Chapter 103: Deep Down, They Love Each Other Dearly (2)

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Her phone rang while she was thinking about him. Surprised, she found the name on the screen made her heart beat faster.

She picked up the phone after being shocked.

“Why so long? Were you sleeping?”

Bai Yeqing’s voice came to her from the other side. So remote but close. He always goes abroad but this was the first time he called her since they have known each other .

Maybe he’s just worrying about the kid.

She shook her head. “No. I was watching the international news.”

“News?” Bai Yeqing smiled and started to test her. “I thought you never watch that.”

“……” Xia Xingchen felt embarrassed. This conversation is going to expose her. “No, I don’t like it. But Dabai loves it. I just give him company.”

“Really?” He exposed her mercilessly. “But the butler told me Dabai had already slept.”

Xia Xingchen was kind of annoyed. All the explanations were useless so she planned to keep silent. After all she, could not hide anything from this man.

“Don’t sleep too late.” Fortunately he didn’t keep on mocking her. Xia Xingchen replied with a short “sure”. Tons of questions were waiting inside her. What time was it there? How’s he doing? But she stopped. It’s always good to know when to stop, she thought. Or she might get addicted to him, but she knew she can’t.

“OK. Then.” She whispered.


Xia Xingchen bit down on her bottom lip, listening closely to his breath. Somehow she felt forlorn.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Yeqing somehow knew she’s feeling bad now. She looked away from the news channel, staring at a random point in the air. “You hang up.”

Her soft tone lingered in the night like a hint of cloud. Vague and soft.

Bai Yeqing seemed to be cheered up. He even smiled and his tone became more flirty. “Wait for me to finish what we didn’t do last night.”

Xia Xingchen secretly blushed.

“Oh I have moved on. You don’t have the chance to do it anymore.” She hung up the phone quickly before he could say anything else.

Xia Xingchen leaned back on the sofa after hanging up his call. Staring the name “husband in the future” on the phone created a very subtle feeling.

Bitter sweet.

The next day Xia Xingchen went to work as usual. Bai Yeqing didn’t come back yet, so she stayed with Xia Dabai in the presidential residence. Xia Dabai kept talking about him these days. He missed him so much. Xia Xingchen thought she was affected by the kid and that’s the reason she started to watch international news.

Xia Dabai once called him. But he was too busy there and two hours of sleep seemed too luxury. So Leng Fei picked the phone up for him because he was sleeping.

From then on Xia Xingchen forbade Xia Dabai bothering him with nothing.

The difference between the time zones made communication rarer. Most of the time the maids picked up his phone calls because at that time Xia Xingchen and the kid had already slept.

It was the seventh day he left this city.

Xia Xingchen had already made up her mind. She chose to end this relationship with him when he came back. That night, they made a deal. She tried to pretend like nothing happened. If he really wanted his son, she’ll just quit.

She stepped out of the building thinking about it and her heart was breaking inside.

Chi Weiyang looked at her. “Why do you look so pale?”

“I don’t know. I just feel nervous.” Xia Xingchen sighed and tapped her chest. It must be the kid. The heartbreaking moment she just had must came out because she’s losing him. The feeling got stronger as if something was about to happen.

“You must be frightened by last time. How careless you were! The whole bunch of people in the house couldn’t even take care of him.”

“It’s my problem.” Xia Xingchen still felt sorry for the whole thing.

Now the taxi came and Xia Xingchen let Chi Weiyang go first.

Waiting for her taxi there, somehow she felt anxious again. Were there any taxis available? She stepped forward a little bit and suddenly, a taxi stopped right in front of her.


“Yep.” She nodded and got into the car.

She didn’t notice the license plate had been blocked.

She didn’t notice the driver was wearing a mask until she sat down in the passenger seat. His face was completely covered behind a black mask, leaving only two terrifying eyes shot at her. She was frightened. A sense of danger hanging around her. She tried to open the door but she couldn’t.

“Let me go!” She creamed and pat the window. “Do you hear me? Let me go! Open the door!”

“Don’t waste your time.” He grinned and stretched his hand to grab her hair. Suddenly she was pulled closer to him. Screaming and kicking, she left a scratch on his neck.

Before she could escape, someone covered her mouth and nose with a wet towel. The smelly towel made her feel dizzy. Quickly she didn’t even have the energy to struggle and then she lost her consciousness.

Who the hell was this guy?

Late at night.

Bai Yeqing got a phone call from Xia Dabai at the moment he got off of the plane.

“Dad. Dabao must have left us.” Xia Dabai was crying.

Bai Yeqing frowned. “What happened?”

“She said she would come back. But she didn’t come back yet. I called her she didn’t answer. I just located her phone, it was in a remote place.”

He secretly installed a locator in her phone when he played with her phone. He always check where she was when she’s not around him.

But he never thought she’s gonna leave them secretly and went to such a far place.

Bai Yeqing scowled after hearing this. He had Xia Dabai sent the location to him. Remote? It’s in the wilderness!

Somehow a sense of danger came to him. Bai Yeqing frowned and got into his car. He asked the driver to the location. “Now check the security tape in the Foreign Ministry. I need to know what happened to her right now.”

Leng Fei worried about him. “You have been busy for almost three days. You don’t have to go so far. We can go to find her. Maybe you should go back and have some rest?”

“No.” He only replied with one word. And then he added. “Be quick! If something really happened, you are done!”

She would never leave the kid home and go to such a place!

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This was all her fault, how could she be so out of focused that she willing stepped into a car without paying attention. It’s common sense to look before you enter a car now matter what you’re doing, don’t just enter a car simply because you hear “taxi”, always pay attention to your surroundings especially as a woman travelling alone no matter if it’s daylight or in the night.