Chapter 109: Missing (1)

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He always kept himself alert. So he woke up in no time when she tapped him, frowning. He looked exactly like a lion with a temper, which could burst out at any time. It was the first time Xia Xingchen saw him like that. She’s kind of shocked and worried about him going to be mad.

When he lifted his head and noticed that it was her, he lazily went back to sleep with his arm under his head. “What time is it now?”

“8:10.” Xia Xingchen picked up the remote and asked him. “Shall I open the window?”

“Yep.” He said. The curtains rolled up with strong sunlight coming into the room. It took a while for him to open his eyes in the light.

“When did you get up?” Bai Yeqing sat up in bed.

“I had woken up for a while.” Xia Xingchen said. “Went back to prepare. Leng Fei has been waiting for a while. He wants me to tell you that there’s an important meeting that you must attend in 20 minutes.”

Bai Yeqing picked up his watch on the nightstand and wore it. “You look better today.” He looked at her.

“Yeah, I slept for almost a whole day yesterday.

 Bai Yeqing got out of his bed and walked out. Xia Xingchen was standing over there and when he passed her, he picked up her hand naturally.

“Huh?” She felt confused but she could only follow him. His long legs made it hard for her to catch up. 

“What are you doing?” She asked.

Now she followed him out of her bedroom. Servants were waiting in the corridor respectfully. Xia Xingchen was afraid that others might misunderstand their relationship. She blushed and tried to get rid of his hand subconsciously. Bai Yeqing won’t let her go but held her hand more tightly and he just pulled her into his bedroom.

“What do you want?” Standing right at the door, she was confused.

“Why are you looking at me this way? What do you think?” No answer. He threw a question back to her and looked deeply into her eyes. He just sobered up from the whole night’s sleep. His robe seemed generous with showing off his pecs.

Xia Xingchen could feel her heartbeat. She stepped back and leaned on the door with her hand holding the doorknob. She tried to keep some distance from him.

Bai Yeqing said nothing. He pointed out his changing room with his chin. “I’m going to wash up now. Can you help me choose a suit for the meeting?”

Then he turned around and stepped into the bathroom. Xia Xingchen felt relaxed without the pressure from him. “Don’t you have any servants?”

He usually had someone to do that.

“The tie you gave me will do.” His voice came from the bathroom.

That did surprise her.

He had tons of clothes. He seldom used a  handkerchief twice, not to mention a tie. But she noticed he had been wearing the same tie for a couple of days. Before when he’s in Switzerland he’s been wearing it. She even thought he forgot to bring other ties with him.

“This tie was sold out now.” Xia Xingchen walked to the changing room.

“How so?”

“Don’t you spend any time online?”

“I don’t even have time to sleep. I use the internet for checking some documents.” He answered her question while shaving. His stiff beard needs a special razor.

“You have always been the fashion icon of the young people. This tie got too much attention recently. People start to search for the brand and then all ties of this brand were sold out in a week.” Xia Xingchen answered him.

“Really?” Bai Yeqing was surprised.

Xia Xingchen came out with his suit and looked at him. “Do you like it that much?”

Bai Yeqing thought for a while and gave her a look full of meaning. “Yeah. You can tie it around your neck and also on your hands. I love multifunctional stuff.”

Xia Xingchen’s face suddenly went red. She just can’t talk to this man. If she didn’t get him the tie but a shirt, everything would be okay then.

“Your clothes are here. If there’s nothing else I’ll just go out.”

She dropped his clothes on the bed. She chose deep color for the important conference. Actually most of his clothes were dark color.

Bai Yeqing came out of the bathroom. “Xingchen.”

His voice made her heart jump. She stopped and turned around. Her soft clear eyes met his deep hazel eyes. He became more serious. “Song Weiyi won’t do this to you again in a short time. But we can’t make sure she will leave you alone. So…”

He paused. “So if you don’t want the kid to worry  about you too much, just move back.”

Xia Xingchen was about to ask him the question he refused to answer last night. But the question failed to come out of her mouth. “I’ll think about it. And… thank you for saving me that day.”

They both chose to forget about the deal between them.


She said she would think about it but the result came out just the same as before.

Xia Xingchen didn’t go back to the presidential residence after work on Monday. She ate at Chi Weiyang’s home that night. Xia Xingchen knew she’s not in a good mood recently. There probably was something to do with Fu Yichen. But the relationship was at least a private problem. Xia Xingchen couldn’t ask too much if Chi Weiyang didn’t want to say.

In the evening she went back to her apartment and made a phone call with Xia Dabai. He was upset that she didn’t come back. They talked till late at night.

But Bai Yeqing didn’t call her or showed up in a week.

Xia Dabai was not grounded by him. The chauffeur sent him to her on Tuesday after class. Although the kid could give her company, she still felt odd and empty. The feeling of loss.

In the evening, lying on the bed, she always thought about the warm hug. But…

But she knew that’s something that didn’t belong to her. She knew exactly that her greed would destroy her one day.

Xia Dabai came to her apartment again on Friday. He didn’t have class on the weekend so Xia Xingchen took him to the night market.

The night markets there were famous throughout the nation. Locals and visitors loved to hang around there. There were tons of people there on Friday nights.

Xia Dabai loved this kind of lively atmosphere. Fun in leaps, and fun in bounds.

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