Chapter 40 – The New and Old Loves

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Xia Xingchen didn’t expect to meet him here.

Moreover, they were only 20 meters away from each other.

If she was not mistaken, Xu Yan was even next to him.

Yu Zenan put arms around Xia Xingchen from behind, so his chest was close to her back. She had focused on learning golf, so she didn’t think there was any problem. However, now she somehow felt guilty.

Especially when she accidentally met his cold eyes, her heart beat faster.

“Well…” Xia Xingchen spoke with hesitation, trying to pull her hand out of Yu Zenan’s, “would you like… let’s do something else instead of playing golf, okay?”

As sharp-eyed as Yu Zenan, he lowered his head and glanced at her, then he looked sideways at the president and others.

He said with an unhappy expression, “From the time he appeared, you have all your heart in him. How could you act this way? Am I so unglamorous?”

“Nonsense. I didn’t have my heart in him!”

“You didn’t?” Yu Zenan snorted, and then he mimicked her looking at Bai Yeqing, “you stared at him with your eager eyes for such a long time that your sight almost burned a hole in his body!”

“Who said that I was staring at him? I’m not!” Xia Xingchen didn’t admit it.
“Then who were you looking at?” He raised his eyebrows, apparently not convinced.

Xia Xingchen pouted her lips and lifted her chin, “See? I just looked at the male interpreter standing by the foreigner.”

“Are you lying to me?”

“He is my first love,” Xia Xingchen pushed the club forward and said with embarrassment, “however, we had broken up many years ago. After a while, he will become my brother-in-law.”

“…” Yu Zenan looked at her with sympathy, “poor girl.”

“Don’t be gloating!”

“Hey! I think he seems to be very interested in you.” Yu Zenan seemed not to know how to stand properly; he just leaned against her shoulder. “Look, he glares at us as soon as I approach you.”

“…” Xia Xingchen subconsciously took a look at Xu Yan. Their eyes met, which pulled her up short. Then she gave him a smile.

That was strange.

It hasn’t been a long time since they last met, but… now, the regret she had because of him had faded a lot.


Her gaze fell on someone else instinctively.

He was sitting in the rest area upright and talking with Mr. Mann. Being respected and supported by the public, his innate arrogance and superiority could be felt far away.

Seeming to realize someone was gazing at him, he suddenly turned his head and looked at her from afar. His eyes were cold and without emotions.

Xia Xingchen’s heart was beating faster and she turned around.

For a long time, her heartbeat was still irregular.

“Do you want me to test him for you?” Asked Yu Zenan suddenly.

“What?” She didn’t understand. Test who?

Yu Zenan stretched his arm, put it on her waist and suddenly held her firmly.

Feeling his male hormones, Xia Xingchen was stunned for a moment. Realizing that she was being held in his arms, her face turned red immediately.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

“Don’t move!” Yu Zenan smiled, “Do you know what your first love’s expression is now?”


“He looked extremely miserable! But… It’s quite strange. It seems the president is also unhappy!”

Xia Xingchen bit her lower lip, blushed and pushed him away, “You are a rogue!”

Yu Zenan laughed, “I am here to help you. See, your first love still cares about you!”

“Help me? I think you just want to take advantage of me!” Xia Xingchen angrily waving the club as if to hit him.

She was afraid that Bai Yeqing would misunderstand her and Yu Zenan? But… in fact, it has nothing to do with him!

How would he, the busy president, pay attention to these trivial things?

Yu Zenan exclaimed with exaggeration and ran away, “You are really in good shape.”

“Stop talking about it!” A flush mounted to Xia Xingchen’s face.

Yu Zenan turned around and held her hand on the club. Looking at her being exasperated, he felt interesting and said, “Don’t be angry. Why not hug me instead? Actually, I’m also in good shape. Don’t you want to have a try?”

He took her hand to touch his chest, smiling. Xia Xingchen was really mad. Shy and meanwhile annoyed, she beat his chest and said irritatedly, “I won’t hug you. I’m not as cheeky as you are.”



Yu Zenan’s hearty and pleasant laughter penetrated 20 meters and came directly to someone’s ears.

Leng Fei found that Mr. President’s face took on an increasingly unhappier expression, especially after Mr. Mann went to play golf, he sat there, and the whole atmosphere seemed to freeze.

“Your Excellency, the man who stays with Miss Xia… seems to be the younger brother of the vice-president Yu.”

“I know.” He had already recognized him. Although Yu Zenan had just returned from abroad, he could recognize him at a glance.

“Why do he and Miss Xia get so close? I suspect he knows Miss Xia’s relationship with you and deliberately approaches her.”

“…” Bai Yeqing was silent, his thin lips closed tight. He could clearly hear their joyful talking, but he never looked at their direction since then.

Leng Fei was completely confused about the meaning of His Excellency.

… …

After a long time, Xia Xingchen got tired and went to the restroom alone. When she passed Bai Yeqing, she could feel that Xu Yan’s eyes had been following her.

While Bai Yeqing…

Seemed to regard her as the air.

Xia Xingchen ignored the inexplicable upset feeling in her heart and went to the restroom.

After washing her hands, she came out of the restroom with her head lowering, and she bumped into a man’s burly chest.

She was stunned.

Looking up, she directly caught the deep eyes of Xu Yan.

“Why are you here?” Xia Xingchen smiled and pointed to the light on the wall, “This is lady’s room.”

“I am… actually waiting for you.”

“Wait for me?”

Xu Yan nodded and looked at her with an intricate expression, “He is your boyfriend? Last time you were drunk, he took you away suddenly, right?”

She could clearly observe his loneliness in his face.

She felt bitter, after all, the first love was the purest.

So, she subconsciously told a lie, nodding, “Yeah, I haven’t had the chance to introduce him to you officially.”

“Oh…” His voice turned lower. He stared at her and remained silent for a long time.

The atmosphere inexplicably became a bit embarrassing. Xia Xingchen broke the silence by smiling, “If it’s okay, then… I will go out first.”

While saying, she passed him sideways and was ready to go out. However, only one step away, her slender wrist was grabbed by him suddenly.

Xia Xingchen was stunned at first, but when she came to herself, she subconsciously struggled. Xu Yan then put more strength on his hand that clasping her wrist.

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