Volume 9 Chapter 6 – Fight Against The Devil Lady (Part 1)

Despite the vicious nature of the White Hair Bride, her figure and look were really attractive enough. When she stood in front of Aiwa naked, Aiwa’s lust stirred up.

White Hair Bride helped Aiwa take off his clothes.

As White Hair Bride said, Aiwa had drunk Fengming stream and burned up. At first, because he had sex with Xuan Er, he vented part of his desire, but some still remained in his body. It might have balanced his body hormones if he could go on making love with Aini, but before they started, White Hair Bride appeared, so the rest of his desire was stuck in him.

Dragon Clan’s blood is particularly stable, not easy to be stimulated, but once stimulated, it will erupt a huge force.

The blood of the Blood Shed Clan is a kind of blood that can stimulate the blood of the Dragon Clan, so Aiwa would appear the phenomenon of vasodilation when he made love with the members of the Blood Shed Clan. But Aiwa’s blood is also a special dragon’s blood, so the burst of energy was unusual, and he is not only blood abnormal but physically abnormal, otherwise, he couldn’t have withstood the impact of enormous energy in his body.

But Fengming stream can’t be compared with blood. Although it has the function of inducing estrus and even improving power, it will not let Aiwa bear the huge energy impact.

At this point, in devil lady’s seductive body, Aiwa’s desire burned again.

White Hair Bride held Aiwa’s long dick between his hips with her slender fingers, while her haunting eyes gaze at him obsessively.

“My little prince, can you touch me like when you touched Aini? You can also insert my body like when you fucked Xuan Er… I’ll be very happy…”

White Hair Bride’s body was leaning up, and her plump breasts were swinging on Aiwa’s solid chest. Any man who was stimulated by her will be crazy, not to mention Aiwa’s body had Fengming stream’s bewilderment, his penis in the hands of White Hair Bride rapidly expanded.

“I knew you would like my body, especially my hole. Is it deeper than other women?”

White Hair Bride’s hand slowly stroked on Aiwa’s dick, and her fingers were silky, making any man exciting.

“But I haven’t tasted your Effeminacy Arts yet. Can you show it today and let me see it?”

Aiwa has started the obscene skill, although he was still motionless. White Hair Bride who owned the Effeminacy Arts may not be satisfied without some tricks.

Aiwa clearly remembered that after the meeting with White Hair Bride then, her beautiful appearance had changed instantaneously, and this time, he wondered if he could take the prime-energy from her body again by her Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy.

White Hair Bride stood there, just splitting two jade legs and sending Aiwa’s long object into her wet meat hole!

Aiwa felt refreshed, and though nothing changed from the outside, the inside hole of White Hair Bride had been muddy!

“Do you like standing up to make love?”

Aiwa dropped his hands and did not embrace the beautiful body. When he thought of White Hair Bride’s poisonous heart, he lost his interest to her.

Later, Aiwa will use the obscene skill to launch the fiercest attack on White Hair Bride.

Gradually, a pink mist filled the narrow room.

“Are you using your magic again? I’m not afraid. Didn’t you use this to confuse those stupid little girls? If you have the guts, just fuck me to death someday.”

After Aiwa put the stick into the hole of White Hair Bride, White Hair Bride’s finger began to touch Aiwa’s chest and touched Aiwa’s buttock downwards. Suddenly, Aiwa’s stick plunged into the hole completely, it completely disappeared.


Aiwa has never been so deeply involved. This is the first woman who can eat all his meat sticks!

What’s more, he immediately felt that the Devil Lady’s meat hole was like a tube with huge suction, sucking his thick glans.

At first, Aiwa felt cool, but after a while, the enormous suction became unbearable, as if White Hair Bride was trying to pull out his sticks.

“Would you mind taking it lighter? If you rip off my stick, it will rot in your hole! “

“Don’t you use the obscene skill? You such a guy can make a woman dizzy even when you are standing. You just burst my hole!”

White Hair Bride aggressively put her face close, and the fragrance of her mouth sprayed on Aiwa’s face to keep his desire warming up.

Aiwa was not fooled by White Hair Bride. He remained in his original state. He just stood firm and let her play with his huge sausage.

White Hair Bride watched Aiwa obsessively, her body twitching and making a moving noise in her private.

White Hair Bride twitched for a while and then, tired, leaned directly on Aiwa’s body, rubbing his chest with her breast and stirring her round buttocks.

“Ah… You are wonderful… So strong after so long…”

White Hair Bride began to lick Aiwa’s neck, giving him a feeling of pleasure of a limp and numb.

Aiwa’s obscene skill unconsciously exerts its power, and White Hair Bride’s fatigue gradually fades away.

“Ah… Aiwa, fuck me hard…”

But Aiwa remained the same, just constantly stroking White Hair Bride’s smooth body.

In pursuit of greater stimulation, White Hair Bride’s rhythm of pushing her buttocks was apparently quicker, and her snow-white breast bumped into his chest.

It’s been an hour, but Aiwa still has no sign to shoot, making White Hair Bride a little impatient.

