Volume 9 Chapter 8 – Redemption (Part 2)

“If you want to go, go with Aiwa yourself!”

Aini didn’t appreciate it. She covered her head with a quilt and didn’t want to listen.

“Aini, I really don’t want you to be separated from Aiwa. How can you make a fuss about such a trifle?”

Xuan Er feels Aini is a bit wayward.

Aini sat up and said, “Xuan Er, do you think it’s me or him who’s making trouble? Why do we have to go wherever he wants? If he is not for that woman, but for what?”

“Xuan Er, let’s go, I hope she won’t regret it!”

Aiwa grabbed Xuan Er’s wrist and pulled her out.


Xuan Er was caught by Aiwa and went out, calling Aini. She didn’t want Aini to think she was selfish, but there was nothing she could do. Aiwa was so powerful that she was quickly dragged out of the barracks.

“Aiwa, how can you be so angry with the princess? She’s really tired. Do you know how much she suffered in the forest in order to find you? Can’t she take a rest now? You’re too selfish!”


Aiwa gave Xuan Er a hard look. His pace became more and more urgent. At first, he was just trying to make a contribution. Gradually, Linda’s lovely image loomed before his eyes.

Can such a good girl suffer when she falls into the hands of a kidnapper? As if he could see Linda calling for help from him, he could not help speeding up.

Xuan Er walked behind Aiwa and looked back in the hope that Aini would appear.

“Are you going anyway?”

Aiwa got angry and turned around and shouted at Xuan Er.

“I want to see if the princess has ever been following! Do you have the heart to leave the princess alone?”

Xuan Er likes Aiwa and she doesn’t want to own him, but she knows her identity. She was satisfied with her current relationship with Aiwa, so she did not want to see such a conflict between the princess and Aiwa.

“Who said she was going to be left behind? But now it’s a special time. Some people are more urgent than her. She can take care of herself. Let’s go first! “

Aiwa turned back and took Xuan Er’s hand and ran quickly to Montelago.

Aini stayed in the dormitory for less than ten minutes. When she saw Aiwa really gone, she couldn’t hold her breath any longer. She got up and chased Aiwa in the direction he left. But because she didn’t want to lose her face so much that she didn’t want Aiwa and Xuan Er to find her, she kept following them not far away. It was also better to see why Aiwa was so anxious to go to Montelago.

Along the way, Aiwa did not talk and laugh as usual, but just kept on going; Xuan Er looked back from time to time to see if Aini had caught up.

After many disappointments, Xuan Er was also angry with Aini, thinking, “The princess is too fond of making her temperament, and she really didn’t catch up with us.”

Aiwa was afraid that Xuan Er was too tired. As soon as he entered the city, he hired a carriage. He urged the coachman all the way and drove to the palace.

Aini was surprised that instead of returning to his home, he went to the palace. Why on earth?

Did something important happen?

Shortly after Aiwa entered the palace, Aini followed him in.

Although few of the guards of the palace recognized the princess, they all recognized the waistband in her hand. Aini’s waist card is not usually on her body, but every time she goes out of the palace, she carefully hides it in a secret place near the palace gate so that she doesn’t have to carry it with her.

When Aini found out that Aiwa was taking Xuan Er straight to Her Majesty’s office, she was even more puzzled. It seemed that something really important was going on, and it was urgent that he should meet the Queen directly.

Aiwa had served alongside the Queen and was naturally familiar with the palace. He also recognized several maids around the Queen. When the maid saw Aiwa, she immediately informed the Queen.

Knowing that Aiwa was coming at this time, the Queen wanted to see him, so she promised to let him in.

The Queen appreciated Aiwa even more when she heard that he was still in full training at Mandeff Base. In fact, she used to belittle him, but just to show him that she still liked the boy in her heart. She could not forget his massage skills, let alone Ruth specifically recommended him.

“What are you going to do now?”

The Queen’s graceful appearance always fascinated Aiwa, but he dared not say it. But from his eyes, the Queen also guessed a few points, thinking: “This little boy unexpectedly wants to get something from me! ”

“I have heard that the second princess is in trouble, so I have come to please you to grant your majesty permission. “Aiwa said it directly.

“Who did you hear from?”

The Queen looked at Aiwa with sharp eyes. As she leaned forward, her breasts, which were so full that all men could sniff blood, trembled.


Aiwa hesitated.

“Who is so bold as to make up rumors?”

Queen asked in dignity.

“Then, can your majesty let the second princess come out?”

Aiwa has gone out. Otherwise, depending on his qualifications, the Queen would not easily give him such a task.

“How dare you!”

The Queen snapped. But the keen Aiwa soon found that the Queen’s eyes were filled with glittering tears.

“Your Majesty, if the princess is in trouble, let Aiwa serve your Majesty!”

Aiwa knelt down with a flop.

Although his action was a bit rash, it really touched the Queen. Whether his tone or body language, both sincerely conveyed his concern for Princess Linda and his determination to distract the Queen.

“Get up!”

The Queen withstood her tears and softened her voice, feeling that she should not be so angry with a child.

“Promise me, Your Majesty! Believe me, if I can’t rescue the second princess, I would rather accept any punishment from your majesty!”

Aiwa could not kneel on the ground.

“How can I give you such a dangerous thing? You’re just a kid. If anything happens to you, how can I talk with General Kyle.”

“Your Majesty, I am no longer a child. Have you not granted me marry? I am already a soldier, Your Majesty!”

Aiwa was genuine and unconventional, and the Queen was really moved by him.

“How easy is it to rescue my daughter from the kidnappers?”

“Your Majesty, please forgive me. When I was training at the base, I met the First Princess. If your Majesty has any doubts about my abilities, you can ask her for confirmation. You believe in your own daughter, don’t you?”

“Aini? Where is she?”

The Queen remembered her eldest daughter when she heard that Aiwa and Aini were contemporaries of the base.

“Mother, I’m here!”

The Queen’s voice had just fallen, and a fairy girl had just arrived.

Aiwa looked up and suddenly did not recognize Aini. She usually wears a training suit, but now she wears a palace suit. How could he recognize her?

“Aini, is that you? Are you…”

Aiwa was surprised. He never thought Aini would come so soon, but he was relieved to see her here now.

“What’s wrong with me? Do you think that if you run away alone, I can’t catch up with you?”

Aini was ashamed of the pettiness she had made at that time, but still refused to accept the wrongdoings.

“Aini, my good daughter, let mother hold you!”

Seeing her eldest daughter come back made the Queen feel mixed feelings. She stood up, held Aini in her arms, and burst into tears.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”

Aini did not know what had happened. When she heard that her sister had been kidnapped, she suddenly shouted at Aiwa.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

She almost kicked Aiwa in the ass.

With Aini’s request, the Queen finally wavered, and, hearing her daughter say that Aiwa was so capable, she finally agreed to let Aiwa and Aini rescue Linda together.

She wasn’t reassured that the matter was in someone else’s hands, which was why she was too late to decide who would rescue Linda.

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