Chapter 34 – The Man She’s in Date With (Part 2)

“Hahaha.” Yu Zenan laughed brightly, “well, we are going to meet in a few days, right? When we meet, I will tell you, OK?”

“My grandma said, you are an ordinary divorced middle school teacher.”

“Your grandmother is getting old, so it’s normal for her to mix up things sometimes. However, I have to state that I’m still a virgin, and the divorce is complete nonsense.”

Xia Xingchen laughed, “Don’t lie to me. I don’t believe that.”

“Alright, it’s getting late, you have something to deal with tomorrow, so I won’t bother you now. After eight days we meet at Gomes Golf Course, or you give me your address, I will pick you up. Let’s meet early, so we can have breakfast together.”

“Gomes Course?” Xia Xingchen thought for a while, “Got it, then I will see you eight days later.”

“Mhm, good night!”

“Good night!”

After saying that, Xia Xingchen hung up, still thinking about Yu Zenan’s real identity.

A middle school teacher? A divorced man?

The information given by her grandmother was too unreliable. He was obviously a cynical young master!

When thinking about it, a rustling came behind her. She then came to herself and turned her head, seeing Bai Yeqing stood up from the sofa.

He looked very serious with his face muscle tightened. He put down the cup heavily on the tea table in front of him, making a loud noise which sounded especially sharp in such a quiet night.

Xia Xingchen was shocked and looked at him quizzically.

He plodded upstairs, while his back looked stiff and indifferent. It seemed that his whole body was covered with a layer of ice.

She frowned slightly because of confusion. Did she offend him? Why did his face become so hard?

Xia Xingchen dared not ask, because his moods had always been changeable.

She silently followed him upstairs.

She carefully slowed down to walk behind him. However, from his back, she could know that he had been badly injured. He trod more and more heavily as ascending the steps.

Xia Xingchen stopped at the doorway of her room. Glancing at his back, she hesitated but said nothing, and then she opened the door.

“Xia Xingchen!”

Bai Yeqing suddenly turned around and called her name. He said through clenched teeth as if he was biting her. His heavy gaze fell on her.

This time, she was surer that she had offended him.

She subconsciously stood up straight and looked up at him with confusion, “What happened?”

She was only one step from him. His gloomy gaze made her feel heavy pressure.

“How could you have such bad taste in men?”

He asked.

“Ah? What?” she was completely confused.

Bai Yeqing strode towards her and they were even closer now. He was tall enough to throw her into dense shadow under lights.

Before Xia Xingchen had realized, Bai Yeqing held her chin up.

Their eyes met – he had a distant look in his eye.

“You fell in love with an ordinary divorced middle school teacher? Are you so thirsty for men that you hook up with one casually?”



His voice was heavy with sarcasm, which was like a sword stabbing into her eardrums and heart.

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