Volume 9 Chapter 2 – Save Xuan Er (Part 2)

Aini’s hand had unconsciously slid to Xuan Er’s soft inner thighs and was gradually approaching her vulva.

Aini never allowed Aiwa to invade her private place, but she was more interested in the affair between men and women. It was because of this strong curiosity that she couldn’t help having fun with Xuan Er. Her mouth sucked back and forth on Xuan Er’s breasts, and her fingers sneaked up to Xuan Er’s vulva, easily separating Xuan Er’s seam and inserting her ginger into the hole.

“Ah… Hmm…”

Xuan Er moaned again.

Aini then Aini spit out Xuan Er’s nipple and looked up at the intoxicated expression on her face, feeling very accomplished.

Aini did not say a word but investigated Xuan Er’s attitude with actions. Her fingers slowly penetrated into Xuan Er’s cave and felt it slippery. Even more exciting to her was that Xuan Er’s vagina was holding her finger so hard that it felt as comfortable as if her finger was sucked by the baby’s small mouth.

Aini tried to gently pump the finger through Xuan Er’s vagina.


Xuan Er closed her eyes tightly and grabbed the edge of the bathtub with both hands as if she were exerting all her strength.

Although Aini’s fingers were very slender, after all, she had not had sex with Aiwa for some days, and the door of desire just opened looked forward to another invasion.

Aini poked her finger deeper, and she found a pleasure in that herself.

Looking at Xuan Er’s small mouth slightly open, which seemed that she was longing for something, so Aini leaned over and pressed her lips against Xuan Er’s fragrant lips. She had the experience of kissing Aiwa, and now she used that skill to Xuan Er’s body. She was twitching her finger in Xuan Er’s vagina, sucking her smooth tongue, and their plump breasts were tightly tied together.


Xuan Er’s moan could only come from her nose.

Aini’s fingers were twitching, feeling that Xuan Er’s vaginal clip was getting stronger and stronger, so she could not help sucking Xuan Er’s nipple with more strength.

Aiwa could not help laughing when he heard the sound of two girls kissing clearly on the other side of the curtain. It was unexpected that there was such a great attraction between the same sex. Aiwa felt that the day of the conquest of Aini was approaching.

In that case, he was less anxious. Sooner or later, the great princess of the Hass Empire would be his girl.

“Is that ok? You two have touched for a long time! If you don’t come out, I’m going to enter in?”

Aiwa said, pretending to be angry.

Xuan Er quickly spit out Aini’s fragrant tongue and shouted to Aiwa, “Coming now.”

Now, Aini’s fingers were still in Xuan Er’s slippery meat hole, and Xuan Er’s face was flushed.

Xuan Er’s eyes closed again as Aini reluctantly pulled her fingers out of the hole.

“Aini, do you want me to serve you?”

Xuan Er asked, looking shyly at Aini. In her mind, Aini was a princess, and she was only a slave; slaves should serve the princess.

“Of course, you have to scrub it for me. How many things have I done for you?”

Aini also blushed and spoke in a charming voice.

However, Aini tried to convince herself that she could not do too much. After all, she was a princess.

Aini stretched out her arms and put them on the edge of the bathtub, which made Xuan Er wonder where to rub for her.

“Just rub it!”

Aini looked at Xuan Er boldly. Xuan Er had to lean over, but Aini was still wearing a shirt, so he could not rub through it.

Xuan Er hesitated for a moment and finally reached under Aini’s shirt and covered her breasts with two small hands.

“Oh… That’s it… It’s so cool!”

Aini immediately closed her eyes and enjoyed herself. Her moaning and intoxicated expression were a positive affirmation to Xuan Er.

Xuan Er felt that she had finally mastered Aini’s preferences, so she dared to rub her hands on Aini’s plump breasts. Her hands were rubbing under the shirt, and the breasts rolled.

For Aini, this was not only a massage but also a sexual enjoyment. She would be happier if she met Xuan Er earlier.

“Xuan Er, would you like to follow me in the future?”

Aini asked with her eyes closed.

“As long as Your Majesty wants, I will serve you for a lifetime.”

Xuan Er said seriously.

“If… If that person also needs you to serve him for a lifetime?”

Aini suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Xuan Er and asked.

Xuan Er hadn’t really thought about it, but now it seemed entirely possible. Aiwa loved her so much that he had tried to fight with the vicious White Hair Bride again and again for her sake. If he made such a request, she could not even find a reason to refuse.

“I… I don’t know…”

The innocent Xuan Er answered Aini’s question, which was a dilemma.

Aini smiled. She was not annoyed by Xuan Er’s failure to show her loyalty. She preferred such an innocent girl.

“Maybe there will be a way to achieve the best of both in the future.”

Aini said confidently.

“Don’t talk about the future anymore. I can’t wait. I can’t hold back myself now. Xuan Er, come out and let me have a good time!”

Aiwa roared impatiently.

“Well, you go out! I’ll wash myself for a while.”

Aini said with her eyes closed.

“Princess, then… I go out?”

