Chapter 106: They Are Head over Heels in Love (3)

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“Be careful, Miss. Xia. You were badly wounded.” The servant helped her to get up by adding a pillow behind her. “Be careful. I got you your breakfast. We’ll make you another poultice when you finish it.”

“Thanks.” Xia Xingchen showed her gratitude weakly. Her mind was clear now and the last night came to her again. Those men tried to assault her. They tore up her shirt. And someone even grabbed her chest…

She couldn’t hold on for even one more second mentally and physically at that moment……

Fortunately, he came to her.

She was scared and took the quilt to cover herself. “Is he here?” She’s still shivering.

“You mean Mr.President?”

She nodded.

“Mr.President went to the presidential office. But he’s been worrying about you. He barely slept last night.” The servant started to ramble. “In retrospect, I’ve been here for years but I’ve never seen Mr.President being so frightening before. When he came back last night, even the butler didn’t dare to talk to him.”

Xia Xingchen remembered the terrifying pictures last night and the gunshots.

She remembered Bai Yeqing covered her eyes. But she could still feel the cruelty and the viciousness as if the gun in his hand was his toy. She never saw him like that before. She felt like she didn’t know him. 

Just as Yu Zenan and Bai Suye told her, he got this position based on tons of lives and ocean of blood…

Xia Xingchen was not frightened by him. She’s just worrying about him.

She felt like people could die easily in their world, including themselves.

The servant went downstairs to get her breakfast. Xia Dabai ran to her after hearing she’s awake, fast like a gust of wind.

“Dabao.” He started to cry at the very moment he saw her.

Xia Xingchen tapped her bed, letting him sit down.

“Why didn’t you go to the riding lessons?”

“Little Bai told me he’s busy. So I could stay to give you company at home. Don’t let your mind run wild.”

Xia Xingchen smiled. “I’m not that weak. I swear I won’t.”

“Are you still in pain?” Xia Dabai wanted to touch her face. But he took his hand back halfway because he thought she might still in pain.

“No.” Xia Xingchen was satisfied knowing he cared about her so much.

At the same time, her phone rang. Xia Dabai grabbed her phone before she took any reaction. The name was shining on the screen. He said. “It’s Little Bai.”

Xia Xingchen picked up the phone.

“Awake?” He spoke first. Maybe the servant had already called him.

She said yes. “I just woke up. Thank you for yesterday. If you were not there… I might…”

She looked at the kid. She didn’t dare to imagine what would happen last night.

“It’s in the past.” Bai Yeqing only said that. He’s not that good at comforting people.

“Stay at home these days. Don’t go anywhere else.”

Xia Xingchen didn’t have the courage of hanging out now. She’s not sure whether it’s Song Weiyi or not. But she did not want to be anyone’s enemy.

“Miss.Xia, your breakfast.” Now the servant came in with the little cart. Bai Yeqing was getting busy and he had to go. “Go eat your breakfast. I’ll try to get home early.”

The last sentence made her kind of in trance. He said it in a pretty natural way as if they were family or a couple…


Bitterness came to her. She shook her head to avoid thinking about it. “Sure. But your work is more important.”

Bai Yeqing said nothing though. Silence. And they hung up.

The servant helped Xia Xingchen move to the sofa. Xia Dabai couldn’t help so he just stood there and looking at her. He had already eaten his breakfast but he did it twice to accompany her.

Fu YIchen came when they finished eating. He and the assistant came to deal with her wounds. She just knew she got a dislocation of her hand yesterday because of fighting too hard.

The servant came into the room when Fu Yichen finished. “Miss.Xia. You have a guest downstairs. Should I take Miss Chi here for you?”

Xia Xingchen noticed Fu Yichen slowed down as if he’s waiting for Chi Weiyang. Xia Xingchen understood now. They were not just “knowing each other.”


Chi Weiyang was wearing a shirt and jeans. She added a light yellow cardigan, which made her bright and attractive. She noticed Fu Yichen when she came in but that’s all.

She saw his car outside.

She was nervous at first but she got ready for that when she’s downstairs. Now she’s cool with it.

“What’s wrong? I heard you were attacked. What happened?” Chi Weiyang completely ignored Fu Yichen and directly sat on the bed. “Let me check your wounds.”

“It’s alright. Nothing happened.”

“Any ideas who kidnapped you?”

Xia Xingchen shook her head. “Not exactly.”

“You don’t have any enemies, do you? If you have, that would certainly be Xia Xingkong. Does she hate you that much? That’s against humanity. I mean, you are her sister!”

“I don’t think it’s her.” Xia Xingchen said. “If she really wanted to kill me, she would have done it when we were young.”

“That’s a point.”

“Never mind.” Xia Xingchen took Chi Weiyang’s hands and secretly looked at Fu Yichen. “It’s weekend though. What about staying here? Dabai hadn’t seen you for a while. He missed you so much.”

Xia Dabai opened the door now. He rushed to her as soon as possible.


“My baby!” Chi Weiyang lifted Xia Dabai up and kissed him. “Will you eat drumsticks next time?”

Xia Dabai shook his head quickly. But the next second he nodded his head. “Yeah. I still like drumsticks. Stay for lunch. I can get you some nice drumsticks.”

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