Chapter 39 – The Four Met at the Course

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“Young master Yu, your mouth is so sweet early in the morning, just ate honey?”

“How do you know? I just ate the honey and ejiao (donkey-hide gelatin) glazed jujube. What about you? What do you want to eat?” Yu Zenan took the menu from the waiter.

Honey and ejiao glazed jujube

“Whatever, I am not picky.”

Yu Zenan then ordered some dishes for her. Xia Xingchen stopped him and sighed, “Too much, that’s too much!”

“Just so so, you are so thin, you should eat something good.”

“Look at the cubilose and Tricholoma matsutake you just ordered, they’re expensive.”


Xia Xingchen bemoaned her wallet, “My two-month salary may not be able to pay for the breakfast of second young master.”

Looking at her stingy face, Yu Zenan couldn’t help laughing.

“Just these dishes have already distressed you, then last time you said you would treat me, so you were kidding me?”

“I wasn’t, I have planned to cook for you.” Nothing could save more money than this way.

“You can cook?”

“Of course, I am not a big young master like you, who don’t need to worry about food and clothing. But at night, I have to go to my friend to borrow her kitchen.”

“Then I will wait for the big meal.”

“It’s just some homemade dishes, you cannot despise them.”

“I will give my reviews after eating.”

Xia Xingchen snorted, then she remembered something important, “Well, you haven’t told me who you are. Why will the Foreign Ministry accept your command?”

“It’s not my command actually. I just let my brother make a call.”

“Your brother? Who is your brother?”

Yu Zenan took the wallet and threw it at her, then took a bite of pasta, mumbling, “Do you know him?”

Xia Xingchen opened the wallet and found a photo. There were two young men on the photo, one was him, the other was…

Quite familiar. She seemed to have seen him on TV.

“Is he… the vice-president Yu Zeyao? Your brother is the vice-president?”

He nodded. Xia Xingchen muttered to herself, “No wonder that they are respectful to me and said that I have a connection with the president. It turns out to be the case.”

“I am more reliable than that middle school teacher, right?” He leaned his head over in front of her, smiling, “virgin, single, unmarried, would you like me to be your boyfriend?”

“Stop kidding me.” Xia Xingchen pushed his head away, “I haven’t asked you yet, you are obviously not the person who I should’ve had a blind date with, what do you want?”

“The man you should’ve had a blind date with is my friend. He and his ex-wife are firmly attached to each other now, and they plan to remarriage. So he asked me to help him. However, you should be happy that you go on a blind date with me.”

“That’s right. Thanks to you, otherwise I would still be looking for other jobs.”

Moreover, the second young master was quite cute. Although he was not the person Xia Xingchen should go on a blind date with, it was good to make friends with him.

“Alright, eat breakfast first. It’s worth your salary for a few months. Don’t waste it.”

Yu Zenan caressed her hair.


When they almost finished breakfast, the hasty and orderly footsteps came. Looking carefully, Xia Xingchen noticed a lot of people in black who seemed to be well-trained standing on the outer gallery, everyone with a Bluetooth headset.

“Your bodyguards?” Asked Xia Xingchen.

Yu Zenan shook his head, “My brother has many bodyguards, but I haven’t heard that my brother is coming here today.”

The waiter came over quickly and whispered a few words to Yu Zenan. Yu Zenan raised his eyebrows and murmured, “No wonder.”

When the waiter left, Yu Zenan wiped his mouth gently and whispered to Xia Xingchen, “The president will come soon.”

“Ah?” Xia Xingchen was surprised.

“Forget it, let’s go and play golf.”

Yu Zenan dragged her up. Xia Xingchen said, “But I don’t know how to play golf.”

“I’ll teach you.”


Taking the battery car for a while, they reached the golf course and Xia Xingchen kept looking around.

Would Bai Yeqing come?

“Why are you absent-minded? What are you looking for?” Yu Zenan asked someone to fetch his special club and then gave it to Xia Xingchen. He held her face and forced her to look forward. “Look at the ball. There is no use to look back.”

“OK.” Xia Xingchen though she should take the opportunity to pay her debt of gratitude.

However, after swinging the club a few times but failing to hit the ball, Xia Xingchen got frustrated, but Yu Zenan kept gloating next to her, sipping his drink.

“If you keep laughing at me, I won’t play anymore.” Said Xia Xingchen, glaring at Yu Zenan.

At this moment……

The sound of the battery car came from far. Xia Xingchen followed the sound and saw that more than a dozen battery cars on which there were many bodyguards slowly came close.

Yu Zenan also took a look at those battery cars and then glanced at Xia Xingchen. He walked towards Xia Xingchen, sipping his drink. With elbows lazily on her shoulders, Yu Zenan said, “Haven’t you seen the president?”
“Of course I have.”

“You’ve met him?”

“Oh,” Xia Xingchen nodded, “I saw him in an event held by the Foreign Ministry last time.”

“Well,” Yu Zenan pouted, sighing, “he is only a little taller and more handsome than my brother. In the end, he became the president. I’m not convinced though.”

“Pfft…” Xia Xingchen refuted with disapproval, “you are so shortsighted – height and appearance are nothing important. If he has no merit when compared with your brother, why will he win all citizens’ regard? Last month’s state-owned enterprise reform, economic regulation two months ago, the international rivalry with M country three months ago, and…”

Xia Xingchen became more proud as she was speaking as if she was very familiar with the president’s subject.

“Okay, stop,” Yu Zenan interrupted her, and he licked his ears. “I didn’t expect that you admire him so much.”


Xia Xingchen couldn’t help but think of the last time when Bai Yeqing said that her love would make him feel burdened. Then she subconsciously rebutted, “No, I don’t.”

“Your expression betrayed your words!” Yu Zenan reached out and draw circles with fingers above her face, “just admit it.”

“Come on!” She pushed away his hand.

Yu Zenan laughed, then he put down the drink. “Forget about it. Let me teach you how to play golf.”


Guarded by Leng Fei, Bai Yeqing got off the car first, followed by Mr. Mann and Xu Yan next to him. Xu Yan had just transferred to the presidential office.

Led by the staff, they went to the teeing ground.

Leng Fei was sharp-eyed – he saw a familiar figure in front of him.

“Your Excellency, it seems to be Miss Xia.” Leng Fei lowered his voice and whispered in Bai Yeqing’s ear.

Bai Yeqing looked at her from far away.

She was really here.

And she was accompanied by a man.

No! To be precise, they were not playing golf, but flirting with each other!

The man put his arms around her from behind, his hands holding hers to wave the club. They apparently had a good time – she had a big smile on her face.

He just glanced at them, then he turned somewhat angry. He moved his gaze away with his face devoid of expression and turned to talk to Mr. Mann.

Aside, as the interpreter, Xu Yan also looked at the scene not far away, his mind wandering for a moment. He didn’t remember that he should concentrate on his work until Bai Yeqing’s intent gaze fell on him. Then he forced himself to get his attention back.

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