Volume 9 Chapter 5 – Mental Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy (Part 2)

“Such a pure princess, unexpectedly so lewd! Unfortunately, you have no chance to let him fuck you today! If you are itchy, find another man!”

White Hair Bride’s sharp nails swept Aini’s delicate face.

Aiwa wanted to fight White Hair Bride, but he wasn’t sure he could win. He was afraid of harming the two girls, so he gave up that thought.

“Aiwa, Aini, it’s my bad, I shouldn’t bring you to find secrets!”

Xuan Er regretted seeing Master’s ferocity.

“Xuan Er, don’t worry, she won’t hurt me. She just wants me to be her man. It’s no big deal to satisfy her. She’s not too bad, anyway. I can tolerate it. Slut, after I put on my clothes, I’ll go with you as long as you don’t make them trouble.”

“You know the truth. Nevertheless, you must stop playing tricks with me. Don’t forget that your base has been evacuated, and now there is no one there. You have to follow me, otherwise, I will be sorry to you, I won’t pity the jade like you do!”

The tip of White Hair Bride’s sword was still pointing at Aiwa’s crotch.

Aiwa pulled away from White Hair Bride’s sword and took Aini ashore.

White Hair Bride did not stop Aiwa. In her eyes, the three of them had become cooked ducks and could not fly even if they wanted to.

When Aiwa came ashore to wear armor, White Hair Bride suddenly shouted, “You can’t wear that! I have prepared a suit for you. It may not fit well, but you must wear it for me!”

White Hair Bride pulled out a cloth from her backpack and threw it to Aiwa.

Aiwa hesitated for a moment and had to give up the armor, but at the same time made an eye at Aini, meaning, “Keep the armor well, I will use it sooner or later.”

The armor was so important to him, but it’s such a   he was stopped by White Hair Bride before he could put it on. There were many metal organs in the armor. They are Cartel’s masterpieces. They were very heavy. White Hair Bride carried Aiwa who was unwilling to cooperate with. Of course, she would not take the armor with her.

“Where are you taking him?”

Aini couldn’t help asking, although she knew it was a superfluous question.

“Oh, silly girl, even if I tell you, can you call back the people from the base to save him?”

White Hair Bride smiled sly.

“If you dare hurt him, I’ll let my mother send an army against you! At that time, even if you fled to the ends of the earth, I would not let you go!”

Aini had to exert a little psychological pressure on White Hair Bride to keep her from taking Aiwa’s life.

“You just go and tell your Queen Mother to send her troops to catch me. I’ll be waiting for you here!”

As she spoke, Aiwa had put on the clothes White Hair Bride had brought with him, and he said to White Hair Bride without any concern:

“I’m dressed. Why don’t we go yet? Aren’t you in a hurry to go back and sleep with me?”

At this point, if Aiwa only fled for his own life, he would definitely be able to escape, because his footwork was above White Hair Bride’s, but there were still two girls, which he couldn’t put down. In order not to keep them from being hurt, Aiwa had to yield and follow White Hair Bride.

“Silly girls, you go wherever you want, we’re leaving. But Aiwa, you can run away too much. I can’t let you be so free!”

Then White Hair Bride reached for a rope, tied Aiwa’s hands, and tied the other end to her hands, so that she did not have to worry that Aiwa would run halfway.

Aiwa didn’t want the two girls to take risks to save him. Of course, he knew that their ability was not an opponent of White Hair Bride at all. If they were allowed to come along, it would cause more trouble. So when he left, he specifically told them, “Don’t come to me, go where you should go!”

Two girls watched Aiwa being taken away by White Hair Bride.

“Princess Aini, what shall we do?”

Xuan Er regretted seeing that it was all her own fault, but it was too late to ask Aini for advice.

Aini pondered for a moment and said, “Maybe Aiwa really didn’t want us to save him. Look at his eyes as he walked away!”

“Why? Can he deal with that woman alone?”

Now Xuan Er didn’t want to call White Hair Bride Master.

“Unfortunately, he didn’t wear armor, otherwise he should have subdued White Hair Bride! Xuan Er, don’t worry. Didn’t White Hair Bride say that? She was reluctant to part with his dice, so she would treat him well. Sooner or later, he can find a way to escape, even if the two of us follow with, it will not help, but will only make trouble for him.”

“Do you mean we should stand by?”

Xuan Er couldn’t believe what she had heard. She knew Aini’s feelings with Aiwa, so it was hard to understand why Aini could say such words.

“Now that’s all we can do. Hope Aiwa good luck!”

Aini looked helplessly at the Devil Lady and Aiwa’s fading back and sighed.

“Princess Aini, we can’t leave him alone! If something happens to Aiwa, what’s the point of our living?”

Xuan Er shook Aini’s arm and began to cry.

“Can you guarantee that you can be calm?”

Aini suddenly asked Xuan Er very seriously. What she said just now is actually her aggressive tactics.

