large basin of hot water for Xuan Er and put a sheet between the bathtub and Aiwa’s bed.

“I have seen everything! No need to do that!”

Aiwa sat in bed and ran his Qi, which was his compulsory homework every night.

“No, girls can’t be seen by men in the bath.”

Aini spoke in a charming voice.

“You can take a bath with Xuan Er! I won’t peek.”

Aiwa laughed.

“I will do. But you’re not allowed to come over when we shower!”” 

Aini looked out half of her head from one side of the sheet and said.

“I won’t, just don’t plug my ears.”

Aiwa closed his eyes and began his homework.

Xuan Er slowly and shyly took off her clothes, and Aini was also touched by her snow-white body. As she stepped into the bathtub, Aini could clearly see the small holes under her pubic hair and the two hills trembling along her breast were very attractive.

“I’m going in, too! This water is from me!”

Aini looked at Xuan Er naughtily and said. She wanted to take a bath with Xuan Er.

“Come in! Or do you want to wash first?”

Xuan Er was embarrassed to argue with Aini. She felt she was not qualified.

“Let’s wash together.”

As she said, Aini took off her corset and took off her clothes one by one. When there was only one shirt left, her two plump peaks of breast became more charming, and the sharp nipples showed faintly.

Aini did not take off the shirt and went into the bathtub.

“You don’t take it off?”

Xuan Er looked at her and felt a little strange.

“The shirt has to be washed anyway.”

Aini soaked directly into the water. After the shirt was soaked in hot water, the two peaks became more conspicuous, tightly attached to the plump breast wall, more sexy.

“Aini, you are so beautiful!”

Xuan Er praised her sincerely.

“More beautiful than you?”

Aini’s eyes drifted from Xuan Er’s charming face to her two jade peaks and said, “I… Can I rub it for you?”

Xuan Er did not say anything, which was acquiescence.

Aini’s hand rose from the water and stroked along Xuan Er’s belly to the sharp breast.

When Aini grabbed Xuan Er’s breast, her heart could not help jumping. Xuan Er’s heart also jumped wildly. Although Aini’s hands were delicate and slender, they felt the same as Aiwa touching her.

Aini looked at Xuan Er’s moving face and stroked her plump breasts. She herself did not know why she had become such a lewd figure. Was she such a person in her nature?

Aini’s hands stroked Xuan Er’s breast for a long time, but it seemed that she wanted more. Then her hand slid down Xuan Er’s body, touched Xuan Er’s thighs, and lifted her upper body out of the water to expose her two snow-white boobs.

To Xuan Er’s surprise, Aini slowly bent down and put her face on her elastic breast.

Xuan Er did not resist. Aini’s hands touched and kneaded her thighs. Moreover, Aini’s face kept turning in her cleavage. Finally, Aini opened her mouth and hold one of her nipples in the mouth.


When Xuan Er was sucked by Aini, she couldn’t help moaning.

By this time, Aiwa had run Dou Qi several times and gathered the Prime of Xuan Er in his body. After Xuan Er took a bath, he had to send these Primes back to her body.

Aiwa sat on the bed, listening to the seductive sound of water behind the sheet curtain as the two girls bathed.

Aiwa had a good hearing. He could hear a girl sucking on another’s nipples.


Xuan Er’s moan was very light, but it was a fatal temptation for Aiwa. He held his breath and listened carefully to the sound.

Volume 9 Chapter 1 - Saliva Therapy (Part 2)
Volume 9 Chapter 2 - Save Xuan Er (Part 2)
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