Chapter 33 – She Had a Distinguished Background

Yu Zenan approached his eldest brother, while the latter was focusing his attention on TV news.

In the news, the incumbent Mr. President showed up safe and sound in the public, everything arranged well and the whole situation under his control.

Yu Zeyao frowned, as he didn’t expect Bai Yeqing to be so lucky to survive.

“Brother, I’m asking you!” Yu Zenan waved his hand in front of him, “You haven’t told me yet, what’s so special about Xia Xingchen that you insisted I go to handle her?”

“Not to handle her, but to marry her!” Yu Zeyao took the remote control and turned off the TV, replying to his brother in a serious way.

Yu Zenan raised his eyebrows, “She’s not a rich girl born in a powerful family, her dad is just a mayor. Will you let me marry her?”

“Well, do you know who her mother is?”

“Her mother? You mean that Li what… I haven’t looked through the profile you gave me.”

“That’s just her stepmother. Eight years ago, Lady Lanting asked me to look for her daughter in S Country. It took me eight years to finally get a trace.”

Yu Zenan was shocked, “You mean… Xia Xingchen is the daughter of Lady Lanting?”


Who is Lady Lanting? She was an internationally famous figure coming from S Country. Now in the United Nations, she held the military and political lifeblood of many countries.

“I didn’t expect that the little woman has such a background. Does she know about this?”

“She was lost when young, naturally she doesn’t know. I haven’t mentioned this matter with Lady Lanting for the time being.”

“Why not?”

“First you must marry her and officially make her a member of our family. Otherwise, once her true family background is revealed, all men may become your rivals, including Bai Yeqing.”

Yu Zenan snorted disapprovingly, “Vice-president Yu, you lack too much confidence in your brother, don’t you? With my charm, it’s not a big deal to get her even the whole S Country would become my rivals, including Bai Yeqing.”

“Stop bragging! Go to play by yourself, I have a lot of things to do.”

“Well, then I won’t bother you. However, don’t forget my request.” Yu Zenan enjoined again.

If the little woman knew that she regained her lost job, she must be happy, right?

Once Yu Zenan thought of the appointment with her ten days later, he would cheer up. And for the following days, he almost counted his fingers and lived.

… …

The Foreign Ministry never expected to have two important calls in one day. Moreover, both calls were about Xia Xingchen.

The Foreign Ministry

One call from the president required another chance of assessment for her; the other from the vice-president required her to go directly to the Foreign Ministry without taking the assessment.

The person in charge of the personnel department was shocked and checked the profile of Xia Xingchen again and again. He wondered what kind of special woman she was that both the president and the vice-president took up her matter.

However, after looking up and down, he only found that she was simply a bit prettier than ordinary people.

Here in the presidential residence.

Xia Xingchen just returned and packed up the things in her hand, then she received a phone call from the head of the Foreign Ministry personnel department, which flattered her.

“You mean… I can go back to take the assessment now?”

“Yes, Miss Xia. However, if you don’t want to take it, we can also hire you directly.”

Whether or not to take the assessment was no longer important. Anyway, no matter what the result of the assessment was, in the end, it was just a word, pass!

Two most powerful people had called the Foreign Ministry – who dared to get her eliminated? No one would like to seek their own demise.

“No, of course I will take the assessment. However, I would like to ask – I did not take the assessment last time, so I have been disqualified. Why can I retake the assessment now?”

“You don’t have to ask why, as we just received a notice from a higher level.”

Notice from a higher level?

Would it be Bai Yeqing? Xia Xingchen guessed.

He… He really called the Foreign Ministry for such a trifle?

However, even if he really did, he just wanted to make up for causing trouble for her!

Xia Xingchen thought of his indifferent words that day, her heart feeling empty. She couldn’t figure out exactly why at the moment.


At night.

After putting Xia Dabai to bed in his own room, Xia Xingchen took a bath and leaned on the pillow in bed, reading a book. She was going to attend the official assessment tomorrow.

Since he gave her this opportunity, she must grasp it. She didn’t want to be looked down upon by Bai Yeqing.


It was already 9 o’clock in the evening, he hadn’t returned yet.

Today, he stood in front of the media for two hours. Could he bear that with all his wounds?

During those two hours, Xia Xingchen had never left the TV for a moment, watching the live broadcast from beginning to end. She had her heart in throat as if it would jump out of her chest in the next second. At the end of the live broadcast, she finally calmed down.

Wouldn’t he return to the presidential residence tonight?

When Xia Xingchen was thinking about that, a few beams of light shone through the windows.

She got up immediately and walked barefoot to the window. As she expected, a fleet of his cars entered the residence.

Xia Xingchen hurried out of her room and made her way to the stairs in just a few steps. She went down the stairs and met Bai Yeqing followed by his followers including Leng Fei half her way.

Maybe because they had a tacit understanding of each other, or it was just a coincidence, Bai Yeqing raised his head slightly, looking into her worried eyes.

“Miss Xia, it’s quite late now. Haven’t you gone to bed yet?” Leng Fei greeted her first.

She just found that she had been so nervous that she ran out without shoes.

Would he think she was ridiculous? Or would he feel very burdensome?

He was still staring at her, making her feel a little uncomfortable. Finally, she just smiled at Leng Fei and found an excuse for herself, “I’m just reading, but suddenly feel thirsty and want to have a glass of water. I don’t expect to meet you.”

“Let servants get you some water.” To her surprise, Bai Yeqing answered her indifferently. He ordered a servant, “Serve Miss Xia some water.”

“Yes, Mr. President.”

The servant hurried to the kitchen. Now Xia Xingchen had no reason to stay here.

She said thanks awkwardly, then turned around and walked upstairs. Compared to her hurried footsteps before, now she walked much slower.

Leng Fei and other followers didn’t stay long in the presidential residence, they left after a short while.

Feeling tired, Bai Yeqing waved all the servants away and sat alone in the hall. No one else was there, his face showing an expression of pain on top of tiredness.

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