Chapter 37 – She’s the Panacea

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Xia Xingchen passed the assessment successfully. The interviewer announced on the spot that she was hired.

“Miss Xia, I’d appreciate your kind consideration in the future.”

The head of the Ministry of Personnel personally shook hands with her with respect. Xia Xingchen felt flattered. She guessed it was for Yu Zenan’s sake. Now she was even more curious about Yu Zenan’s identity.

Was he also a senior official?

She took the contract and went out. Chi Weiyang was waiting for her there. Xia Xingchen proudly showed her the contract. Chi Weiyang excitedly hugged her, “You have to treat me! This is such good news!”

“No problem,” Xia Xingchen agreed immediately.

“However, before that, you have to explain all the things to me,” Chi Weiyang had been thinking about what she had said.

Xia Xingchen glanced at people coming and going on the corridor. The more people, the more eyes. So she carefully pulled Chi Weiyang to the terrace on the top floor.

In this season, they felt a little cool when the wind blew.

Xia Xingchen whispered everything in Chi Weiyang’s ears. The latter was so shocked that she kept her mouth wide open.

“Xingchen, Xingchen, pinch me!” Chi Weiyang said, “pinch me! Am I in a dream?”

Xia Xingchen was amused by her. She pinched Weiyang on her face.

Chi Weiyang cried out. She was happy as a lark, “I’m not dreaming! My son-in-custom is actually the president’s son? God, it’s incredible. I’m so lucky that I claim ties of kinship with the president’s wife!”

“Stop. Your words are going too far!” Xia Xingchen held Chi Weiyang’s arms and pushed her voice down, “president’s wife? My relationship with him is not like what you think.”

“Why not? You gave birth to a son for him! Shouldn’t he be responsible for that?”

Xia Xingchen looked far ahead, lost in thought. Then she said, “I don’t need him to be responsible. If he loves or marries me for responsibility, I won’t accept it. Besides… he now has a good choice of his fiancée. ”


“Vice-president Song. Do you know him?”

“Of course.”

“Vice-president’s daughter, Miss Song. They belong to the same class.”

Chi Weiyang glanced at Xia Xingchen without words. Her excitement had calmed down a lot now.

Mr. President was like a star that hung in the sky, and for people like them, he was far beyond reach. If someone really wanted to touch it, it must take tremendous efforts.

Chi Weiyang said, “Xingchen, if you don’t want to be too upset in the future, then don’t be tempted by him.”

Xia Xingchen smiled, “Rest assured, I know that.”

“It wouldn’t be better.” Chi Weiyang patted her on the shoulder.


In the evening.

In the presidential office, Fu Yichen secretly came and change a fresh dressing for his wound.

“You’ve recovered quite well. It seems that Miss Xia is a panacea.”

Bai Yeqing glanced at him, “It has nothing to do with her!”

Mentioning that woman, he remembered her blind date.

He frowned.

“How could it have nothing to do with her? She is your painkiller medicine,” said Fu Yichen meaningfully, “your pain-relieving method has really broadened my horizons.”

Leng Fei, who was next to them, didn’t know the painkiller thing. He asked, “Is there a pain-relieving method that Doctor Fu you don’t know?”

“Kissing painkiller, have you seen it?”

“Shut up!” Shouted Bai Yeqing coldly, “if you say one more word, get out of here.”

“Okay, bandaging is finished.” Fu Yichen smiled and didn’t continue.

The ridicule was enough.

Leng Fei asked, “It’s too late now, will you rest in the presidential office?”

Bai Yeqing thought for a moment, “No, go home.”

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“…” Leng Fei nodded.

Mr. President had changed.

He came back to the presidential residence no more than once a month before. He was too busy, and he usually rested in the presidential office. But now he went back to the presidential residence more and more frequently. Was that because he got a son in the presidential residence or because there was another woman?


Xia Xingchen was carrying her clothes to the disinfection room – although the servants would help her, she still tried to do it herself. Sooner or later, she would move out of this house, so she couldn’t let herself adapt and get used to everything here.

Out of the room, when she saw the situation downstairs, she understood that the president was coming back. Xia Xingchen thought about it but didn’t stop. She directly went to the disinfection room.

“Mr. President!” The tall man stepped in and the servant greeted him with respect. Someone had stepped forward and took the suit he handed over.

“Have you dined?” Asked the butler.

“Not yet.”

“The kitchen has prepared meals for you, please come to the dining room and wait a while.”

“What are they?”

Butler reported the menu, as he listened, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

Too rich, but he had no appetite.

“Xia Xingchen!”

When Xia Xingchen was about to enter her room, she was stopped by his calling.

She was stunned.

And looked down at him downstairs.

“I am hungry and want to eat dumplings.”


So, Mr. President wanted her cook for him?

“His Excellency wants to eat dumplings, hurry to prepare,” Butler instructed.

Bai Yeqing stopped those servants waving his hand, he just stared at Xia Xingchen, “Go downstairs.”

… …

Xia Xingchen felt that she was indeed charmed. She could have refused him, whether he was hungry or not had nothing to do with her after all. Moreover, she also reminded herself early to keep a distance from the man.

However, when she was about to refuse, she bit her tongue. For a long time, there was only one sentence lingering in her mind, ‘I am hungry’. Sounded poor, making him like an abandoned child.

Alright! He skipped the meal just for dealing with state affairs.

The recent case about the explosion of White Feather Palace needed to be handled masterly to appease the people, then it would take a lot of efforts to investigate. Fortunately, he did a very good job.

Xia Xingchen sighed and handed the clothes to the servant who came over and walked downstairs.

She walked directly to the kitchen and Bai Yeqing went upstairs to bathe. They passed by each other and he didn’t look at her more. In the past few days, he had been neither passionate nor indifferent to her but gave no easy look.

Xia Xingchen was used to it.

She took the dumplings out of the refrigerator, then the servant came in and asked her if she wanted any help. She shook her head and refused.

The servant said, “I really don’t know when Mr. President likes to eat these foods. He used to be very picky and will never touch those frozen foods.”

“Maybe out of impulse.”

The maid nodded, then took the pen to write down Mr. President’s preferences carefully. It seemed that the dumplings would be often prepared in the refrigerator.

After a while, Xia Xingchen cooked dumplings and Mr. President came down.

When she carried dumplings to the dining room, he was sitting there and reading something she could not understand, it seemed to be a document in Arabic.

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