Chapter 107: They Are Head over Heels in Love (4)

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“That’s a lot.” Chi Weiyang smiled and pinched his face. “Nope. I can’t stay here. I have something necessary to do today.”

“More necessary than drumsticks?”

“You little foodie.” Chi Weiyang paused and smiled. “I have a date. You are gonna have a godfather. Isn’t that necessary?”

Xia Xingchen looked at Fu Yichen subconsciously. He frowned.

Suddenly Fu Yichen lifted his head. “Miss. Xia, take care. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, sure. Thanks, Dr.Fu.” She got her mind back and nodded. The servant sent Fu Yichen out.

Chi Weiyang stopped smiling after he left. A hint of sadness removed the well-pretended smile. Xia Xingchen tapped the kid’s head. “Go fetch some juice for your godmother.”

“OK. I’m on it.” The kid ran downstairs quickly.

Now there were only the two of them in the room. Chi Weiyang stood up and went to the window. She didn’t took back her eyes until Fu Yichen’s car disappeared.

“Real date or not?” Xia Xingchen asked.

Chi Weiyang said nothing. She just laid down on the bed beside Xia Xingchen. She moved a bit and hugged Xia Xingchen with her arms. Xia Xingchen could hear the heavy and bitter breathing.

Xia Xingchen hugged back. She tapped her back slightly. Weiyang was always a strong and positive fighter in her whole life. She never saw her like this before.

“Did something happen?” She asked gently.

“A couple of days before, I saw him and his wife…”

Xia Xingchen knew exactly who she meant.

“It hurts a lot. He moved on. But I’m still stuck in the memories. I can’t forget…” Chi Weiyang started crying.

Xia Xingchen knew that Dr.Fu didn’t move on. There’s still something between them. But no matter what, he got married. The status stopped all the things between them.

“Weiyang, you will get over. Now he’s married. That means he’s not the best one for you. Maybe yours is on the way.” Xia Xingchen tried to comfort her but at the same time, she knew nothing would help for a person stuck in the trap of love. If that’s a simple thing, why did she kept being single? Why did she refuse anyone who wanted to be her boyfriend?

“I tell myself I’m going to move on.” Chi Weiyang smiled and lifted her head from the quilt. “Xingchen, do you still think I can love others?” Chi Weiyang thought the years with Fu Yichen had drained all of her love.

“Give it a go, at least. If you find one, that’s good. If you can’t, nothing bad for you.”

In Song’s house.

Now everyone in the house kept quiet out of fear. The man’s screaming from the house in the backyard frightened everyone.

Song Weiyi stood there with her mother Mei Liuli. She looked pale and her legs were shaking as if she would fall down at any time. Mei Liuli was scared, too. “I should have stopped you…”

“Mom, you must help me now. Dad’s gonna kill me.”

At the last word, the door was opened violently. Song Guoyao came out with the fierceness and rage. Song Weiyi wanted to say something but she tasted a good slap on her face even before she could open her mouth.

Suddenly her face swelled and tears kept going down on her face. She was shivering, trying to hold the tears back.

Song Guoyao was about to slap her again. Mei Liuli rushed to him, holding his hand tightly. She cried. “Guoyao! You only have one daughter!”

“How dare you? You spoiled her!” Song Guoyao yelled at her. “The people she found this time were my people. We did things together. We fought. Now they were killed by Bai Yeqing one by one. And I had to give him those fucking weapons.”

“Our Weiyi is still young and naive. Those people worked with you for years. It was their own problem…ah…”

He put the gun against Mei Liuli’s head. She was scared to death and kneeled before him. Song Weiyi held the gun. “Father! Just kill me! I told them to do it. They didn’t dare to say no! I have to take responsibility for my actions!”

“Stop…” Mei Liuli hugged her daughter, crying.

Song Weiyi cried, her face like stone. “I was just about to teach her some lessons. I have to fight for my man. She teased him so she deserved it!”

“I don’t care about those stuff. If you got me in trouble again, I’m definitely gonna kill you.”

Song Guoyao’s words were like bullets shooting at her heart. He left after finishing the stunning threatening speech.

Mei Liuli lay down on the grass and kept crying. Men like him only cared about supreme power. Love and family were just like tools for them. He could kill anyone if necessary just for his own interests.

Song Weiyi squatted with her face buried in her hands. She hates Xia Xingchen more after being treated in this way today. If she became the First Lady one day she would definitely kill her.

Nine o’clock in the evening, Bai Yeqing finally finished his work and left the presidential office.

Leng Fei opened the door for him. He got into the car and asked. “Did Song Guoyao handle the stuff?”

“Yes. He handled it well.”

Bai Yeqing didn’t say anything more. He looked at his watch. It would be about 10 when he got back home. She might have slept already. He thought he could go home early today but the domestic and international stuff kept him busy all day.

He pressed his forehead and closed his eyes, trying to have some rest in the car. He slept at one and got to his office at seven. And the six hours was the best sleep he had in these days.

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