Chapter 21 – It Was Just an Accident

Xia Xingchen had never kissed anyone except the man in front of her. When she was still dating with Xu Yan before, even holding hand in hand could make her blush.


She had no experience in kissing as the last one she had happened five years ago.


Kissing was completely unfamiliar to her now.

She closed her eyes tightly, and almost forgot how to breathe. Not in a while, her tiny nose was covered by a thin layer of sweat.

Bai Yeqing suddenly kissed more fiercely.

Xia Xingchen was startled by his fierceness and came to herself like a duck in a thunderstorm. But he didn’t take more actions and simply squinted: “Dare you to misbehave again?”

… …

For a long time, Xia Xingchen kept feeling dizzy like she was in severe hypoxia.

The man beside her had already gotten up and left, however, she still felt that hot feeling was burning her.

Crazy! It was totally crazy!

How could she be so dazed that kissed him more than once?! She was afraid that Bai Yeqing would think she did this deliberately.

Xia Xingchen got very vexed.

After a whine, she buried her burning face into the quilt.

When breathing, she could still smell the odor of his body. Then Xia Xingchen put her hands on the breast, only to find that her heart… skipped a beat again…

This feeling was so terrible!

… …

The following day.

Xia Xingchen was dressing Xia Dabai on the bed, while Dabai was quite drowsy, and he yawned and asked: “Dabao, where is Little Bai? Why is he not here?”

“He got up early, and you have to know that not everyone can sleep late like you.”

When referring to him, she involuntarily thought about last night, and she felt very embarrassed.

Did she need to explain it to him?

“So did you get a baby last night?” Xia Dabai suddenly asked.

“Dare you to speak of that again? If it were not for you, we wouldn’t have… ” She complained, but when talking about this, she lost her tongue.

The little kid seemed to sense something, and he tilted the head and looked at her with big eyes twinkling, “Wouldn’t have what?”

“Nothing. Now you get up.”

Xia Xingchen patted on the kid’s bottom and urged.

After Xia Dabai got dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast, Xia Xingchen went to her own room to wash. She thought for a while and finally decided to talk frankly with Bai Yeqing.

After all, she had to stay here to accompany Dabai for some time, and they would encounter inevitably, so it would be better to explain clearly as soon as possible.

When she went down, Bai Yeqing was striding out facing the rising sun. Xia Xingchen caught up with him: “Mr. President.”

Bai Yeqing halted and turned back, looking down at her from his height.

The situation was a little bit embarrassed.

Leng Fei and other bodyguards, who followed Bai Yeqing, all turned their heads, so she was too shy to speak out.

Xia Xingchen walked near him and said in a low voice: “Last night… I hope that you don’t get me wrong.”

Bai Yeqing puckered his lips, “Getting you wrong?”

“I… I mistook you for Xia Dabai and I really didn’t know it was you. So, it was just an accident last night, and you shall forget about it in case of further misunderstandings… “


She was the only woman who had asked him to forget everything after they kissed! Did she know how many women outside were dreaming of kissing him?

His eyes got colder, and he took an indifferent glance at her, speaking expressionlessly: “I won’t keep such trifles in mind.”

After the words, the man ignored her completely. Then he got in the car and left without any hesitation.

Looking at the motorcade disappearing gradually in her sight, Xia Xingchen stood there and pouted.



How could a president, who was always occupied by myriads of state affairs like him, care about such an ‘accident’?

So, why would she make an unnecessary notification and explanation for that?

How ridiculous it seemed!

Xia Xingcheng was annoyed for what she did.

At once, thinking of his indifferent expression when he said ‘won’t keep in mind’, she felt suddenly a little sad.

But she didn’t hope him to remember that, did she?

… …

After breakfast, Xia Xingchen continued to prepare assessment materials.

Besides her, Xia Dabai was playing interestedly with the imitation guns Lei Fei brought him.

Men seemed to show special preference to this kind of things.

So did children.

Xia Xingchen had given up trying to persuade him not to play with them because she knew it was useless.

At that time, her cell phone rang suddenly.

Looking at the number flashing on the screen, she put down her pen and answered the phone.

“Xingchen, I have made a date for you.”

It was her grandmother.


“Last time I said I would arrange a blind date for you. Have you took it in your mind?”

“… …”

In fact, Xia Xingchen really had forgotten it.

“I’ll give you the address. Go there, now.”

“Remember to arrive before 11 o’clock. Don’t keep him waiting for a long time. Do you know that?”

The old lady directly hung up the phone and sent the address to her mobile phone ten seconds later. She couldn’t even interrupt and had no time to refuse the date.

She frowned and looked at her phone.

Xia Dabai walked near her and bent to look, “What?”

“A blind date.”

“A blind date?”

“If you don’t like it, I won’t go.”

Xia Xingchen took a look at her son and was ready to delete the message.

“Go, of course. You should go.”

Xia Dabai took the phone away fast and then he climbed and sat down on Xia Xingchen’s laps.

Holding her face with two small hands, Xia Dabai said: “Dabao, Uncle Xu Yan would marry Xia Xingkong and Daddy may marry someone else. So…

You need to find the one who will marry you.

Although I have thought you could marry me…

I am still a child. Our teacher said children cannot get married.”

Looking at her son, Xia Xingchen’s eyes went red.


Before long Bai Yeqing would marry Song Weiyi.

Till that time, she would have to move out and be separated from Dabai…

The more she thought about it, the more unhappy she felt.

But she didn’t dare to show that in front of Dabai.

She just smiled and pinched his cheeks, which looked like small white buns, “I know. As you like.

If I really marry someone, you should be there as my page boy.”


The kid promised, as his high morality reaching up to the clouds.

But after thought, he put his lips in displeasure, “But that person should be more handsome and wealthier than Daddy. What’s more, he should be good to you.”

“… …”

Xia Xingchen rolled her eyes at Dabai.

“Come on, stop dreaming.”

… …

Xia Xingchen took a taxi and went to the place grandma told her.

It was not time yet. Thinking that man had not come, she sat down next to a window.

For the blind date, she was absent-minded, so she took a book and watched it casually.

Outside the coffee shop, a motorcade slowly drove by.

The window of a car in the middle of the motorcade slowly rolled down and a beautiful face of young man emerged.

“Is she Xia Xingchen?”

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