Chapter 100: The Future First Lady (1)

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“What could he say? You are here because of the president and the Vice President. What can others say? Taking care of my baby boy is your job now.”

Xia Xingchen didn’t want to be anything at work. But she couldn’t leave her child alone now.

At the same time, the call was not finished yet, a maid came and told her. “Miss. Xia, Miss Bai is here. She is here to see the little master.”

Miss Bai?

Xia Xingchen was shocked for a while. She finally remembered. “Is Miss Bai the president’s sister?”

“Yes, Miss.Xia.”

Chi Weiyang heard on the other side. “Is Minister Bai here? She’s a hero! I admire her! Please do send my overwhelming love for her!”

Xia Xingchen rolled her eyes. “I need to go.”

Bai Suye was the minister of security in S Country. She’s a famous heroine in this country. Many women have been dreaming to be like her, including Xia Xingchen.

Everyone heard the famous spy thing. She went to be a spy beside the leader of a frightening mercenary corps, Night Owl. She cut off his right-hand men at that time, which badly hurt him.

This heroic thing brought her fame and popularity from all over the world. It built the foundation for her being the minister of security.

Xia Xingchen went out of the room after sorting out her clothes.

She heard Dabai’s voice before she went into his room. “I miss you so much, auntie.”

“Come and give me a hug.” Bai Suye had been born with an attractive and gentle voice.

Xia Xingchen stood at the door and she found Xia Dabai wearing his pajamas with his arms up, trying to hug him.

Bai Suye didn’t wear her suit today but a reddish long dress. The color of the dress was enchantingly poppy, attractive and romantic. She was so sexy with the mane of long hair.

It’s hard to imagine that this woman broke into a group of terrifying men. If Xia Xingchen never heard Miss Bai’s story, she would never believe she could even fight and shoot perfectly.

“You naughty boy. Don’t eat whatever you see, OK? ” She was so gentle when she talked to the kid.

Xia Dabai loved beautiful girls. When Bai Yeqing smiled at him and hugged him, the only thing he knew was nodding his head and saying yes.

“Auntie, when will grandpa and grandma come to see me?”

“We didn’t tell them you were ill. They are old. If they know you are seriously sick, they might be worried sick. And they are gonna teach your father some lessons. He knows nothing of taking care of you.”

Hearing this, Xia Xingchen felt sorry for the kid. She didn’t take care of him well.

But she felt assured. She once worried Bai Yeqing’s family wouldn’t accept Dabai. But now she knew it was nonsense. She could tell from the words that the whole family loved the kid a lot.

“Miss Xia.” Bai Suye saw her standing at the door.

She came back to her mind and smiled. “Minister Bai.”

“Dabao!” Xia Dabai called her and reached his hand. Xia Xingchen walked over and took the kid from Bai Suye’s arms. She touched his forehead and felt relaxed after making sure he’s not sick.

“Dabai is lovely. Last time on Yeqing’s birthday, he took him back to see my parents. They loved the kid so much and they kept asking when could he visit them again.”

“I believe he will visit them soon when Mr.President comes back.” Xia Xingchen replied.

“Sure.” Bai Suye met Xia Xingchen before, but they were all busy at that time so they didn’t have time to get to know each other. Now she had the time to look her up and down. “Last time on Yeqing’s birthday, he told me he’ll bring you back together. It was a pity you didn’t show up.”

That surprised Xia Xingchen.

He wanted to ask her out to bring her to see his parents? She had never thought about it before.

So what’s his intention to take her home to see his parents?

At the same time, in another place.

Song’s house.

Song Weiyi was learning arranging flowers. The air in the luxurious lobby was filled with beautiful scents. 

The maid handed her a document. “Miss Song, your package.”

“Open it for me.” Song Weiyi didn’t lift her head, putting the last piece of the flower into the vase. Mei Liuli, the vice president’s wife was sitting there and drinking a cup of tea. “Nice. You have made great progress.”

“Of course. I’m smart and it’s easy for me to learn anything.” Song Weiyi was satisfied.

“You are the best at saying you are the best. You are going to be the First Lady in the future. Don’t talk like this in front of him. He’ll laugh at you.”

Hearing the title First Lady, Song Weiyi smiled. The sweetness went around her heart.

Now the maid opened the package for her but didn’t look at it. Song Weiyi cleaned her hands with the towel sent by a maid. “Who sent it to me?”

She checked the package bag. There’s no information on it.

“That’s odd.”

She was suspicious and took out the stuff from the document.

There were a bunch of photos. And the people on the photos…were being too intimate on a bus!

Song Weiyi’s face turned pale. The hand holding the photos was shaking. Staring at the woman in the photos, she wanted to chop her up into little bits.

“Damn it! Damn it!” She was livid and her voice was shaking.

Seeing her like this, Mei Liuli stood up and went to her. “What makes you furious? What’s wrong? Let me have a look.”

She grabbed the photos. Mei Liuli felt so angry that she felt a lump in her chest. She hit on the arm of the chair. “How could he treat us with this? How could he do such a thing with a woman on a bus?”

Song Weiyi started to destroy the photos as if she was destroying Xia Xingchen.

“Calm down. Let me check the woman. I what to know who she is.” Mei Liuli told her.

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