Chapter 24 – Mr. President Got Injured

“How could this happen?” Chi Weiyang also noticed the news on TV.

“Does he get injured too?” Xia Xingchen muttered, her heart hanging over the throat. The horror on the White Feather Square scared her.

“God, I heard that the president got injured, is it true?”

“No way, is his injury serious or not?”

“Who knows. It is estimated that this explosion is aimed at Mr. President. If Mr. President really gets injured, I will be really grieved.” Others in the lounge also saw the news, and there was a lot of discussions.

Xia Xingchen stared at the TV and wanted to see further reports. However, the news didn’t come out so fast.

Chi Weiyang looked at the news and looked at Xia Xingchen. Then Chi Weiyang waved in front of her face. “Hey! Xingchen, are you okay? You look pale.”

Xia Xingchen shook her head and grabbed Chi Weiyang’s hands, still staring at the TV.

“Why is there no further report yet?” she was quite worried.

“Stop watching now.” Chi Weiyang said: “The performance appraisal in probation will start soon, we have to prepare for it.”

“Weiyang, you just go, I will wait here for further news.” Although she really wanted to give him a phone call and ask the specific circumstance, she didn’t dial either him or Leng Fei.

Looking at her, then at the TV, Chi Weiyang started to speak, “Who are you worried about now?”

“Bai Ye …” the name almost escaped his lips. Realizing that too late, she broke off in mid-sentence, dropping in silence.

Nonetheless, Chi Weiyang heard that clearly, and asked, “Mr. President?”

In Xia Xingchen’s mind, everything was total in a mess now. She had scarcely the strength to hide the truth and just nodded.

Completely thinking that she was just a common citizen who expressed concern about the leader, Chi Weiyang said with disapproval, “Forget it, you are just justifying your fear. Do you think it is necessary for you to be worried about Mr. President? Besides, there are so many bodyguards around him. He will be OK.”


“Of course. Now, nothing can be more important than your performance appraisal in probation. Just follow me.” Chi Weiyang pulled Xia Xingchen’s hand and left together.

Xia Xingchen’s heart had been on pins and needles, anxious and restless. Although she was not watching the TV, she constantly browsed the news on her mobile phone. There have been rumors said that it was a terrorist attack aiming at the president.

No news was bad news!

Xia Xingchen had been anxious. Until the news said that the president was safe, she was relieved, with a smile on her pale face.

Staring at Xia Xingchen for a long time, Chi Weiyang finally couldn’t help but say, “Xingchen… you seem to be very concerned about Mr. President. Why do you worry about him so much?”

Xia Xingchen was stunned, putting the phone away, and asked, “He is our president. Don’t you care about him?”

“Yes, of course. But I don’t care about him the same as you. What you do is more than caring for him. If others know your reaction to Mr. President’s injury, they must think you are worried about your lover!”


Because of the words that Chi Weiyang said, Xia Xingchen was shocked.

“Yes, why do I worry about Mr. President so much? Even though we had been close to each other, we two are not even friend now,” thought Xia Xingchen.

“No! It’s impossible! I can’t be so stupid that I fall in love with that man!”

“Nonsense,” Xia Xingchen sternly refuted Chi Weiyang. It seemed the word was said to Chi Weiyang, but it was more like to say to herself. “If I have fallen in love with someone, that guy must be Xu Yan. It has nothing to do with Mr. President.”

Chi Weiyang stared at her and laughed. “Just kidding! Why are you so serious? Mr. President is a handsome man who has great achievements in his official career. So everyone is worried about him for his getting hurt in the accident. But the performance appraisal in probation will start soon, I’m more worried about the assessment.”


I had just worried about him so much, and it was no different from others. Wasn’t it normal? It must be normal.

Thinking about that, Xia Xingchen calmed down.

The assessment had not yet turned to Xia Xingchen, and her cell phone rang.

Unfamiliar number.

She didn’t think much, walking off and picking up the phone.

“Miss Xia.”

“Leng Fei?” She recognized the voice instantly. But why he called me?

“What’s the matter? I just watched the news. Fortunately, Mr. President…”

“Miss Xia, Your Excellency was seriously injured. We need your help. Please come out. The car is waiting for you at the entrance.”

“What?” A number of worries attacked Xia Xingchen, “But the news clearly showed…”

“I can’t tell you details on the phone. Please do not tell others that Your Excellency was badly hurt. Please hurry up.”

“OK, I see. I’m coming out.”

“Your Excellency is severely injured,” the words from Leng Fei filled up Xia Xingchen’s mind. She put her cellphone back in her bag and rushed outside directly.

Chi Weiyang noticed and stopped Xia Xingchen at once. “Hey, where are going? It is going to be your turn.”

“I quit. Go on to take your exam.”

“Are you crazy? How long have you been fighting for this opportunity? The Foreign Ministry is not a place where anyone can be employed. It will be your turn, are you going to give up this opportunity?” Chi Weiyang stared at her.

“I got something really urgent.” Xia Xingchen shook off Chi Weiyang’s hands. She looked extremely worried.

“What is more urgent than your job?”

Xia Xingchen couldn’t explain it anymore and hurried away, leaving Chi Weiyang totally confused. Chi Weiyang could do nothing but stamp on her feet angrily.

A car stopped in front of Xia Xingchen when she rushed out the Foreign Ministry building. Xia Xingchen had seen the driver before, who was Bai Yeqing’s trusted subordinate, so she got into the car.

Xia Xingchen felt a heavy atmosphere all the way. She didn’t say a word, but the driver’s expression told her that Bai Yeqing was seriously injured. It was beyond Xia Xingchen’s expectation that the driver took her to a more remote area instead of the presidential residence.

After driving through countless security posts, a small house appeared in her sight. However, in such a quiet and remote place, it was especially conspicuous.

As soon as the car stopped, Leng Fei came out and greeted her personally.

Leng Fei’s expression was also quite unpleasant. At once she saw his expression, Xia Xingchen knew there must something wrong with Bai Yeqing.

“How is he?”

“Come in and you’ll know it.”

Xia Xingchen knew Leng Fei depressed and then didn’t ask about the condition anymore. At last, she asked: “What can I do for you now?”

Leng Fei answered her with another question: “Miss Xia, can you cook?”

“Of course.”

“Could you deal well with trifling matters of everyday life, such as laundry?”

“Yes.” She wouldn’t have known them, but after Dabai was born, she learned the skills gradually.


Why did Leng Fei ask her these irrelevant questions?

“If so, please take care of Mr. President these days. Now the political situation remains turbulent and both domestic and foreign cast covetous eyes on him, therefore, Mr. President’s injury should be held back. Because there are no servants, I could only ask you for help. Miss Xia, I hope you can understand and help us.”

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