“I will do anything to save Aiwa!”

“Well, we’ll quietly follow White Hair Bride, without my orders, don’t act rashly!”

Aini said seriously. Her biggest concern was that Xuan Er’s impulse would make things worse.

“I listen to the princess!”

Xuan Er finally smiled when Aini promised to follow White Hair Bride.

They dressed quickly, folded their armor in the backpack, and followed their footsteps.

In such a dense forest, it can be difficult and also easy to track one. It’s easy not to be discovered, but it’s difficult to keep track.

After two hours of follow-up, White Hair Bride still did not stop, keep carrying Aiwa forward.

“Princess, where on earth is this woman taking Aiwa? Why are they still walking?”

Aini stared at Xuan Er fiercely, but she still explained to her, “Do you think she’ll stop so close that we can find them?”

Xuan Er immediately realized her stupidity. She stretched out her tongue to stop talking. Aini glared at her again and walked forward.

Just then, Xuan Er suddenly felt a heavy slap on her back!

Xuan Er’s slender body was slapped by that heavy palm for a long distance. Before she got up, she found that it was a bear, and it was standing up and walking towards her step by step.

Aini only heard Xuan Er rolling on the ground and thought she had fallen because she was not looking forward to the road. But when she looked back, she did not see Xuan Er’s shadow. Instead, she saw a tall bear! Looking carefully, Xuan Er fell to the ground and couldn’t climb up. The bear was standing up and swaggering toward her.

Aini, ignoring White Hair Bride in front, hurried back.

The bear saw Aini and rushed at her.

Just as the bear was about to jump on Aini, she suddenly slapped it with a strong blow. The bear’s heavy body shook a few times and fell to the ground.

Aini’s palm hurt the gut of the bear, and when Aini walked over, the bear could only lie on the ground and groan.

Aini pulled out her dagger and plunged it into the bear’s heart, killing it instantly.

“Xuan Er, are you all right?”

After the danger was over, Aini immediately came to help Xuan Er. Xuan Er was so frightened by the bear that she was powerless and pale. If Aini hadn’t come to save her, she didn’t know if she would have been treated as delicious by the bear.

“I’m ok, thank you, princess.”

Xuan Er looked at Aini gratefully.

Although Xuan Er had lived in this forest for more than ten years, she had never entered the deep forest alone. She was protected by her Master before. Now who saved her life was just the one who fought against her Master. But she hated her Master when she thought that her Master once wanted to take her Prime.

“Let’s catch them up! Otherwise, we will be lost.”

Xuan Er suddenly remembered Aiwa and became very anxious.

“No hurry, since we have fallen behind now. I’ll cut the bear’s paw off first. It’s a good tonic and can be cooked for Aiwa.”

With that, Aini’s dagger turned on the bear, and the paw was cut off. Four paws were packed into Xuan Er’s backpack. Then they went on to pursue Aiwa’s whereabouts.

It never occurred to the two girls that White Hair Bride had discovered them when they were following Aiwa.

White Hair Bride had turned 90 degrees with Aiwa and headed in the other direction while the two were dealing with the bear.

Aiwa had been blindfolded by White Hair Bride for a long time. He could not see anything and lost his way. Moreover, because Aini and Xuan Er were quietly following, Aiwa didn’t know they were following, so he didn’t mark his track for them.

White Hair Bride stopped without taking Aiwa too far.

When White Hair Bride removed the cloth from Aiwa’s eyes, a delicate cabin appeared in front of him. During this period, White Hair Bride spent a lot of effort to build her own nest.

“How is it? Is it good to live here with me?”

White Hair Bride also looked at the cabin and seemed very satisfied with her masterpiece.

“You won’t suck up all my primordial Qi and feed me to the wolf, will you?”

Aiwa looked at the cabin and said, “Besides, do you tie me up like this every day?”

“When you really calm down and don’t make trouble for me, I’ll let you go. But not now.”

“Never, how can I live well with people like you? But if you insist on sleeping with me, I have no objection. At least let me have fun with you before you feed me to the wolf.”

Aiwa turned and touched White Hair Bride with his bound hand.

“I know you’ve already had Fengming stream, and you’re on fire. Of course I can meet your requirements. I tied you for fear that you will not obey me on the way, not for fear that you will kill me. With your present power, you have no such abilities. You have to admit that, so don’t do silly things now.”

With that, White Hair Bride untied Aiwa’s rope.

You’re right. I’m itching! Besides, I hope you can serve me once with your small mouth, and it would be better to shoot in your mouth! “

At that time, Aiwa could even laugh.

“Come in! I will satisfy all your sexual desires!”

White Hair Bride pushed Aiwa and they walked into the room.

There is a wooden bed in the room, which was also covered with bedding. The bedding was made of animal skin, which suited the taste of the room.

“Only one bed?”

“This is our bed. I’ll make you ecstasy in this bed.”

With that, White Hair Bride unfastened her clothes and exposed the seductive body.

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