Volume 9 Chapter 3 – Princess’s Purity and Lust (Part 2)

It took a long time for Aiwa to get down from Aini, but Aini’s arms were still tightly around his neck for fear that he might run away.

Aini was like this, remaining a virgin and allowing Aiwa to get into her bed. These days, she had been enjoying the friction of Aiwa’s penis.

Five or six nights later, Aini finally made another request in a special way.

“Aiwa, you’re not allowed to do that again tonight.”

Aini snuggled in Aiwa’s arms, both of whom had won naked, and Xuan Er was hugged on the other side by Aiwa. Aiwa certainly knew what she meant.

“How do you want to play?”

Aiwa’s big hands were kneading on Aini’s plump breasts. Her breasts were round and flat, which made him reluctant to let go.

“I would like you to be gentle…”

Aini shyly buried his face in Aiwa’s arms.

“Aini, can you tell me clearly what you want me to do ?”

Aiwa licked Aini’s nearly transparent earlobe with the tip of his tongue, and gently squeezed his hands on the breasts of the two girls.

“You know it…”

Aini blushed with shyness.

“Honey, how do I know if you don’t say that?”

Aiwa’s tongue was licking on Aini’s earlobe, making her itch.

“The Princess wants you to…”

Just as Xuan Er opened his mouth, Aiwa stopped her and said, “Stop!”

“You are such a bad guy!”

Aini patted  Aiwa on his chest softly.

“I want you to say it! What do you want me to do?”

Aiwa insisted.

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

Aini suddenly broke out of Aiwa’s arms, got into her quilt and covered her head.

Xuan Er looked at Aiwa coyly, meaning, “This fool!”

Aiwa pushed Xuan Er down, sucked on her breast, and touched her vulva with one hand, making Xuan Er roll over with a smile.

Aiwa then climbed up, put one hand on Xuan Er’s breast and asked, “Since you know what the princess is thinking, why don’t you do it replaced me for a while?”

Xuan Er got up, pouted his little mouth and said, “The Princess wants you… not me …”

“Aren’t you going to be the princess’s most loyal slave? You can’t do this little thing?”

Aiwa’s hand touched Xuan Er’s snowy, plump thigh.

Xuan Er stopped talking. In fact, she was willing to serve the princess.

Aiwa flatteringly lifted Aini’s quilt and stuck his body to hers.

Aini was sideways, but Aiwa pulled him over. She muttered and pretended to be angry, but as soon as Aiwa’s hand reached into her armpit, she laughed. Aiwa took the opportunity to kiss her mouth and suck her tongue.

Xuan Er ventured down to try to touch Aini’s jade leg twice. Aini did not refuse, so she ventured to divide Aini’s legs into both sides, and Aini’s private part was immediately exposed.

The dim light in the room made the bed more ambiguous.

Xuan Er’s little hands wandered little by little towards Aini’s private part.

Aini and Aiwa kissed warmly, as if they had forgotten Xuan Er’s existence. In fact, Aini knew clearly that Xuan Er’s mouth had kissed her thigh. She knew Xuan Er was going to kiss her vulva, making she excited.

It was Aini’s unspoken desire as a princess, but Xuan Er knew her tacitly, and Aini’s heart was filled with gratitude. If one day she could choose slaves, she would surely take Xuan Er to her own hands. Xuan Er understands the master’s mind too much!

Aiwa kissed Aini’s mouth, stroked and kneaded her plump breasts while Xuan Er’s tongue stepped closer to her private part, making her legs open unconsciously, exposing her vulva and letting Xuan Er’s head fall on her vulva.

Sure enough, Xuan Er’s tongue quickly licked Aini’s crotch and when Xuan Er’s tongue had just swept over her vulva, her delicate body shook.

Xuan Er, who is also a girl, knew Aini’s mood and what Aini needed most, so she kissed boldly.

Although she is a girl, Xuan Er’s oral sex skills were no worse than Aiwa’s. During this period, Aiwa taught her a lot.

When Aiwa felt that Xuan Er was licking Aini, he released Aini’s mouth.

At this time, Aini moaned from the bottom of her heart: “Oh…”

Aiwa looked down. Xuan Er was lying  between Aini’s legs, licking Aini’s vulva carefully.

Aini initially shyly closed her legs weakly, but after being licked a few times, her legs could not help opening wide, exposing her vulva.

Aini had never allowed Aiwa to move her vulva before, but since Aiwa had touched it with his dick at that night, she wanted to try to be licked by a tongue.

In those days, Aini almost every night saw Aiwa licking on Xuan Er’s vulva and licking it, making Xuan Er so happy.. Now being licked her vulva by Xuan Er, Aini felt much more comfortable than just rubbing it with Aiwa’s big dick.

“Oh… Hmm…”

Aini groaned shyly and happily, but she didn’t want Aiwa to look at her lower body. But Aiwa had already pressed her body and kneaded on her full breasts, it seemed like  Aiwa was Xuan Er’s accomplice.

“It feels pretty good, doesn’t it?”

Aiwa rubbed with his hand while appreciated Aini’s happy expression.

“Ah… you are such a bad boy…”

Aini immediately grabbed Aiwa’s neck and kissed him.

Aiwa bent down, not kissing Aini’s mouth, but holding her nipples in teeth. Aini’s breasts were so erect, and her nipples were so upright that it feels good to hold it in the mouth.

“Ah… Dear…”

Aini’s legs split apart, and she kept them moving, sometimes lifted her buttocks, so that her vulva could stand up, rubbing against Xuan Er’s tongue.

Now it was not clear whether Xuan Er’s lips wetted Aini’s vulva or Aini’s vulva wetted Xuan Er’s lips. Both of them were already wet and slippery. Especially Aini’s clitoris became bright and unusual, like a ripe red cherry. As long as Xuan Er’s tongue swept on the clitoris gently, Aini could not help trembling all over.


Aini’s groans came out from her clenched teeth. Just now Xuan Er’s tongue was sweeping through her clitoris and Aiwa sucked her nipples hard, making she indescribably refreshed.

As Xuan Er licked, Aini’s vaginal muscles became tighter and tighter. Suddenly, a liquid shot out, and Xuan Er did not dodge at all. She opened her mouth and swallowed it.

“Ah… Oh…”

The intense pleasure made Aini lift her crotch vigorously, hold the sheet tightly with both hands, and raise her chest, hoping to put the whole breast into Aiwa’s mouth and let him suck.

“Ah… Don’t…”

Aini’s body suddenly twisted and slammed Xuan Er’s mouth. Xuan Er, of course, knew how her feelings and desires at this time, so she continued to lick on the wet vulva dutifully.

The clever Xuan Er knew that the liquid emitted from Aini’s vulva was not only vaginal secretion, but also the energy of a girl. She also knew that Aini was an unusual girl, and that energy is naturally unusual.

Xuan Er‘s Prime had just returned to her body so she desperately needed extra energy to nourish her body. She sucked greedily on Aini’s vulva and quickly converted the energy that she sucked into her body.

“Well, Xuan Er, don’t torture her.”

Aiwa patted Xuan Er on her snowy, plump buttock, and Xuan Er reluctantly raised her head between Aini’s legs.

At this moment, Xuan Er’s lips have still kept the secretion from Aini’s vagina, and she gave Aiwa a timid look.

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Volume 9 Chapter 3 - Princess's Purity and Lust (Part 1)
Volume 9 Chapter 3 - Princess's Purity and Lust (Part 3)
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