Volume 9 Chapter 4 – The Effeminacy Secret (Part 1)

The two-month special training was finally over. In the assessment, Aiwa’s performance is far ahead and no one can match him.

Although this has aroused many people’s jealousy, there is nothing they can do about it, because his achievement cannot be achieved only through hard work. As White Hair Bride said, Aiwa’s talent is rare.

At the graduation ceremony of the training course, Sassi, Pienne and Bo came to Aiwa with their wine glasses in hand.

At this time, they are no longer the provocative and contemptuous look of the past, but a respectful attitude of the younger brother.

“You won’t unite to jerk me off, will you?”

Seeing the three men coming together, Aiwa laughed, raised his glass and said.

“Oh, look at what you said. If you weren’t too young, I would really like to recognize you as my big brother!”

Big Sassi stood in front of Aiwa, somewhat prominent.

“I don’t want a little brother like you. With Pienne, you can’t do anything good.”

Aiwa still remembered to uncover his weakness.

“Bro, don’t expose people’s scars like this, will you? By the way, thank you for the medicine. It’s amazing. You see, there’s no scar left! “

The excited Sassi turned around and unfastened his belt to show Aiwa the wound had been stabbed by White Hair Bride.

Aiwa glanced, and sure enough, there was no trace. He smiled. After this period of training and fighting, Aiwa became more mature and appropriate. He did not let Pienne and other three people feel rude, nor showed too much enthusiasm, and the smile was well behaved.

“I never thought you could save me regardless of past suspicions! With that in mind, I will follow you. Do you mind me have hurt you?”

Sassi’s modest and simple smile touched Aiwa’s heart.

“Well, let’s fight side by side!”

Aiwa finally reached out and held Sassi’s big hand tightly. Sassi was moved to tears and immediately embraced Aiwa.

“What’s wrong with them? Aren’t they the deadly foes?”

Xena and Cartel sat drinking champagne, and she thought it was incredible that Sassi could shake hands and make peace with Aiwa.

“Oh, don’t worry, lions and leopards will live in peace.”

After Cartel completed this training session, he was much more relaxed, especially because Aiwa’s outstanding performance made him confident. He seemed to have seen a great general galloping on the battlefield, but at the same time, he was a little sad. After all, he lived with these students for more than two months.

“Are you reluctant to part with them?”

Xena’s eyes never left Aiwa. She expressed her feelings to Cartel.

“Ha-ha, a little. But tomorrow they have to go their separate ways. Here is not their long-term base.”

Cartel put a cup of champagne on his lips, as if he didn’t want to drink it, and said, “We have to go too!”

Hearing Cartel’s words, Xena was sad too. After all, she worked with Cartel for more than two months.

“Any plans?”

Xena asked politely.

“See what Her Majesty means. Maybe I’ll be sent to train those children again.”

Cartel likes to go along with young people.

“It seems that Her Majesty really wants to strengthen our nation’s military force.”

Xena feels good. At least she won’t lose her job.

“Although we have always been respected as a powerful country by the surrounding countries, our military force is not strong. Only the Wolf Kingdom sent tens of thousands of soldiers to harass our borders, we were at a loss. If Aiwa had not been a good soldier, the southern border would have fallen. Didn’t you make out that Her Majesty only wanted to consolidate her rule? She worries about the power pass into others’ hands and cannot keep the security of the border.”

Xena first heard Cartel express so many feelings. She always thought that he was just a martial artist and had no brains. Today, his words made her look at him differently.

After a night of carnival in the base, the next day everybody went to their separate places.

Pienne and the other three found Aiwa together.

“Aiwa, take us with you! We’re going to follow you!”

Sassi said firmly.

“I’m going back to Hohfeld. Are you going to follow me as soldiers?”

Aiwa felt that the three men had been taken over by him, and although he did not have much affection for them, he could not refuse them since they were determined to follow him.

“Wherever you go, we’ll follow you!”

Pienne also expressed his determination.

“Well, you go to Hohfeld first. I have one more thing to do with Xuan Er and Tony, and then I’ll be there. How about that?”

After last night’s carnival, Xuan Er said that she would take Aiwa to the ruins of White Hair Bride’s hall to find some secrets for practicing Effeminacy Arts, which must be kept secret.

“Okay, we will wait for you at Hohfeld!”

The three set out ahead of schedule and headed for Hohfeld.

Aiwa took Aini and Xuan Er along to White Hair Bride’s hall.

At noon, they came to the ruins.

The blackened ruins are in sharp contrast to the magnificence of the past. Xuan Er is still saddened by the terrible memories and the debilitating scenes in front of her.

Aiwa tapped Xuan Er on her shoulder as a silent comfort. All this was done by him, but if it wasn’t him, maybe Xuan Er would be in a different situation.

“It should be in this position!”

Xuan Er pointed to the rubble and said. She could only roughly tell where the secret was stored.

“Come on, let’s do it together. We can find it.”

