Volume 9 Chapter 3 – Princess’s Purity and Lust (Part 3)

“Did you steal the princess’s energy just now?”

Asked Aiwa in an interrogative tone.

“Because princess… The flow of their own…”

Xuan Er was afraid Aiwa to be angry.

Aini still moaned happily. When she heard Aiwa accuse Xuan Er, she pulled Aiwa and said, “Don’t blame her.”

“If you need energy, you can get it from me. Don’t draw any energy from princess?”

Aiwa toned down a little and said, “Come on, you can suck some of mine out, will you?”

Aiwa sat up with his legs apart, and the huge dick stood tall, like a concrete column.

Xuan Er looked at Aiwa’s face and whispered, “No…”

“I’ll give you what I say.”

Aiwa said in a commanding tone.

Xuan Er obediently fell between Aiwa’s crotch and opened her small mouth to hold Aiwa’s dick.

Aini had just been very satisfied with Xuan Er’s licking. She lay on her side and watched Xuan Er’s mouth huff Aiwa’s meat stick, longing for it. “May I too?”

Aini looked up and asked Aiwa.

“Haha, maybe the princess’s mouth will be more wonderful. Why not?”

Aiwa patted Xuan Er on the face and asked her spit out the stick.

Xuan Er retreated to one side automatically.

Aini got up from the bed and fell into Aiwa’s crotch, learning Xuan Er, holding the big dick in her mouth.

Aini knelt on her knees and looked up at Aiwa’s expression as she swallowed and spat.

Aiwa looked at Aini satisfactorily. From her sharp chin, he could see a pair of plump, swaying breasts and the human grass beneath her smooth lower abdomen.

Aini knelt there and swallowed and spat the dick around for ten minutes. Her snow-white body crouched there like a moving statue, which made Aiwa couldn’t help touching her snow-like skin.

“Aini, tonight… Let me fuck you?”

When Aiwa stroked Aini’s body, he couldn’t help asking for more.

Aini spat out Aiwa’s penis, salivating in her mouth and said, “I’m sorry, I… I’ll give it to you the day I get married. Promise me!”

This was Aini’s repeated wish, Aiwa did not want to embarrass her, after all, she was a princess.

“Xuan Er, would you like to have a good time before you absorb my energy?”

Aiwa’s burning eyes looked at Xuan Er.

At this time, Xuan Er was also burning with desire. She really wanted Aiwa’s big dick fuck her!!

“I’m afraid you are tired…”

Xuan Er said so, but her body had come to Aiwa and pressed the snow-white and plump body on him.

Aiwa’s body slowly fell backwards, while the dick had been slipped into Xuan Er’s hole.

“What a little prostitute!”

Aiwa happily grabbed Xuan Er’s breasts and let her ride on his body and play with his dick.

Xuan Er’s vagina was not very deep, so she never dared to sit directly to the bottom of her vagina. Every time Aiwa’s stick was inserted into one third of her body, she had to raise her buttocks quickly. She was half crouched, her hands on her thighs, and her eyes watched Aiwa obsessively.

Xuan Er’s vagina was already muddy, and when she rose and fell, there would be a “chirp, chirp” sound in the hole.

“Aiwa, can you… Shoot that thing in my mouth?’

Watching Xuan Er ride up and down, Aini recalled that Aiwa had injected semen into Xuan Er’s mouth the other day, which made her want to taste it too.

“Of course I will, if you want, just… I’m afraid you can’t stand the smell.”

“Xuan Er has eaten it. What am I afraid of?”

Aini became more and more brave. Now she wanted to try everything except chastity.

“Are you ready?”

Aiwa asked with some concern.

“When did I repent?”

Aini was even more dissatisfied. What Xuan Er could do, she could also do.

“You can use your breasts first… It feels good…

Aiwa looked at Aini’s snow-white breasts and said with obscenity.

“I can’t do that…”

Aini hesitated.

“Never mind, Xuan Er can teach you.”

Aiwa is confident. He believed that that was no problem for her.

Xuan Er stood up obediently, squeezed her breasts with both hands, clamped the big meat stick in the middle, and pulled it back and forth. The stick slipped in and out of her cleavage, making Aiwa feel no worse than in the vagina.

“I can do it!”

Aini could do it at a glance, she let Xuan Er step aside, lay down on the bed, let Aiwa ride on her, put the big stick in her cleavage, and she held her breasts in both hands and wrapped the dick up.

Aiwa knelt on his knees and stirred up, feeling like he was pumping in her hole, and he could appreciate her happy expression, which made him feel more lewd.

Sometimes Aiwa overexerted himself and pushed the huge glan to Aini’s chin.

Young girl’s breast wall was very smooth, which made Aiwa’s huge meat stick feel very cool in the cleavage.

About ten minutes later, Aiwa began to feel the orgasm. He immediately rode to Xuan Er’s neck, quickly lifted her head, and let her raise her body, inserting the big meat stick into her mouth.

Aini hadn’t figured it out yet, Aiwa had pumped his penis in and out of her mouth and a strong semen sprayed into her mouth in an instant!

Aini swallowed a few mouthfuls of semen before she could respond. She couldn’t spit out the dick, so she closed her eyes and sucked hard. The hot liquid slid down her throat, and the thick, bloodshot penis was pulsing wildly in her mouth.


Aiwa’s body tightened and his muscles trembled with intense pleasure.

Even Xuan Er could not help feeling nervous when she saw such a scene. She felt that the huge penis was not in Aini’s mouth, but in her small mouth. And the hot semen was sliding down her throat.

Aiwa held Aini’s head in both hands and kept her face close to his crotch. The feeling of softness and warmth made him crisp all of a sudden. She was the princess, the face of the princess of Hass Empire was against his crotch, and the princess of the Hass Empire’s mouth holding his penis, sucking his semen! He was thrilled beyond compare.

A long time later, Aini was sucking his glans like a baby sucking its mother’s nipples. Her slippery little tongue glided on his glans, especially when the tip of her tongue swept to glans, he felt as if he had been sucked by a girl’s vagina, he felt a thrill.

Aiwa slowly pulled penis out of Aini’s mouth, while her red lips tightly sucked at his thick dick.

When his glans was completely separated from her lips, her little mouth sounded “pa”.

At this time, Aini’s beautiful eyes slowly opened.

At this time, Aini looked at Aiwa just like a silly girl, while Aiwa was so excited that he held Aini’s face and kissed her mouth.

All the semen had been swallowed by Aini, and Aiwa found that Aini had no taste of semen in her mouth.

When Aiwa slowly released Aini’s small mouth, Aini looked at Aiwa emotionally and said, “Let Xuan Er serve you for me tonight!”

Aiwa’s huge dick had never been soft in Aini’s small mouth, although it had been cummed, it was still so strong.

Xuan Er lay obediently beside Aiwa. Aiwa rolled over and pressed up. Guided by Xuan Er’s little hand, the snake-like meat stick smoothly inserted into her muddy hole.

Aiwa kissed Xuan Er’s mouth and kneaded Aini’s breasts. His body was strong and stiff, and his huge dick pressed Xuan Er’s bud tightly, which immediately made Xuan Er’s delicate body soft.

“Oh… Ah…”

The young girl’s moans echoed throughout the room, and the white skin trembled in the touch of the boy…

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