Volume 9 Chapter 7 – Suicide (Part 1)

When Aiwa and the other two girls returned to the base, they had a good night’s rest.

During that night, Xuan Er and Aiwa digested the prime-energy that not belong to them in their bodies, which was a very difficult thing, especially for Xuan Er, whose power could not digest the prime-energy of White Hair Bride smoothly.

Aiwa spent a night digesting one-third of the prime-energy of that half, but he was satisfied that with one-sixth of White Hair Bride’s prime-energy support, he could double his power.

Before arriving at the base, Aiwa’s Dou Qi had reached the stage of six, and now it has been upgraded to the stage of seven.

Now, no one in Hohfeld’s Garrison had matched for him.

Early the next morning, Aiwa took the two beautiful girls to Hohfeld. His purpose in returning to Hohfeld was not to report his arrival with Ferderer, but to see Lovna, who had recommended him for training at the base. Her image haunted him all the time.

In fact, Aiwa didn’t know that Cartel’s extra training had helped him reach the Dark-system Dou Qi stage seven long ago, while White Hair Bride’s prime-energy had doubled his level. That is to say, Aiwa’s Dark-system Dou Qi has reached the point where no one all over the Hass Empire can match, and the close-up unique techniques Cartel had taught him made his fighting power even higher. Just now no one fought with him, so he couldn’t perceive all the changes.

When Aiwa passed the village where Plum lived, he did not forget to visit her.

Despite months, Aiwa’s heart jumped as he walked to Plum’s door.

The charm of Plum and her stepmother Sheila came back to him as if it had happened yesterday.

The janitor seemed to have changed. He’s not Aiwa’s acquaintance.

After Aiwa explained his intention, a frail in her thirties, with a body and face that resembled Plum, appeared in the yard.

“You are…”

The frail looked doubtfully at the young man in front of her in snakeskin armor.

“My name is Aiwa. I’m the friend of Plum.”

That frail frowned and said, “Friend? I’ve heard that she has a fiance named Aiwa. It’s you, isn’t it?”

“Fiance? Ah… Yes, I’m her fiance… So… Is Plum at home? You are…”

“I’m Plum’s mother!”

The frail angrily turned her face aside.

“Dear Mother…”

Aiwa quickly saluted. He also guessed that frail should be Plum’s mother, but did not dare to say it first.

The frail did not object to Aiwa’s call her mother, but merely signaled him to enter.

Hearing Aiwa called this frail mother, Xuan Er and Aini frowned and stared at Aiwa, thinking, “Aiwa never said he was married.”

“What’s wrong? This is my mother-in-law’s home! “Aiwa proudly raised his thumb and pouted.

Aini looked up, scornful.

“What about my father?”

Aiwa followed the frail and asked.

“Go business.”

“What about Plum?”

“She went to Hohfeld, and without seeing you, she inquired and went to Montelago City. Is your home there?”

“She went to Montelago? What did she do there? I didn’t go back again!”

“She’s pregnant with your child. What if she doesn’t go to find you? Alas, the child is very self-willed. She has to go to you and let you know that she is pregnant with your baby.”

So frail looked at Xuan Er and Aini, and she couldn’t figure out what the two girls had to do with Aiwa.

“Plum is pregnant with my baby?”

Aiwa was almost jumping with excitement. After all, he’s only seventeen years old, and he’s going to be a father!

“I don’t know if your family will accept Plum. I asked her stepmother Sheila to accompany her so that I could rest assured she’s safe, but I never thought that you weren’t there!”

That frail was apparently worried about her daughter.

In the evening, instead of heading for Hohfeld, Aiwa and the two girls stayed at Plum’s house.

Plum’s mother, Saya, lives in a single room. Plum’s father often does business abroad. She is lonely at home alone, but she is a woman who keeps herself at home. When her husband is not at home, she never goes out.

Before going to bed, Aiwa came to the mother-in-law Saya’s room. On the one hand, he wanted to know more about Plum, on the other hand, he could see her charm in the light.

To be the mother-in-law, the more Saya looked at son-in-law, the more she favored him. She hoped that Aiwa would officially marry her daughter, so that she would stop worrying about her daughter.

Saya was dressed in casual clothes, but could not hide her good figure.

“Where are your two female companions?”

Saya asked.

“The journey was so tiring that they fell asleep.”

Aiwa sat down in front of Saya’s bed.

Only then did Saya took a serious look at the son-in-law. Aiwa was handsome, plus a suit of armor, making him even more mighty, her daughter married such a young man is so lucky, watching, Saya’s heart couldn’t help but be happy.

Mother-in-law talked with son-in-law until midnight, and neither of them said wanted to sleep.

“Son, don’t you feel tired wearing this thick armor all day long?”

Saya asked with concern.

“Not tired, gradually, I have gotten used to it.”

“If you don’t mind giving up, Plum’s father has a few new clothes that he hasn’t worn. I’ll give them to you!”

With that, Saya was going to pick up the clothes.

“Mother, no need.”

Aiwa quickly stood up and stopped.

When Aiwa’s hand touched Saya’s muscle on her arm, Saya felt an electric shock, which prompted her to pull her hand back.

Aiwa could see that she was a decent woman who would not take the initiative without using obscene skill, so Aiwa quietly called out his Lewd Serpent.

Within two minutes, Saya began to feel.