Xuan Er carefully pulled her hand out of Aini’s breast.

Aini nodded slightly.

Then, Xuan Er simply washed herself, came out of the bathtub, dried herself, and shyly walked towards Aiwa’s bed.

Aiwa had already stripped naked and was lying in bed waiting for Xuan Er.

Xuan Er automatically lifted Aiwa’s quilt and drilled in. As soon as she entered, Aiwa held her slippery body in his arms. Aiwa held her sharp nipples in his mouth and sucked wildly. Meanwhile, one his hand reached between Xuan Er’s soft legs.

Aiwa suddenly looked up and asked, “Why are you so lewd?”

Xuan Er was speechless. She was embarrassed to say that Aini had put her finger in her vagina.

“You want me to fuck you long ago, don’t you?”

Aiwa grinned and rubbed Xuan Er’s clitoris.


Xuan Er got under Aiwa and split her legs.

“What a little lewd girl!”

Aiwa inserted a finger into Xuan Er’s slippery vagina and gently pumped it.


Xuan Er pouted her buttocks back, but raised her plump boob.

“You want to go back to your bed?”

Aiwa asked knowingly.

“No, I want your…”

Xuan Er put her face shyly into Aiwa’s arms.

“Do you want to kiss it with your little mouth first?”

Aiwa’s fingers were stroking on Xuan Er’s rosy lips.

Xuan Ermo slid down, wrapped Aiwa’s huge dick, stroked it with her hand and licked it with her tongue.

Aiwa lifted Xuan Er’s quilt and exposed her white body, then he could see her hunched over him, holding his huge penis in the mouth and swallowed it in and out.

Xuan Er’s mouth just held his meat stick in it. Her head kept nodding, and the huge meat stick soon became wet and slippery. Aiwa was even more impressed by the fact that she was rubbing her little hands on his dick at the same time, making his whole lower body crisp.


Aiwa could not help moaning.

At this time, Aini wrapped herself in a bath towel, covering only half of her breasts and crotch, and exposed her snow-white thighs. As she walked toward Aiwa, her glamorous eyes watched Aiwa with charm, and that was enough to make Aiwa drunk, not to mention that Xuan Er was swallowing his meat stick between his crotches.

Aini’s breasts were wrapped in a bath towel, which made them more plump and attractive. The snow-white skin was so charming, the thighs were dazzling white, it seemed that the exposed leg root, made Aiwa can not help but imagine, which was more exciting than his clear view of her vulva.

Aini walked over to Aiwa’s eyes and lay in her bed.

Aini’s bed was next to Aiwa’s bed. She was lying on the bed as if she hadn’t seen Xuan Er. The bath towel wrapped around her breast, and her breasts were squeezed tightly together.

Aini closed her eyes slightly, as if breathing and running Dou Qi. She did the same homework every night as Aiwa, otherwise her Dou Qi would not have made such a big leap forward.

Xuan Er swallowed and spit Aiwa’s meat stick and looked up at Aini’s beautiful body. As a girl, she admired Aini’s figure and muscles. Aini inherited her mother Sophia’s fine genes, which made her very attractive.

Maybe Aiwa was stimulated when he saw Aini’s beautiful body. He suddenly pulled up and pressed Xuan Er under him. Xuan Er was stunned.

Aiwa’s eyes were ablaze with desire and his hands quickly separated Xuan Er’s two jade legs. He saw that honey had flowed out of her vulva.

Instead of directly inserting Xuan Er, Aiwa lifted her jade leg, wrapped it around his waist, and then held his dick to her jade hole, pulled her body forward with both hands, and made a big beef stick “Zi” sound and got into her body.


Xuan Er closed her eyes immediately.

Aiwa knelt on his knees, pulled Xuan Er’s body in both hands to comfort his meat stick, and pushed it against her buds every time.

“Whoop… Whoop…”

When they intercoursed, they constantly made a sound full of temptation.

“Ah… Oh…”

Xuan Er’s moan was shaken by the shaking of her body, and the two snow boobs were shaking because of the shaking of her body.

“Ah… Can’t stand it…”

Xuan Er tried to suppress her moan, but the expression on her face was hard to describe.

Aiwa meditated the mind methods and gathered Xuan Er’s Prime with Dou Qi. When her cervix opened, the front of his penis became thin, and then slowly inserted into her cervix.

Aiwa hugged Xuan Er’s legs and remained motionless. The condensed Prime flowed slowly into her body along the penis.

During Aiwa’s injection of Prime into Xuan Er’s body, her mouth remained slightly open, and her breathing was so rapid and her breast was fluctuating with such intense pleasure …

Ten minutes later, Aiwa finally shot all of Xuan Er’s Prime into her body before taking a breath, while Xuan Er was still gasping and shivering.

By this time, Aini had turned over and watched the two people overlap.

Aiwa slowly pulled the meat stick out of Xuan Er’s trembling body, and Xuan Er, who had just soothed a little, quickly turned around and lay in Aiwa’s crotch, licking the mud on his stick clean…

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