“Do you want me to show my final skills?”

White Hair Bride raised her head in excitement, her lustful eyes full of passion.

“Whatever you want.”

Aiwa’s passionate appearance stimulated White Hair Bride even more.

White Hair Bride closed her eyes and murmured the magic spell of effeminacy martial arts. Soon, Aiwa felt that White Hair Bride’s vagina was full of magical power, and that place was sucked and clamped, which made the friction speed crazier.


Aiwa could not help moaning, which made White Hair Bride more excited. At this point, prime-energy in White Hair Bride is activated, which is exactly what Aiwa needs. Once all her prime-energy is activated, he may use his obscene skill and Dou Qi in a short time to suck all her prime-energy into his body, and then she will have no way to take him.

But what worries Aiwa is that he doesn’t know if White Hair Bride’s appearance will become particularly frightening once she’s sucked out of prime-energy, but he can’t care much about that. White Hair Bride is a devil by nature. In order to improve herself, she disregards other people’s lives and deaths. If he could not defeat her, his prime-energy would be sucked up by her, and by then he would have no time to regret.

But Aiwa did not dare to make his intentions too obvious. He had to fascinate White Hair Bride with obscene skill before he could make her crazy.

After hearing Aiwa’s moan, White Hair Bride seemed to see hope. If Aiwa can’t be confused, she can’t absorb his prime-energy, and the prime-energy inside him has an irresistible temptation to her. If she can get his prime-energy, she can fight for at least 20 years less!

“Ah… Oh…”

To entice White Hair Bride to continue her offensive, Aiwa groaned exaggeratively, which made White Hair Bride more and more delighted, bringing her Cultivation Methods on Effeminacy to 90%.

Suddenly 90 percent of prime-energy in White Hair Bride was mobilized, which was exactly what Aiwa wanted.

While White Hair Bride was using the Cultivation Method on Effeminacy, Aiwa also stepped up his offensive, quietly enlarging his meat gun and holding her blooming bud tightly against his large glans.

Aiwa embraced White Hair Bride and stepped to bed.

“Ah… Oh…”

White Hair Bride moaned happily, and it seemed that Aiwa’s obscene skill played a great role.

White Hair Bride uses the Cultivation Method on Effeminacy, but she also excites herself. With Aiwa’s obscene skill, she becomes even more confused. The irresistible pleasure attacked every nerve of her, and her muscles tightened up to the point of convulsion.

“Wow… Aiwa… So wonderful… I’m going to die…”

White Hair Bride raised her neck and moaned to the sky, breathing so fast that she could hardly breathe, while Aiwa began pumping vigorously, letting the long, thick meat gun pluck deep and pound the nest.

By this time, Aiwa had seen that the prime-energy in White Hair Bride was all active, but he was afraid to use his Dou Qi to absorb her prime-energy, because she was not completely in a state of confusion, and once she found out, all the plans would be wasted.

Aiwa carefully gathered his Dou Qi. Once White Hair Bride is in a state of confusion, he starts his Dou Qi to absorb her prime-energy.

“Ah… Oh…”

Under Aiwa’s obscene skill’s bewilderment, White Hair Bride slightly lost herself and began to enter a realm of prostitution.

Aiwa found her state in White Hair Bride’s confusing eyes and began to try to guide her prime-energy with his own Dou Qi.

But Aiwa’s power is still too shallow. It’s difficult to absorb the prime-energy of White Hair Bride in such a short time. One’s prime-energy, in general, can only be controlled by his own, others want to control, it will take special efforts. Fortunately, now, White Hair Bride’s prime-energy in her body are all in the excitement and out of the control of her, which makes it relatively easy for Aiwa to plunder the prime.

If Aini had joined, it would have been much easier. Unfortunately, he didn’t know where they are now.

Aiwa finally made his glans thin and pointed and inserted it directly into White Hair Bride’s womb.

At this point, White Hair Bride’s vagina shrank sharply, their genitals were tightly tied together. Aiwa had some difficulty in pulling them out. Fortunately, he did not want to pull them out, because it was more convenient to control her prime-energy through the genitals.

Aiwa’s special dragon blood suddenly reached its active peak, and Dou Qi’s strength reached its peak. That tremendous energy drives White Hair Bride’s prime-energy and gathers in her private place.

“Ah… Oh…”

White Hair Bride groaned confusedly and fell down on the bed.

Aiwa’s body followed closely. He lay on White Hair Bride, kissing her mouth furiously, and stiffening his buttock to let the thin, strong stick suck in her cervix.

White Hair Bride’s pornographic fluids sprayed out, again and again, making room for the huge prime-energy.

Two and a half hours after the couple started having sex, White Hair Bride’s active prime-energy was little by little driven by Aiwa’s Dou Qi and gathered in her womb!

Now Aiwa began his absorption work, using his penis as a straw, slowly absorbing.

White Hair Bride is totally in a state of confusion, totally unaware that her prime-energy is being absorbed by the man on her body. The indescribable pleasure has made her forget it. She regards herself as a queen in her prostitution.

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