Volume 9 Chapter 3 – Princess’s Purity and Lust (Part 1)

Xuan Er’s Prime returned to her body, but her physical strength was so exhausted that she lay there paralyzed and had some difficulty in moving.

Aini tucked Xuan Er in the cover on the bed and lay down.

Aiwa shot once in Xuan Er’s body, but his real climax did not arrive. In addition, he was licked by Xuan Er for a while, which made his penis still standing tall.

Aiwa couldn’t help but move into Aini’s bedding because of her burning desire.

By this time, Aini’s bath towel had already been taken off and she was lying naked in bed, but Aiwa was afraid to approach her.

The light had gone out and the room was dark.

Aiwa’s body stuck to Aini’s body, her body was slippery and hot.

Aiwa tentatively reached over and gently pressed Aini’s firm breasts. Surprisingly, she did not resist, and her nipples rose immediately.

Compared with Xuan Er, Aini’s breasts were more attractive. Her whole body was full of the fragrance of a girl, which made Aiwa’s beastliness swell up instantly.

Aiwa carefully placed the huge and hot glans on Aini’s thighs, but her body was not removed. She was no longer so afraid of Aiwa’s big penis, but somewhat yearned for it. She just didn’t want to give him her virginity too early.

Aini is quite smart. She knew that only by retaining her virginity could she maintain the freshness of the girl in Aiwa eyes.

Aiwa didn’t treat Aini just as Xuan Er, even if Aini was a little unhappy, Aiwa would stop immediately.

Aiwa was relieved that whatever he did with Aini, she would let him go as long as he did not move to her private parts.

Aiwa’s mouth came up to Aini’s ear and breathed softly. The breath flowed from her jade neck to her chest. His big hands held her breasts and kneaded them gently at the same time.

But it didn’t satisfy Aiwa. His hand slid down to her smooth lower abdomen and the pubic hair made his blood boiling. He couldn’t help pushing his buttock forward and poking her soft thighs hard. Her pubic hair rustled under his touch.

Aiwa’s fingers slid down, touching Aini’s sensitive clitoris, and her delicate body shook violently. Then she grabbed Aiwa’s hand and stopped him.

Aiwa had to give up and pull his hand back, but then he suddenly turned over and bullied Aini, forcefully divided Aini’s two long legs into both sides and the strong body pressed on her delicate body.

Aini opened her eyes in horror and looked at Aiwa. She didn’t know what he was going to do next. She thought he was going to break her.


Aini said firmly. But just as the voice fell, Aiwa’s mouth pressed down her fragrant lips.

Aini’s breasts were flattened by Aiwa’s body and her legs could not close together. What made she more frightened was that his hot, thick penis was right on her vulva, while her clitoris was directly pressed by the congested penis.

Aini couldn’t shout and dare not struggle. As long as she struggled, her clitoris was rubbed by the thick penis. She was so sensitive that the friction could easily excite her.

Aiwa slowly sucked out Aini’s fragrant tongue, held her head with both hands under her pillow, and the kiss became more intense.

Although Aiwa did not intentionally rub Aini’s vulva with his penis, the inadvertent rubbing of their bodies during a kiss made her unbearable.

Aiwa slowly lifted himself up and  pulled his hands out of the pillow, freed Aini’s two breasts from his body then kneaded them, and his mouth slowly released hers.

When Aiwa’s mouth just left Aini’s fragrant lips, her tongue came out, seemingly didn’t want to lose his tongue.


Aini’s mouth was liberated and finally he could moan. But her voice was so weak and the girl’s shyness made her moan sound only in her throat.

The next scenario made Aini even more difficult to control herself. Aiwa no longer kissed her lips, but rubbed her breasts much harder, and when his lower body shook slightly, the hot, strong penis rubbed back and forth against her vulva.


Clear pleasure made Aini nervous. She looked at Aiwa in horror, fearing that Aiwa would enter her vulva at any time.It’s so easy for the lustful Aiwa that he just needed lift his buttocks.

Aiwa’s hands left Aini’s plump breasts, propped up on both sides of her body, and rubbed her snow-white breast wall with her forearm. He looked at her beautiful face  lasciviously and moved up and down slowly, rubbing her bloodshot clitoris with an appropriate strength.

“Ah… Don’t… Aiwa…”

Aini’s hands could not help grabbing Aiwa’s arm. There was a kind of confusion burned by desire in her begging eyes.

Aiwa’s constant rubbing allowed Aini’s vagina to gradually secrete fluid that flowed out completely uncontrollably from her.

And the fresh liquid were taken to whole herself vagina by Aiwa’s penis, the slippery liquid became lubricant, and under the lubrication of these liquids, the pleasure of friction between the two people’s key parts became stronger.

“Oh… Aiwa… I… Can’t stand…”

Aini’s hands grabbed Aiwa’s arms more forcefully, and his eyes became blurred.

Aiwa’s legs stretched Aini’s two jade legs to both sides, making her legs more and more obscene and splitting into “Λ” shape, so that the vulva was completely exposed, but Aiwa did not insert her, but put the dick on her vulva to rub back and forth.

But for a young girl who has just started a love affair, she could not stand this kind of provocation. Moreover, this was no longer provocative, but lewd teachings.

Aiwa smiled. His body was moving so slowly that Aini couldn’t feel his rhythm, but the intensity could not be ignored. Girl’s clitoris is constantly pressed by the hot dick, rubbing from time to time, what kind of feeling it was!

“Oh… Hmm…”

Aini’s moans were becoming more and more undisguised. Her body seemed to be crawling with tens of thousands of worms, making her grasp Aiwa’s arm more and more hard, and her nails were going to be cut into his flesh.

“Ah… Aiwa… I…”

Aini closed her beautiful eyes, and her long eyelashes blinked from time to time.

She didn’t know what to say to Aiwa at this time but felt the whole body’s blood converge to her private parts.

“Ah… Kill me…”

Aini suddenly cried out in pain, while body twisted rapidly, and there was quick and deadly friction between her vulva and Aiwa’s penis.


Aini seemed to be a fighter running madly towards the enemy, regardless of life and death. Her waist twisted agile and powerful, and a stream of sex fluids sprayed out from the depths of her vulva, and her nails penetrated Aiwa’s arms more deeply, and her whole body shook.

Just as Aiwa was about to do something, Aini suddenly grabbed his neck and bit his shoulder. They hugged tightly together and stopped moving, but Aini was out of breath.

Aini gasped and her fluttering breasts made Aiwa feel the elasticity of them, and her indestructible tenderness made Aiwa reluctant to invade her. Otherwise, Aiwa really wanted to insert his penis into her hole and made her wandering.

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