Chapter 30 – Keeping a Safe Distance

What Fu Yichen said is true – it was really simple to fall in love with Bai Yeqing. Therefore, if she kept getting along with him in an ambiguous way, she might also have a crush on him spontaneously.

Xia Xingchen was actually a timid person, who dared not to do desperate things regardless of anything, like developing a romantic relationship with Mr. President.

So, after that day, she intentionally or unintentionally kept a safe distance from Mr. President.

Things like using a kiss to relieve pain never happened since then.

Moreover, after Bai Yeqing got better, he was in the middle of official business. Even if he was still lying in bed, Leng Fei would come over and report the situation outside in time.

He showed up neither on TV nor in the public for four days. His disappearance had aroused suspicion among people at home and abroad, so he had to discuss feasible measures with Leng Fei.

On the fifth day, after sending Leng Fei and other people away, Xia Xingchen turned to the kitchen to boil water for him to take medicine.

When she was busy, the phone rang. The name “Zenan” flashed on the screen. She was confused for a while, and then remembered he was the person who she had a blind date with before.

It’s been so long, and neither of them had called each other, she had thought they were done.


“Are you in the Foreign Ministry? I am at the door of your office now. Come out, I’ll take you to dinner.” Yu Zenan’s voice came from the other side. He naturally engaged with her, even if they have only met once.

However, it wasn’t the right time to mention this. Xia Xingchen got embarrassed, “I didn’t participate in the assessment, so they excluded me.”

“You have been preparing for it so hard, why didn’t you take it?”

“It’s a long story.” Xia Xingchen’s voice sounded a bit upset. But then she braced herself, “It doesn’t matter now. I’m already looking for other jobs.”

“You’re qualified for it, just wait, the Foreign Ministry will definitely invite you back.”

“Just don’t coax me.” Xia Xingchen didn’t take his words seriously.

Yu Zenan laughed, “You’re in a bad mood, aren’t you? So I try to make you feel better. But it’s not sincere enough to do so by calling. Where are you? Let me pick you up and take you to eat something delicious to spirit you up.”

“You come in your Aston Martin?”

Aston Martin

“If you don’t like this car, I will change to another one.”

“No, I didn’t mean that, but I’ve been busy recently. I can’t go out today.” She didn’t hate to have a date with Yu Zenan, but her priority at the moment was not to consider her own marriage.

“Then… what about tomorrow?”

“I’m afraid I can’t go out tomorrow either. Maybe ten days later is OK.”

“Okay, then ten days later!” Yu Zenan agreed without the slightest hesitation.

Xia Xingchen thought that Bai Yeqing might not fully recover within ten days, but he would definitely be up and about. It should not be a problem for her to go out for a while.

“Okay. Let’s meet ten days later… Hey, why did you get out of the room?” Having not fished the words yet, Xia Xingchen saw Bai Yeqing in the hall when she turned back.

She was shocked.


Yu Zenan was confused about her words.

“Nothing. I’m so sorry. I’m busy now. See you ten days later.” Finishing these words, Xia Xingchen hung up the phone hurriedly.

Bai Yeqing walked hardly. Each step made him painful from head to foot. He walked from the room to the hall unstably. For such a short distance, he even broke into a cold sweat.

Afraid that he would fall, Xia Xingchen rushed over to help him.

Being anxious, when Xia Xingchen entered the hall, her waist hit into the corner of the sofa back seriously.

She took a deep breath, frowned, and kneaded her waist. But her steps did not slow down at all.

She walked over, held him, and couldn’t help but murmured, “Why did you come out? Doctor Fu said you should stay in bed and rest.”

“Tomorrow I have to appear in public. I need to get used to this pain.”

“You have to appear in front of the media tomorrow?”


Xia Xingchen frowned slightly, “But your current physical condition will not allow you to go out for a long time. Moreover, you’re not fully recovered yet. There are so many people outside, and the weather is not very good. I’m afraid you would be infected…”

Thinking about that, she was even more worried about him.

Bai Yeqing gazed at her worrying face. It seemed that his wound was not so painful suddenly.

But he only asked gently, “How about your waist?”

“What?” His question made Xia Xingchen confused. What did he mean?

Bai Yeqing glimpsed her, and then he suddenly grabbed her waist with his uninjured hand.

With a little effort, he pulled her close, and she almost pressed her face against his chest.

“Oh…” Xia Xingchen stiffened, making small groaning noises. She worked very hard to keep a distance from him, “What… What are you doing?”

His chest had been badly wounded. She was afraid of hurting him, so she could only put her hands on his shoulders.

However, this man seemed to have forgotten that he was injured.

The big palm resting on her waist moved to another side, which was exactly the place she had just hit.


Xia Xingchen frowned slightly.

“You silly goose!” Bai Yeqing looked down at her, snorted, and patiently massaged her bruised waist.

She went blank.

Realizing what he was doing, she felt a hint of warmth and developed a faintly discernible affection…

His palm was very warm. The heat was transferred from his hand to her skin through her clothes, and it penetrated into her insides. She only felt that the pain had just disappeared without a trace.

The only things that left…

Were her completely chaotic heartbeat, and… the heat that aroused her…

In the past few days, she tried very hard to keep a safe distance from him, but now…

They were so close that she could see his wonderful strong features. Further down was his sexy Adam’s apple and collarbone…

She lowered her head to avoid looking at him.

This man was definitely a fairy in a past life as he was so impeccable…

“Well… I’m fine, it didn’t hurt…” Xia Xingchen finally found her voice.

It was a simple sentence, but she spoke disjointedly.

Bai Yeqing, keeping massaging, just looked down at her and asked, “What happened to your work?”

“Ah?” She was in turmoil because he was so close to her.

“I just heard you talking on the phone – you were eliminated from the Foreign Ministry?”

“Oh, yep.” Xia Xingchen cleared her head, “I was about to take the test on the day you were injured. But before it started, Leng Fei sent for me.”

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