Aiwa took the lead in seeking the ruins.

How difficult is it to find those secrets from this rubble. But thinking that those secrets could bring them to a higher level, they three continued to work hard.

“Find it!”

Xuan Er screamed excitedly, after all, she was more familiar with there. From under the ruins, she found a somewhat worn-out book.

“Not burned!”

Aiwa was surprised. He thought the books were burnt down in the big bang, but they were still so perfect that at least the words on them could be recognized, but Aiwa did not recognize them because they were the words of the Wolf Kingdom.

“What kind of those words are? I don’t recognize any of them.”

Aiwa grabbed his head and said shyly.

“Never mind. I’ll teach you.”

Xuan Er stuffed Aiwa with the first secret she had found and gone on searching.

Her fingers were cut by the broken tiles, but she kept silent. After that, she found three secrets in succession.

“It’s all there!”

Xuan Er was so excited that she almost jumped up, all those secrets were her master’s lifelong effort.

“Come on, let me see. I recognize the words of the Wolf Kingdom!”

Aini took one of the books from Xuan Er and read it. She used to study everywhere, and she knew almost all the languages of the surrounding countries.

Aini read and devoted more and more, and sat down on the ruins with the book in her hand and studied it carefully.

Aiwa approached doubtfully and whispered, “Do you understand?”

“Of course! Don’t disturb me. There are some things on it that I have known before, and there must be some truth in it! “

As Aini read, she silently practiced some maneuvers and techniques.

“Xuan Er, how many levels did your master reach?”

Aini suddenly looked up and asked Xuan Er.

“My master said Effeminacy Arts are divided into nine levels, she is now almost six levels!”

Xuan Er hates White Hair Bride, but she doesn’t want to talk too incompetent about her master.

“Your Master’s qualifications are too poor, aren’t they? I don’t think the techniques are very advanced, but the key lies in qualifications. Needless to say, your master is only a middle-level person. If it had been in my hands, I would have reached level 8.”

Aini closed the book and said confidently.

Xuan Er couldn’t help pouting. She knows that in order to practice this martial art, her master searches for talented people everywhere. In order to stabilize her foundation, she even grabs many folk girls and takes their Yin essence to improve her ability. White Hair Bride worked hard to train her for more than a decade in order to get her Prime because of her extraordinary talent.

Unfortunately, although she took her Prime, she could not be immediately turned into her own use, and ultimately failed. Thinking of this, Xuan Er had mixed feelings. She wondered whether she should feel sorry for Master or congratulate herself.

“I have been all familiar with the first key point of this Effeminacy Arts!”

Aini closed the book and said confidently.

The secret said that if one wants to practice Effeminacy Arts, he must have good qualifications, and should have considerable willpower. Even if men and women are in the same room, one must be able to control himself, so as not to lose power and keep the primordial Qi. Aini has been sleeping with Aiwa these days, and keeping her virginity, which has proved that she has such conditions, and she obviously has a unique advantage over the White Hair Bride.

But when he heard Aini’s words, Aiwa could not help laughing. White Hair Bride keeps this secret every day, and he has not seen how much Kungfu she practices, and finally, she is killed by his elbow!

“What are you laughing at?”

Hearing Aiwa’s laughter, Aini glared at him.

“As far as I know, in order to develop Effeminacy Arts, men and women have to make love. Your legs are so tight that I can’t move them. How do you practice this kind of skill? Haha…”

Aiwa couldn’t help laughing.

“I don’t think it’s time…”

Aini immediately blushed with shame.

“So, are you going to let me practice these Effeminacy Arts with you?”

Aiwa smugly pinched Aini’s pointed chin.


Aini struck Aiwa’s hand away.

The three returned along the same road together. They planned to go to the base again before heading to Hohfeld.

When passing the Fengming River, Aini offered to take a bath in the stream. She remembers the secret saying that in order to practice the skill, one has to rise desire first. The last time she took a bath in Fengming River, she had an unprecedented desire. Perhaps this Fengming stream is something that arouses people’s desire.

Xuan Er agrees, but Xuan Er didn’t know that she would have an outbreak of sexual desire after drinking the stream, so she took a few drinks by mistake then. However, she still doesn’t know how strong the stream is.

It’s a bit hot at noon, and the stream is a hot spring and a good place to take a bath.

Xuan Er and Aini took off their clothes and went into the stream.

The white and plump body of the two is more charming in the clear stream. Xuan Er and Aini, who are already dry-mouthed, can’t help but hold the stream and drink a few mouthfuls.

“Aiwa, come down and wash!”

Aini got up from the stream and shouted at Aiwa, who was keeping watch for them. There no people, Aini was not afraid to be seen, she stood in the stream, half body exposed, curly pubic hair in the smooth abdomen was like an inverted triangle, made Aiwa’s blood boiling.

Aiwa sat on the high slope and looked at the two beautiful girls in the stream. His primitive desire started to move.

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