“I’m so sorry, but I suddenly feel a little uncomfortable, tonight… Let’s stop here!”

Saya ordered a deportation, and she didn’t want to make a fool of herself in front of son-in-law.

But Aiwa was a brazenfaced person, how could he leave so quick? He volunteered to come forward and said that he had been Hohfeld’s military doctor and could help her.

Saya let Aiwa have a check.

Aiwa’s big hand touched Saya’s stomach several times, saying that she had cold aura in her body and it must be dispersed as soon as possible.

Saya believed Aiwa’s words very much. After all, his daughter’s illness was cured by him. Besides, it was son-in-law, not an outsider, so she lay in bed and began to let him treat her.

But Saya was not suffering from cold, just was tortured by desire. When Aiwa’s big hand was rubbed on her stomach, she felt very comfortable and wanted her son-in-law continue.

“Does mother feel a desire to do that now?”

Aiwa asked solemnly.

“Don’t talk nonsense, I just have a stomachache…”

Saya blushed. How could she be ashamed to say what she really wanted, but the feeling became stronger and stronger!

“Mother-in-law, you’d better take off your clothes! I’m not an outsider. Don’t be shy. I’ll cure you.”

Aiwa said confidently.


Saya hesitated. How embarrassing it was to undress in front of her son-in-law!

“That… Is it okay to wear underwear?”

After all, the relationship between mother-in-law and son-in-law made Saya feel embarrassed.

“Yes, it will be fine, but the treatment will last longer.”

“Never mind. Don’t turn off the lights in the room, other people won’t say anything…”

Saya shyly took off her casual clothes, leaving only her underwear.

Saya, wearing only underwear, was particularly sexy. When Aiwa saw her plump breast, his dick could not help but stand up. Fortunately, the armor protected his ugliness.

Aiwa let Saya lie flat on the edge of the bed, rubbing his hands on her stomach. His technique is so light that it’s like touching, which can be quite lethal for Saya, who is sexually active.

Aiwa’s big hands gradually stroked from Saya’s belly toward her tall breast, and when it was just under her breast, he turned back again. Although he never touched her breasts, it was more fatal for Saya, who was suffering from desire, than kneading her breasts directly.

“Oh… It’s so sad…”

Saya could not help moaning.

“Mother-in-law, no hurry. In a moment, I’ll give you a full body massage, and it will be all right.”

With that, Aiwa rubbed her big hands along her lower abdomen to the vicinity of her vulva, and from there to her breasts.

At first, Saya was shy, but she soon felt more and more comfortable. She wished Aiwa would hold on to her boobs with his two big hands, and she felt hotter and hotter. She wanted to take off the underwear too.

“Ah… It’s so hot… What’s wrong with me?”

Saya asked, twisting her body.

“I’m pushing the cold out of your body. Would you like to take off your underwear?”

Aiwa waited for Saya to speak out for herself.

“All right!”

Saya couldn’t stand it anymore. She totally forgot her shame and wanted Aiwa to ride on her body and fuck her.

Aiwa slowly unfastened Saya’s underwear and the plump boobs popped out.

Snow-white body, full breasts, dense pubic hair… Aiwa couldn’t help swallowing a mouthful of saliva. Although he has fucked so many women, but today is very different, this is his mother-in-law, looking at the plump, tormented by desire body, Aiwa is burning with righteous indignation.

“Ah… Oh… What’s wrong with me?”

Saya kept murmuring, pulling her two legs together slightly, embarrassing to expose her vulva.

“Mother-in-law, do you need a rub here too?”

Aiwa’s big hand slipped from Saya’s lower abdomen to her thighs and stroked down her thighs to her vulva.


Saya responded softly, feeling shy and intense desire tormenting her at the same time.

Aiwa gently poked a finger into Saya’s labia and slid over the slippery little mouth. “Ah…”

Saya could not help but clamp her legs and clip Aiwa’s fingers there, but she quickly opened them so that Aiwa’s fingers could slide freely and bring her greater pleasure.

Saya closed her eyes, opened her mouth slightly, and licked her lips with her tongue.

“Ah… Oh…”

“Mother-in-law, may I suck your breasts?”

Aiwa leaned down and asked softly.

“Take a quick breath…”

Saya’s body twisted. She wanted Aiwa to knead her breasts, but now he said he wanted to suck, and she couldn’t help it.

Aiwa slowly bent his face over Saya’s crisp breasts and opened his mouth to hold a nipple.


When Aiwa’s wet mouth held Saya’s nipples, she moaned happily as if she had never enjoyed such treatment in her life. Although her husband had a child with her, he was not a man who knew how to make a woman happy. The way of making love was also very simple, and Aiwa’s skills obviously made her ecstatic.


At this time Saya had shamelessly twisted her body, and her legs split, and the small hole was flooded with pornographic water.

Even the woman with the best willpower can’t help Aiwa’s flirting skills. Besides, Saya is just an ordinary woman, and she is usually lonely. Now she is tortured by Aiwa’s obscene skill, and she can’t control it.

“Ah… Little Brother… Don’t… Don’t torture me…”

‘Little brother’ is a woman’s nickname for a man she likes. Now that Saya is completely irrational, she can’t wait for Aiwa to ride on her and fuck her!

“Then please Mother-in-law help me moisten here!”

Aiwa calmly opened the zipper on the armor.

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