Chapter 105: They Are Head over Heels in Love (2)

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Bai Yeqing gave the gun to Leng Fei without any emotion. “Keep one alive and kill the others.”

Every single word he said sounded chilling cold and cruel. He picked up Xia Xingchen and put her into the car.

The car was deathly silent on their way back. Bai Yeqing held her in his arms all the time with his hand clenched and his eyes looking at her. Leng Fei dared not to break the silence except calling Dr.Fu to make sure he would go to the presidential residence as soon as possible.

Xia Xingchen could feel she was drowned in the endless darkness and nightmares kept torturing her as if hordes of monsters were chasing her. She yelled for help but it didn’t work. On the edge of desperation, a man finally came to her like a god…

The strong figure and warm chest assured her like the whole world was safe with him.

“Is she alright?” Bai Yeqing asked Fu Yichen coldly. The tension was still on his face.

“The wounds are treated. Fortunately, they are just bruises. But she got a panic attack. She was seriously frightened. She was injured mentally and that’s going to take a long time to heal.”

Bai Yeqing nodded his head slightly, looking at her bed. The gloom on his face was finally replaced by a hint of pity. Pale as she was, lying down over there. The kid stayed there with his moist eyes. He somehow kept blowing on her face as if it could reduce her pain.

Bai Yeqing was touched. He saw the bond between them. He understood why she would like to beg him for the kid despite all the humiliation he gave her.

After a while he turned his head, looking at Fu Yichen. It’s hard for him to say that. “Was she…?”

He just stopped there.

“No.” Fu Yichen got him. He knew exactly what he’s going to ask. “We have sent the nurse to check her, she’s safe and sound.”

Bai Yeqing finally felt a bit relaxed upon hearing this.

He couldn’t imagine what would happen if he didn’t arrive on time.

At the same time, Leng Fei knocked on the door and went in.

“Your Excellency.” Bai Yeqing got the sign from Leng Fei. He turned to Fu Yichen. “Get her some medicine. I’ll be right back soon.”

Then he stepped out.

In the reading room.

Bai Yeqing stood by the window with a cold look. Leng Fei said. “Your Excellency, those guys were stubborn and they kept emphasizing it was their idea to kidnap her. But…”

“But, this whole thing must have something to do with the Song’s?” It was a question but also a statement.

He looked outside the window and the darkness made him more mysterious. Leng Fei didn’t know what he’s thinking about, but he’s pretty sure that Mr.President must have got his plans.

“It must have something to do with the Song’s. So, Your Excellency … I don’t think we should go further…” If they pursued it, the Song’s would be the final answer. But it was definitely not a good choice to open hostilities at this moment with Yu Zeyao watching and waiting. Leng Fei believed the president would make a wise decision after rational consideration.

“Where’s the remaining gangster?” Bai Yeqing didn’t respond to Leng Fei.

“He’s still here.”

“Send him to the Song’s and have the Vice President himself handle it.”

Leng Fei was shocked and said yes. He was kind of relaxed. The thing was done.

When Bai Yeqing went back to the room, Fu Yichen and his medical team had already left. Xia Xingchen fell into an uneasy sleep. She kept sweating and her eyelashes kept trembling like the wings of a butterfly. The maids were trying to calm her down and twisting towels for her.

Xia Dabai squatted beside her bed staring at her.  Seeing him walked in, Xia Dabai ran to him and buried his face into his hug. Tears came out of his eyes.

“Don’t cry!” Bai Yeqing was serious. “Hold your tears back!”

“But… but I worry  about Dabao.” He tried to hold back the tears but he cried more loudly with his body shaking.

“Don’t worry. Your Uncle Fu said it was just some bruises. She will be alright tomorrow.”

“She’s in pain. I know it. It hurts.”

“… …” He closed his mouth tightly, looking at Xia Xingchen silently. After a while, he touched the kid’s head. “Don’t cry. If you do worry about her, go back to your room and sleep. She would worry about you if she knew you hadn’t slept yet.”

“But, who takes care of her if I leave?”

Bai Yeqing lifted the kid up silently and took him back to his room.

He came back to her room after making sure the kid’s sleeping.

He sent all the servants away so there were only the two of them in the room. He lay down on the bed, wearing his robe. She was going through a tough time in her dream because she kept waving her hands in the bed. He noticed that and held her hands gently in his.

And he stretched his free hand under her neck and then she’s in his arms.

Xia Xingchen was sleeping but she could still feel the familiar scent, which could help a lot to overcome the pain. Her body, which was stiff before, became soft. She hugged his waist subconsciously as if she was seeking shelter.

Bai Yeqing sighed and gently kissed her on her forehead.

The night was quiet and peaceful.

The next day.

Xia Xingchen woke up, finding there’s only her herself in the bed. She looked vacantly in the air. Was it a dream that they slept together last night? Did he actually hold her in his arms? She touched the bed. She could even feel his temperature.

She smelled the air.  His scent was lingering in the air. That helpfully assured her.

“Miss. Xia, you are awake.” The servant was relieved finding she’s awake.

“Yes.” Xia Xingchen felt the pain on her swollen face. She wanted to touch her face but her arm was painfully shivering. She didn’t think she had the chance to survive yesterday so she used every hint of her strength to fight. No wonder she got injured.

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