Chapter 34 – The Man She’s in Date With (Part 1)

Obviously, Bai Yeqing was tired. After he dismissed all servants and sat alone in the hall, his face finally showed a trace of pain apart from fatigue.

Xia Xingchen looked down at him from upstairs, feeling disheartened.

After careful consideration, she finally walked downstairs silently and turned into the kitchen.

… …

“Have some water.”

A gentle voice came into his ears, then he slowly opened his eyes while leaning back on the sofa. Her innocent small face reflected on his eyes.

She put a cup of hot water in his hands. The warmth suddenly spread from the palm to the depths of his heart.

“Have you taken medicine today?” asked Xia Xingchen.

“Yeah. Doctor Fu has also checked my wound.”

“You… are you alright?” She looked down at his injured part.

Bai Yeqing slightly nodded as a response.

He took a sip of water. Xia Xingchen thought for a while and said, “I have been waiting for you to come back and want to express my thanks.”

Bai Yeqing looked at her from the bottom up, “For what?”

Xia Xingchen was just about to speak, but the phone in her dressing-gown pocket rang. She took it out and looked at it with surprise.

It turned out to be Yu Zenan.

“I need to answer the phone first.” After saying that, she turned back and put the phone to her ear.

“Why do you call me so late today?”

“I can’t sleep, I miss you.” Yu Zenan was still so sloppy.

Xia Xingchen felt funny, “Stop kidding me.”

“I guess, you must be very happy now. So, you can’t sleep either at this moment.”

“How do you know that I’m happy?”

“I not only know that you are very happy but also know the reason.”

“Really? Then go ahead, tell me why I am so happy.” Xia Xingchen didn’t believe that he was a know-all.

“You’ve got that job, right?” Yu Zenan said with a smirk, “I knew it… You are so professional that the Foreign Ministry will definitely hire you sooner or later.”

Xia Xingchen had been in a blur for a few seconds.

“How did you know that?”

Yu Zenan chuckled, “What do you think? I don’t think you are a fool who can’t figure it out.”

“So, the reason why I can go back to the Foreign Ministry is you…”

“Mhm,” Yu Zenan didn’t give a straight answer. Xia Xingchen now realized what had happened. She glanced sideways at Bai Yeqing.


Did she flatter herself again? She should know that… it was impossible for him to play favoritism and commit irregularities.

She was disappointed somehow. But fortunately, she had not told Bai Yeqing why she wanted to thank him. Otherwise, he would consider her stupid for she flattered herself.

She gave a wry smile, and after a while, she remembered something important. She recovered from her disappointment, asking, “Who are you on earth? How can you be able to handle these things?”

“Miss Xia, shouldn’t you treat me to dinner at my convenience to express your thanks?”

“Of course I will express my gratitude. However, since you are the man I’m in date with, I have to know your real identity in case you kidnap me next time I’m out with you.” Said Xia Xingchen. She focused her attention entirely on Yu Zenan without noticing that Bai Yeqing gave her a cold stare after hearing “the man I’m in date with”.

It seemed that Xia Xingchen quite enjoyed the blind date last time.

So, would they fall in love with each other? Or did she really intend to marry Yu Zenan?

Bai Yeqing tightened his hold on the cup.

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