Chapter 42 – Mr. President Got Jealous 2

Finishing, he didn’t wait for her reaction, and then her whole body had been pushed to the side of the glass table. While the tall male body was approaching.

Xia Xingchen’s mind went blank instantly. Such intimacy, such atmosphere, along with his aggressive eyes, made her nervous, uneasy and embarrassed.

What on earth did he want to do?

Before she could realize, her waist had been carried by him. She was surprised and tried to push him away.

However, how could she compete with him depending on her strength? So she had no choice but stepped back, only to find that she had already leaned against the glass table.

There was a fit of lingering anger in Bai Yeqing’s heart, and her refusal and dodge even irritated him further. He covered his thin and cold lips on hers, biting. Yes, he was biting her instead of kissing.

He bit her lip as a humiliation.

“Stop…” Xia Xingchen’s voice was trembling while evading his bite. She had tried her best but failed, then she turned her face away and randomly beat him with fists.

The resistance and pleading in her eyes didn’t put off his anger, on the contrary, he got furious now. A powerful man like Bai Yeqing had already gotten used to controlling everything, he wouldn’t allow her to free from his conquest.

He kissed deeper and deeper, while his hands were also busy.

Xia Xingchen was greatly frightened, grabbing him in a flurry, “Don’t…”

“Don’t what?” Bai Yeqing stared at her, his eyes looked subtle and unpredictable, “You just accused me of the harassment right? I have received your charge, then why not make it true?”

Xia Xingchen kept shaking her head. At this moment, someone was coming in from outside. Like finding a savor, she hurriedly spoke, “There is… someone coming… release me now…”

Just finished, Leng Fei’s voiced came outside the door, “Second young master, could you please stay away temporarily?”

Second young master?

Could it be…

“Why? I cannot  use the restroom now?” As expected, they heard the arrogant voice of Yu Zenan coming from outside.

“His Excellency is now in the restroom, please second young master go to another one.”

“What if I insist on going this one?”

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“Bai Yeqing… Someone is out there…” Xia Xinghen warned in a low voice. She was afraid that Yu Zenan would break into this restroom.

If he found her such embarrassing look, she’d rather die.

“If he knows we are doing these inside, you guess… will he still want you?”

Bai Yeqing raised his head from her neck without any emotion.

After this kiss, her skin turned pink as the sakura that bloomed in spring.

She groaned and grasped her collar with indignation to block his eyes lingering over her chest. At the same time, she glared at him.

What a hateful man!

“Second young master, you’d better go to the restroom next door, His Excellency doesn’t like to be bothered.”

Outside, Leng Fei persuaded Yu patiently. While this second young master Yu, who had just returned from abroad, showed no fear to anyone.

However, he still knew that he couldn’t piss Bai Yeqing off, though he was ill-affected about his brother’s failure in the election. The loser was eventually the loser, he couldn’t go against Bai in the public.

He glanced at the closed door, and finally walked away toward another restroom.


Why had Xia Xingchen gone to the restroom for so long? So weird!

Bai Yeqing didn’t get her in the restroom.

He just wanted to give her a lesson, though he had done too far when doing so.

Well, the time and place were not appropriate for him to break the final layer.

“Xia Xingchen, bear this in mind, this is harassment.” Bai Yeqing stopped all of a sudden and moved away from her body. His eyes remained unpredictable, shining dim and obscure light.

He cleaned himself up with leisure. After a short while, he returned to the noble and elegant president.

Compared with him, Xia Xingchen was in a total mess. Under her dress, her legs were too weak to stand straight. She tried her best to hold herself up with hands on the glass table, nearly immersing her fingers in it.

“Next time, you’re at your own risk if you dare piss me off again!” Bai Yeqing took a meaningful look at her, then pulled the door and walk out with heavy steps.

The door was closed and he left, Xia Xingchen couldn’t hold herself anymore, her weak body slowly slipped down the glass table. She could only felt that the cold walls wrapped herself, chilled her out to heart. Unconsciously, the tears of grievances brimmed her eyes, and her chest got very stuffy.

What did she do wrong and how did she provoke him, making this guy bullied her so much? Five years ago, he made her give birth to a baby, and she did not even have the right to refuse. Five years later, he broke into her life again, and she still had no power to fight against him.

What was the fate that allowing them to get entangled until now?

Xia Xingchen managed to walk out, but she had no feeling of playing golf at all.

She didn’t know how to face Xu Yan, as well as that man who had plundered her like a beast.

Yu Zenan listened to her unconditionally, so when she said she wanted to leave, he didn’t even hesitate. He nodded to Bai Yeqing from far away as saying hello, then held her hand and walked toward the electromobile.

Xia Xingchen kept looking down at the toes and didn’t look up at the others. But she could feel a burning gaze behind her back.

She did not know whether it came from Xu Yan or Bai Yeqing.

Bai Yeqing had been talking and laughing with Mann. Even if Xia Xingchen and Yu Zenan passed by hand in hand, his expression remained unchanged.


When their figures disappeared completely, he gave a glance in the direction of where they had gone, then his dark eyes became colder.

Xia Xingchen took the dish she brought out from the waiter – they were some salted chicken legs.

She glanced at Yu Zenan, “I originally wanted to invite you to dinner. Now it seems that it would be better for me to cook lunch for you.”

“You really want to cook?”

“Yep. I can’t afford a meal for the young master.”

Yu Zenan laughed, and naturally took things away from her hands and patted the back side of her head, “Little stingy!”

Xia Xingchen borrowed the kitchen of Chi Weiyang. Knowing that she would come, Chi Weiyang had already been waiting downstairs. When she saw Yu Zenan, who came with Xia Xingchen, her eyes were full of the light of gossiping.

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