Chapter 41 – Mr. President Got Jealous 1

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Xia Xingchen was stunned at first, but when she came to herself, she subconsciously struggled. Xu Yan then put more strength on his hand that clasping her wrist.

“Xu Yan?” She gave him a look of confusion.

Xu Yan turned around and his eyes were full of struggling, “Xingchen, don’t stay with him.”


“Do you know his identity? Having a high status, he must be arranged political marriage. Even if he really wants to marry you, you two would not have a promising future.” Xu Yan paused and his eyes got bleak. Looking down at her, he continued, “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Understanding that Xu Yan was caring about her, Xia Xingchen said, “You can rest assured as I clearly know it. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Saying that, she smiled and pulled her hand out of Xu Yan’s hand again.

When her hand slipped from his palm, Xu Yan only felt empty.

He suddenly hugged her.

Xia Xingchen startled, with her chin on his shoulder. Xu Yan put his hot palm on her lower back gently and said, “Xingchen, I miss you very much…”


“I thought I’ll have no feelings for you after so many years… but I am wrong…”

“Xu Yan…” His voice was full of sorrow, making Xia Xingchen feel sad as well.

“When I saw you, I got crazy. After I went back, my mind was full of you. Xingchen, I was young and I didn’t know anything. Therefore, when something like that happened, I would subconsciously escape. But now things are different…” Xu Yan held her face and looked at her deeply, “could you give me one more chance? I don’t care about what happened before. Please forgive my immaturity at that time.”

Xia Xingchen never thought that he would act this way. In fact, it was she who was wrong, but he apologized first.

She shook her head, “I never blame you. It’s just… Xu Yan, don’t think about the past anymore. Those things have passed. And… you are now Xingkong’s fiancé. We can’t do that. You know?”

She tried to take his hand off her face, but Xu Yan did not give up. He said depressedly, “I don’t love Xingkong at all. I… I actually regard her like you!”

Xia Xingchen was dumbfounded.

“You may think that I’m so mean and shameless, but I just can’t help myself… Xingchen, I can’t forget you! I understand now – I have never forgotten you!”

Xu Yan’s confession was completely beyond her expectations. She was shocked.

After all, he used to be her most memorable man…


“Sorry, Xu Yan,” She bit her lip and refused, “my thoughts are all confused – I don’t want to think about that.”

Xia Xingchen could see the pain in Xu Yan’s eyes.

He looked at her with disappointment, then suddenly he leaned forward to give her a kiss.

Feeling the heat on her lips, she was shocked as her eyes widened. She subconsciously pushed Xu Yan away. However, upon her hand touched his chest, he stepped back like a gentleman and let go of her.

“Don’t be angry.” Xu Yan looked at her with an expression of sadness on his face. Then he bitterly smiled, “I just want to be closer to you than Yu Zenan is.”


Xu Yan went away.

Her mind went blank for a while. When she recovered from the shock and was about to go, she felt a cold gaze on her.

She looked sideways at the figure, and she was surprised when she recognized who it was.

Bai Yeqing leaned against a retro palace lantern. In silence, he held a lighted cigarette between fingers. He looked more cold and arrogant in the cigarette smoke.

Why was he here?


Had he heard or seen Xu Yan’s and the kiss just now?

Thinking of this, she felt inexplicably guilty. Then she thought it was ridiculous. She had nothing to do with him, why should she feel guilty?

“Mr. President.” She greeted in a low voice without any other words and walked slowly away. She estranged from him as if he was just a stranger.

He stubbed out the cigarette in the smoke-free area in an elegant and polite manner.

When she passed by, he caught hold of her suddenly.

He had her in a rather tight hold as if he was going to crumble her bones.

Xia Xingchen was shocked.

What happened today?

The last one was Xu Yan, now he followed on!

Moreover, they were now pulling and pushing each other outside the bathroom, if someone saw them…

Without hesitation, Bai Yeqing dragged her into the male restroom.

He was very strong and his strides were long. In high heels, Xia Xingchen could barely keep up with him by running.

“Hey! Here is the men’s restroom, I don’t want to go!” Xia Xingchen struggled.

Bai Yeqing pulled her in and slammed the door directly. Without any expressions, he opened the white porcelain faucet on the side, wetted the handkerchief taken out of the pocket of the suit, and rubbed her lips hard.

His action was rude, showing no pity for her.

Xia Xingchen only felt that her lips got hot by his rubbing.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Xia Xingchen wanted to push his hand away, and her good-looking eyebrows wrinkled, “it hurts…”

Bai Yeqing suddenly got irritated, throwing the silk handkerchief on the glass table.

He pinched her chin with his long fingers and lifted it up indifferently, then his lips covered hers with enormous anger.

This kiss was overbearing, violent, and full of aggression.

Carrying the sense of punishment but no pity or love.

Xia Xingchen was full of grievances.

What had this man to do with her, why could he kiss her at will, and why could he punish her?

She was angry and pushed him, “Bai Yeqing, what are you doing?!”

“Whoever can kiss you and hug you at will, right? Why pretend to be restrained now?” His voice was dull, and the light in his pupils was darker. Each word sounded so ironic.

Xia Xingchen didn’t expect him to say like this. After all, she didn’t know how she irritated him. This was simply a humiliation for her.

“I have rights to allow others to kiss or hug me, and I do also have the right to stop your harassment!” Xia Xingchen got stubborn and wore a long face, “you let me go!”


Bai Yeqing’ pupils tinted a hue of cruelty, there was a trace of danger in his deep eyes, “Do you know what harassment is?”

Finishing, he didn’t wait for her reaction, and then her whole body had been pushed to the side of the glass table.

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