Chapter 43 – What a Poor Little Bai

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Xia Xingchen borrowed the kitchen of Chi Weiyang. Knowing that she would come, Chi Weiyang had already been waiting downstairs. When she saw Yu Zenan, who came with Xia Xingchen, her eyes were full of the light of gossiping.

“What is the relationship between the two of you?” Chi Weiyang did not hold back and asked when they were busy in the kitchen.

“Friendship.” Xia Xingchen replied flatly.

“If you are just friends, why do you come here especially to cook for him? Do I look that credulous?”

“Thanks to him, I go back to work.”

“He?” Chi Weiyang glanced outside the kitchen. Yu Zenan was watching TV in the living room. He didn’t act as casual as in front of Xia Xingchen usually. Instead, he sat straight and looked quite elegant, which left Chi Weiyang with a good impression.

“Isn’t it the president who helped you go back to the Foreign Ministry?”

When mentioning him, Xia Xingchen remembered what had just happened on the course, a touch of complexity showed on her face. She shook her head and said indifferently, “It has nothing to do with him.”

… …

More than six in the afternoon.

Bai Yeqing asked Leng Fei declined the invitation to the activities of the Ministry of Finance at night and returned to the presidential residence early.

“Mr. President, do you want to have a meal now? The kitchen is ready.”

Asked the butler.

Bai Yeqing uncovered the shirt cuffs and looked at the watch, asking coldly, “Where is Miss Xia?”

“Miss Xia hasn’t come back yet.”

He frowned, “Then wait for a while.”

“OK.” The butler nodded.

Xia Dabai came downstairs wearing a home dress and little furry slippers. He just glanced at his Dad who was sitting on the sofa and reading the documents, he immediately noticed that Mr. President was in an extremely bad mood at this moment.

“Dad.” He carefully leaned over and sat cross-legged on the sofa.

“Sit well.” His eyes shifted toward Xia Dabai.

“Oh.” Dabai got stunned and quickly put his white and tender feet off the sofa and slid them back into the slippers.

“Little Bai, are you waiting for Dabao to cook for you?”

“…No!” He denied with a sullen face.


“You are too chatty.” Said someone in a disliked tone.

Xia Dabai frowned, “If so, then don’t wait any longer. It’s so late, Dabao must have forgotten to cook dinner for you.”

Bai Yeqing’s face became gloomier all of a sudden, and his sight paused on the documents.

“Little Bai, let’s go to have dinner, okay?”

Bai Yeqing realized that the little guy was hungry. He nodded and said, “Butler, serve the dishes!”

As a result, while Xia Dabai was eating chicken legs alone in the restaurant, Bai Yeqing sat on the sofa and checked the time on the watch for the third time.

The butler came over and asked him, “Mr. President, have dinner first?”

“Leave me alone.”

“The kitchen has cooked soup for you, do you want to have a try?”

“No, I have no appetite.”

He insisted on it, so the butler did not say anything and left silently.

… …

After a while.

The phone rang. The servant quickly picked it up, then stepped into the restaurant and said, “Little master, Miss Xia wants you to answer the phone.”

Xia Xingchen’s phone call?

Bai Yeqing squinted at the phone. Thinking for a while, he was about to pick it up.

“Dad, Dabao wants me to answer the phone!” Xia Dabai just came out and ran to the phone.

Bai Yeqing’s face turned pale and then he gave the phone to Xia Dabai reluctantly, “I just want to pass it to you.”

“Is it?” Xia Dabai was quite doubtful about it.

Bai Yeqing didn’t look at him and went upstairs with a gloomy face.

… …


“Have you taken a shower?” Xia Xingchen asked over there.

“Yes, I’m smelly good now.” When Xia Dabai said it, he lowered his small head and sniffed on his arm, “Dabao, why haven’t you come back yet?”

“Mom will not come back tonight.”

“Ah? Are you staying with the uncle you date in the morning?”

“Of course not.” Xia Xingchen laughed, “Dabao is spending the night with your foster mother.”

“OK. Then you spend more time with my foster mother. But…” Xia Dabai thought of something, looked upstairs and said, “Dabao, if you don’t come back tonight, what about Dad’s dinner?”

“What dinner?” Xia Xingchen was confused.

“Didn’t you get up early to prepare dinner for Dad tonight? Dad has been waiting, and hasn’t had dinner yet!” And it’s been over 7 o’clock!

Xia Xingchen got more confused, “I wasn’t preparing dinner for him?”

“No? But, Dad said…”

“The foods I prepared in the morning are for the uncle I’m dating with today.”

Ah, he seemed to completely misunderstand.

Poor Daddy~

He had been waiting for all day, but it turned out that… he just flattered himself.

When Xia Dabai felt sympathetic towards Little Bai, he heard a clicking noise in the phone.

Xia Xingchen was confused.

This was obviously the sound of putting down a phone.

But she and Dabai were not cut off.

Then it could only be…

“Dabao, it seems… Daddy just eavesdropped upstairs on our conversation.”


Xia Dabai felt love for his Daddy. He hung up and called, “Uncle butler, uncle butler!”

“Why so anxious, little master? What happened?”

“Let the chef prepare a few dishes for Daddy. He will definitely not go downstairs again.”

Being under the hallucination that Xia Xingchen prepared dinner for him just lost his face. As proud as Daddy, he would definitely not go down because of embarrassment.

The butler didn’t know the inside story, just nodding, “Okay. I will prepare at once.”


Hanging up the phone, Xia Xingchen on the bed together with Chi Weiyang. She couldn’t understand why he eavesdropped on her conversation with her child.

“Why do you come to my humble house instead of sleeping in the splendid presidential residence? What are you thinking about?” Chi Weiyang played games on her cell phone while chatting with her.

“You dislike me?”

“Holy God, I don’t have the guts. I won’t complain about it if you live here for a few months or even half a year, not to mention you only stay here for a day… You are the birth mother of Mr. President’s son. I won’t feel bothered out of deference to Mr. President? Am I right?”

“Who said that I would only stay here for a day?”

Chi Weiyang hoisted herself to a sitting position and looked at Xia Xingchen, “Do you really want to live here for half a year?”

Xia Xingchen sat with her arms about her knees, lost in thought without speaking a word.

What had happened today made her feel completely at a loss. She didn’t know how to face him if she came back.


Bai Yeqing didn’t have dinner. He was so angry that he didn’t feel like eating.

Therefore, the butler took the dishes which he didn’t eat at all downstairs.

Xia Dabai popped his head around the door and looked into the study. He really sympathized with Daddy. So, After much heart-searching, he decided to ‘risk’ comforting him.

But would it be a comfort to Little Bai?

He knocked twice on the study door with his small hand, but the man inside did not pay attention to him. Then he pushed the door open in a cavalier attitude after saying “Little Bai, I came in.”

Hatred and love, lies and truths, can this bitter romance get a happy ending?
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