Chapter 104: They Are Head over Heels in Love (1)

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Freezing cold.

The freezing cold was going deep into her bones and every one of her cells. The cold woke her up. She had no idea where she was and what had happened to her. Darkness. Darkness was all around her. She tried to move her body. Fortunately, she could move her body freely.

She tried to recall what happened. The terrifying eyes appeared in her mind. She tried to find something in the dark to stand up.


She was kidnapped now!

But who would do that to her? She didn’t have a fortune so it’s not for money. She didn’t even have enemies.


Suddenly she recalled what Xia Xingkong told her several days before. The answer came into her mind.

Song Weiyi…

Will it be her?

Xia Xingchen felt nervous when she thought about her. If it was really Song Weiyi who did it, did she still have the chance to survive? It was easy for the powerful people to kill her like pinching an ant to death.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” Xia Xingchen lost her patience after waving her hands in the dark and started to yell. “Let me go!”

The heavy door rolled up slowly as if someone had heard her voice. The sound was particularly abrupt in the silent room. The echo made the whole room more quiet.

Someone opened the door. The strong light shone into the darkness. Xia Xingchen was dazzled by the bright lights. She subconsciously raised her hand up to cover her forehead. She looked towards the door. 

Six motorbikes thundered into the room with six big and muscular men. 

The men stopped around her. Suddenly she was surrounded by them. They looked her up and down in a dirty and lustful way.

“Lucky me! She’s quite pretty.” A man whose face was full of scars jumped from his motorbike and walked closer to her.

Xia Xingchen was scared. She tried to step backwards but hit on the wall.

“Pretty hot. Her face is shining. Nice! But can she take all of us? If we come on together, will she die? Huh?” Another fat guy got closer to her and touched her neck.

“Fuck off!” Xia Xingchen thought they were gross. Totally gross.

“How dare you? You wanna die?” The guy changed his face so quickly. He slapped her face with no mercy.

The slap made her dizzy. Blood came out of her mouth. She was terrified, actually. She was shivering and her fingers even dug into the wall. She tended to beg them for mercy. But she didn’t.

She spits out some blood and stared furiously at the guys. The stubbornness and bravery on her face cannot be easily removed. “If you dare to touch me. I won’t forgive you even in hell!”

The guys were shocked a little bit. Usually, when a woman faced those guys she would certainly be scared to death and kept begging them. They never thought the delicate woman won’t cry and even tried to threaten them.

“What the hell? She’s trying to scare us. Now you are going to pay for it. We will make you beg us in bed!” Someone shouted and others jumped off there motorbikes. Xia Xingchen screamed. “Fuck off! Don’t touch me!”

When Bai Yeqing’s cars rushed into the underground garage like monsters, Xia Xingchen was already in rags. Her dirty face was full of blood and wounds. But she was still fighting.

She stood there like a fighter with her high heels in her hands as weapons. She was sharp and brave confronting him.

And the guy around her were not much better. They looked beaten up with wounds on their faces.

Damn it. Bai Yeqing felt like he wanted to destroy them.

The guys heard him and turned around subconsciously.

The president of S Country stood over there with his cold hawk-like eyes staring at them. He looked exactly like the frightening Satan from hell.

“It’s the… the president!”


Someone recognized him so they jumped on their motorbikes and tried to escape. But Bai Yeqing’s people took them immediately.

“Stay! Don’t move!” Bai Yeqing gnashes his teeth and walked towards Xia Xingchen.

She was so anxious and shivering there. She put down all her guards at the moment he’s close to her. Bai Yeqing held her waist and hugged her tightly in his arms to protect. 

“Are you alright?” His voice was harsh. He put his coat over her to cover her up.

What if he’s late…

He didn’t dare to think about the results. If he’s one minute late, she won’t be able to hold on.

“……” She could not even talk because of the threats. Tears were running down like pearls on her face. She was totally different from the fighter awhile ago.

Bai Yeqing held the gun in his hand tightly. The veins stood out on the back of his hand.

“Close your eyes.” He told her gently and stretched his hand to cover her eyes. She buried her tearful face into his chest.

“Pong——” He fired the gun.

“Ah!” A man screamed and covered his crotch. He rolled on the ground in the most painful way. That part of his body was bleeding. And then Bai Yeqing fired the gun several times. The scream was long and piercing.

Others were frightened. They quickly kneeled down and begged for mercy. Bai Yeqing gave the gun to Leng Fei without any emotion. “Keep one alive and kill the others.”

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