Chapter 29 – Help Relieve His Pain

The tension gripped Xia Xingchen’s insides.

She turned to the bathroom and took a wrung-out hot towel out, and then leaned over to wipe the sweat on his forehead.

Bai Yeqing suddenly reached out and grabbed her hand. He opened his eyes slightly and looked at her. His eyes were covered with a thin mist at the moment, making him look more mysterious but her feel sympathetic.

She could feel that he was struggling to endure the pain, as his hand on her wrist sometimes got loose and sometimes tightened, while his palm was icy-cold and covered with cold sweat, moistening her skin as well.

Xia Xingchen couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Let’s chat and distract your attention, then you will not hurt that much.” She put down the towel and whispered, “Do you want to listen to a story? Or, whatever you want to chat with me, you can go ahead.”

She was quite considerate.

Fu Yichen couldn’t help but look at the two of them. This scene was quite eye-catching.

Bai Yeqing stared at Xia Xingchen, squinting his narrow eyes which were enshrouded by a vague halo, “I have another way to distract my attention and relieve my pain more effectively than chatting… Will you cooperate?”

Xia Xingchen felt a bit dizzy.

She actually thought his hoarse voice was so attractive, sexy and melodious.

She nodded almost without hesitation, “Of course. But, how can I cooperate with you?”

“Bent down a little,” he required.

“OK.” She bent down.

“Get closer.”

“Ah?” She hesitated for a moment, looking at him with her eyelashes jittered.

Now there was only 5-fist distance left between them.

If she got closer, then…

It would be very dangerous.

Bai Yeqing was so painful that he clenched Xia Xingchen by the wrist. She felt bad and immediately bent down to approach him.

Although she didn’t know what was he going to do, it was good to relieve a little of his pain. When she was thinking about this, the distance between them already got so close that there was only one-fist distance left.

The handsome facial features of this man magnified in front of her eyes and became a bit blurry. What’s more, she could clearly hear his slightly heavy gasp.

Xia Xingchen asked anxiously: “What on earth should I do… Mmm…”

Just don’t stop…

Xia Xingchen hadn’t finished her words yet when Bai Yeqing suddenly lifted himself from bed to touch her lips with his cold lips.

It was a cool touch, but Xia Xingchen only felt a horrible fiery coming from her lips in a deep trance.

What… What was going on?

Xia Xingchen was much astounded. When she finally recovered from her surprise, she subconsciously raised her head and stepped back. But just as she backed off a little, Bai Yeqing suddenly held her back of the head.

He brought her face closer to his and kissed her again.

Xia Xingchen couldn’t resist the man’s overbearing kiss at all. She only felt that the air in her chest was evacuated for a moment.

She felt the tingling of her tongue.

This kiss was more and more dangerous.

She was a little scared, afraid that she would be intoxicated and fell into an abyss. But she was unable to stop.

“Oh…I’ve finished dressing your wound.” The kiss didn’t last a long time, and Fu Yichen, who was completely ignored, couldn’t help but cough to draw their attention.

Was there a Single Person Protection Association? He wanted to apply for protection!

The two completely regarded him as the air.

He really doubted that Mr. President was not coming here for recovery but using his wound as an excuse to develop a romantic relationship with Miss Xia. What a good excuse!

Xia Xingchen only recovered from her surprise after Fu Yichen gave a cough.

She belatedly remembered that Doctor Fu was still there. Blushing and panicked, she wanted to back away Bai Yeqing.

Bai Yeqing clasped Xia Xingchen in his arms, his lips lingering on hers, and finally, let go his hold of her.

She glanced at him in a flurry, noticing complex emotions showed in his dark eyes. Xia Xingchen suddenly became confused and did not dare to study his underlying meanings. She just turned around blushingly.

She ran out of the room as if she was fleeing from him.

Although she did not look back, she could clearly feel that Doctor Fu was looking at her with meditative eyes.

It’s so shameful! ! ! She should… be kissed again unreasonably, not to mention that she completely forgot Fu Yichen’s presence!

“I’m crazy!” Xia Xingchen paced up and down outside the door, holding her head in her hands.

What a bad man! It was not a way to distract his attention at all! She had been fooled.


She actually did not resent his kiss, and her heart even beat faster.

Covering the chest for a long time, Xia Xingchen could clearly feel her heart constantly beating with high speed. “What’s wrong with me?” thought Xia Xingchen.

“Have I really fallen in love with him?”

“No! It’s impossible!” Xia Xingchen was a little surprised at her own thoughts. She patted her face and wanted to be clear-headed. At the same time, she kept muttering, “Any man’s kiss can make my heart beat faster, let alone he is the president. Besides, he is so handsome and has a pretty body shape. “

“Yes, so, don’t be captivated! Xia Xingchen, you have to stay clear-headed!”

How noble was Mr. President! How could she, an ordinary civilian, take a fancy to him?

Even though they lived together now because of Xia Dabai, they would never be so close to each other without this kid.

If she really fell in love with him, she would be just one of the thousands of women who admired him.

Historically, there had never been a romantic relationship between presidents and civilians.

Among so many presidents, almost everyone’s marriage was a political one. If a president wanted to gain a foothold in politics, marriage and love would have to be his stepping-stones.

Whether they did it involuntarily or voluntarily, they would eventually make the same choice.

Therefore, an ordinary civilian who fell in love with a president was simply ignorant, and her affection would eventually become transient bubbles.

“You must never be fooled by him again!”

Xia Xingchen was sensible and she forced herself to calm down, but…

An unspeakable sense of loss unconsciously spread out in her heart.

She refused to ponder over the reason.

After a while, Fu Yichen came out with the medicine box. Seeing him again, Xia Xingchen felt embarrassed, but she still sent him out.

“You two fall in love?” asked Fu Yichen.

“Ah? No, no!” She immediately denied.

Fu Yichen smiled and seemed to have ignored her words. He continued, as if talking to himself, “Yeqing looks cold. But if you get close to him, you’ll find that he is actually warm and gentle. Women can easily fall in love with him.”

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