Chapter 36 – Little Bai Likes Dabao

Xia Dabai looked up at her and looked at his father who looked even worse, “Then you don’t want Dad, do you?”


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Xia Xingchen stunned and didn’t look at him, but she could feel his eyes falling on herself.

“Stop asking, eat your breakfast.” Xia Xingchen changed the topic. She really didn’t know how to answer this question. In fact, he had nothing to do with her. How could she decide to abandon him or not?

Xia Dabai supported his head with the chopsticks under his jaw, seriously thinking over, “Anyway, Dad is unwilling to marry you, and he won’t care about your opinion either. After you get married to another uncle, it’s right to abandon daddy.”

“…” On the opposite, someone’s face got much colder. He shot a glance at his son, then Xia Dabai took two cheesecakes to hide his two big round eyes and thought: you cannot see me! Cannot see me! Just cannot see me!

Xia Xingchen didn’t understand the interaction between the father and son, and only felt that they both looked very strange.

“Come out with me!” Someone put down the chopsticks in his hand, curled up his fingers and knocked on the table.

“Awww~” Xia Dabai’s face looked bitter. He held the clothes of Xia Xingchen and didn’t move. Little Bai’s look is kind of terrible, will he beat me? Ohhhh, he didn’t want to be beaten by Little Bai!

Bai Yeqing turned back and saw that his son didn’t keep up, instead, Dabai was shrinking with fear in Xia Xingchen’s arms. Then he showed his rare tenderness as a father, “I’m sending you to school.”

However, his look made Xia Dabai become more horrified. Then, sure enough, he ordered in a deep voice, “Butler, pick him up and go!”

“Dabao! Dabao! I don’t want him to send me!”

Being picked up by the butler, Dabai was still struggling. His white and tender face wrinkled into a small steamed bun.

Small steamed buns

Xia Xingchen felt funny, “Okay, just go with him. If you continue to hold us here, everyone will be late.”


Xia Dabai felt that he was actually kidnapped by evil forces!

The car was moving forward smoothly on the street.

Xia Dabai sat in the car with his cheeks puffed.

On the opposite, Bai Yeqing overlapped his legs and stared at his son with deep eyes.

“Do you know what you did wrong?”

Xia Dabai shook his little head violently, “What did I do wrong?”

“What did I ask you to say? And what did you say?”

“You told me not to let Dabao go on a blind date, and I’ve said it!” He was innocent.

“But I didn’t…” Bai Yeqing paused, and his expression was somewhat embarrassing. He glanced at the naughty child, coughed and untied the button on the chest of his suit before he became normal again. Then he continued, “But I didn’t ask you to say other words!”

“Oh, Dad, do you mean I said Dabao doesn’t want you?”

He snorted and didn’t say any word.

Xia Dabai grinned and held his head awry like a little adult. “Little Bai, you like Xia Dabao, aren’t you?”

Bai Yeqing pursed his lips, “Nonsense.”

“Well, you don’t like her. Anyway, many men take fancy of Dabao. I’ll call anyone Dad if I’m happy.” Said the little guy, shaking his legs happily.

Bai Yeqing was irritated, “About assembling the guns, no way!”

“Well.” Xia Dabai didn’t get annoyed but took off her big bag which was like a dynamite bag. Then he took out a lollipop, and put it in his mouth, “Then I’ll tell Dabao that Little Bai, you told me to ask Dabao not to go on a blind date. A few days later, she is going to meet the uncle she had a blind date with before, and I’ll also meet him. If he matches Dabao, I’ll call him Dad directly.”


Bai Yeqing was speechless, and his face was dark as if it was covered with coal. This naughty boy, who did he inherit the genes from?


Xia Xingchen took a taxi to the Foreign Ministry.

When she entered the Translation Department, all people looked at her with a complex expression, admiring or despising.

She couldn’t stand this kind of expression. She used to be an intern in the Foreign Ministry, and she only focused on her own tasks. No one paid attention to her.

Of course, she knew why they looked at her in this way.

Chi Weiyang took her to the lounge. “Xingchen, how capable you are! Yesterday I heard that the Foreign Ministry would give you another chance. I can’t believe it. I didn’t expect it to be true! Hurry, tell me, what’s going on?”

Xia Xingchen herself was also confused, “In fact, I don’t know much about the specific situation.”

“Cut it out! Yesterday I overheard the head of the Ministry of Personnel saying that you have a good relationship with the president. The president personally transferred you back.”

These words were completely wrong.

First, she was on bad terms with Bai Yeqing; second, he would not dispatch such a notice to the Ministry of Personnel for her.

“Do you believe that?” Xia Xingchen did not answer but asked.

“I didn’t believe it before. But seeing you come now, I believe it.” Chi Weiyang took her arm, “you are so beautiful – it’s not impossible for Mr. President to fall in love with you!”

“Stop. You are speaking too loud. If someone else hears that, they will burst into laughter!” Xia Xingchen covered Chi Weiyang’s mouth with her hands.

But Xiao Xin, who came in with a cup in hand, had heard that. She chuckled, “Xingchen, in fact, you do have a clear estimation of yourself.”

“Hey! What do you mean?” Chi Weiyang glared at her.

“Just the literal meaning. How dare you have this fantasy of Mr. President?”

“Wow, we can’t daydream about that? Do you think you can? Even if Xingchen is not good enough, she can go back to the Foreign Ministry as long as she wants. Can you? Xingchen, introduce Mr. President to me some other day please.”

Xia Xingchen replied, “He has always been busy. The chance to see him is…”

Xia Xingchen suddenly stopped.

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She just blurted out the words in response to Chi Weiyang. Before she finished her words, she realized that she had blown the secret.

Chi Weiyang knew her well, so she steadily stared at her.

Fortunately, Xiao Xin only thought that Xia Xingchen was bragging. She sniffed, “Keep going, why do you stop? People all over the country know that Mr. President is busy. You are telling me!”

Chi Weiyang had a fierce temper. When she wanted to reply, Xia Xingchen stopped her. “Forget it, Weiyang. There’s no point arguing about that, it’s a waste of time.”

Then she looked down at her watch, “It’s time to attend the assessment. I have to go. Wait for my good news!”

“Okay, you can do it!” Chi Weiyang cheered her up. She narrowed her eyes and added, “Explain everything to me after you come back.”

Xia Xingchen knew that she couldn’t keep the thing from Weiyang then.
However, it didn’t matter that she told Weiyang all about that! Weiyang would definitely keep her secret.

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