Chapter 110: Missing (2)

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Xia Dabai loved this kind of lively atmosphere. Fun in leaps, and fun in bounds.

“Dabai, stay with me. Hold my hand.”

Xia Dabai came to her and put his little soft hand in hers.

“Dabao, can we bring Little Bai here next time? Little Bai must have never been to this kind of market before.” He asked joyfully with his head up.

A hint of sadness jumped into her eyes. Watching the crowds around them, she shook her head. “I don’t think it’s proper for him to come here.”

He must have been busy recently. She had no idea what he’s up to because his schedule hadn’t been on the news for a while.

If she didn’t have the kid, she might always think knowing each other and the whole thing happened to them was just a dream. And now it’s time to wake up so he disappeared from her life as he had never shown up before.

“Yep. If daddy comes here, people would crowd around him, right? That’s a huge problem for uncle Leng Fei.” Xia Dabai’s voice brought her back from her own twisting mindset.

Xia Xingchen smiled at him. There were more people in the night market, so she lifted the kid. Xia Dabai’s arm was wrapped around her neck. “Dabao, can I use your phone?”

“What for?”

“I want to face time with Little Bai.”

“You mean now?” Xia Xingchen looked around. “There are lots of people here. It’s not a good idea.”

“I want him to see the people.” Xia Dabai said. “He has never been to such a fun place. Isn’t it pathetic? We can show him so he would feel like he’s here. ”

Xia Xingchen passed her phone to him.

Xia Dabai directly FaceTimed him. Hearing the beep sound, Xia Xingchen started to get anxious. She didn’t contact him for a couple of days. Would they become strangers now? She had no idea about it.

“Yes?” Bai Yeqing’s voice came from her phone.

One word could make her heart fly away. Subconsciously she lifted her head and looked into the screen, which has his face on it now. He saw her, too.

Their eyes met and they shared a fleeting moment.

Xia Xingchen came out of her trance and said. “Dabai called you.”

She handed the phone to the kid. “Here you go.”

Then she tried to avoid looking into the screen again. She used all her energy to pretend to be interested in the night market. But somehow she could even feel someone was staring at her through the screen.

The voice of joy rang in her ears.

“Look, Little Bai! This is awesome.”

“Sure.” His voice was calm and cool as usual.

But nothing could ruin Xia Dabai’s passion. He kept introducing the night market to him. “The food here is the best. And the tanghulu, do you want to try it?”

“No! Why did your mom allow you to eat this kind of thing? Didn’t you learn a lesson from the hospital last time?”

Xia Dabai had some temper now. “Little Bai, why do you have to ruin everything? I am a growing child and I need more food for more energy!”

“Not this kind of energy! Give the phone to your mom!”

Xia Xingchen knew she had to face him. His tone taught her that she’s in trouble now. She knew Dabai had a weak stomach but she just couldn’t say no to him, especially when he looked at her with his watery big eyes. She’s not heartless like Bai Yeqing. He always thought junk foods were toxic. And even crying wouldn’t change Bai Yeqing’s mind.

She was about to take her phone but Xia Dabai didn’t give them a chance to talk. “Little Bai, Dabao is busy now! She can’t talk to you. I have to go now. We are going to the drive-in cinema. Go to work now! We love you!”

He hung up the phone before getting any answer. His face on the screen stopped for a second and then disappeared.

Xia Dabai won’t give him the opportunity to destroy the snack time!

Xia Xingchen’s hand reaching out for the phone froze in the air. Sadness showed up in her eyes as the screen went blank. Xia Dabai suddenly realized what was happening. He asked. “Dabao, should I … should I call him again?”

“No, I’m good.” Xia Xingchen shook her head and took her phone. “Thank god you hung up. You saved me so many troubles.”

Xia Dabai grinned. “You wanna thank me? Can I have some grilled squid, please?”

“…no. I can’t be too soft on you.”

“Just one.”

“No way. If anything wrong happens to you, your father won’t let me see you again.”

Xia Dabai was about to cry with his watery eyes. He shouldn’t have FaceTimed dad! He ruined everything! 


Xia Dabai begged Xia Xingchen to take him to the drive-in cinema. She didn’t have a car so she decided to rent one beside the cinema.

There’s not a lot of cars around on the parking lot. The movie was Transformers 4, which Xia Xingchen had watched before and she wasn’t a big fan. So all she wanted to do was to watch her son and eating chips.

But the movie was so much fun for him. Xia Dabai even danced around. Seeing him laughing, Xia Xingchen could not help smiling at him. She thought there was much more fun watching her son rather than the movie.

If Bai Yeqing didn’t put a ban on his freedom, if he could allow Xia Dabai come to stay with her whenever he wanted, there’s no need to beg him or try to make Dabai stay right beside her. Everything was fine now.

Staring at a random point in the air, she filled her head with foolish notions. Then she got sleepy. Then car behind them threw a long and strong ray of light on the rear-view mirror when she was about to fall asleep. She tried to block the light with her hand. She could barely see. The movie had started for a while. How could the car get in? And there was more than one car driving in now.

She was confused but didn’t keep thinking about it. The strong light blocked her sight and soon she lost curiosity.

“Dabao, are you going to take a nap?” Xia Dabai got close to her.

“Yeah, a little bit…”

“You could take a nap in the back seat. I will wake you up when the movie ends.”

Xia Xingchen touched his cheek softly. “Will you feel disappointed if I’m not here with you?”

“Not at all. I’m good. Go ahead.” Xia Dabai touched her cheek like he was babysitting her. Xia Xingchen felt a spreading warmth through her heart.

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