Chapter 44 – The President Pick Her Up Personally

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He knocked twice on the study door with his small hand, but the man inside did not pay attention to him. Then he pushed the door open in a cavalier attitude after saying “Little Bai, I came in.”

First, he popped his head around the door and found that the light was on in the large oval study.

There were many rows of bookshelves, he had to raise up his head to see the top. But he didn’t see dad, so he toddled from the first row of bookshelves in his small slippers.

When he reached the fifth row, he found his dad.

Obviously, Bai Yeqing was in a really bad mood, he leaned over the bookshelf and kept turning pages, making a flip-flop sound. When Xia Dabai came over, he just glanced at him indifferently with his lips shut.

Xia Dabai intimated him, also picked up several foreign books and started turning pages. When he turned to the tenth page, he got really bored, “Little Bai, why did you eavesdrop our conversation? Dabao said that eavesdropping is a very rude behavior~”

“Who said that I eavesdropped? That is my phone, I can listen to it whenever I like.” And in public of course.

“…” Xia Dabai was speechless. When Bai Yeqing acted shamelessly, Dabai, a four-year-old child, couldn’t compete with him.

“Little Bai, don’t be sad.” Xia Dabai leaned against him and raised his small hand, trying to pat his shoulder but failed. Finally, he could only pat Bai Yeqing’s long legs, “I know that you are sad because Dabao goes out for a date, but you can’t punish yourself because of sadness, right? How about this, when Dabao comes back tomorrow, I confess to Dabao for you! Let Dabao take you into consideration and have dates with you!”

Little villain!

“Who wants to date her? She had best never come back!” Bai Yeqing said coldly and put the book back on the shelf, then walked away with a stiff face.

While he actually, was getting more and more depressed.

Xia Dabai looked at his back and didn’t understand why. He was obviously comforting his dad, but why did dad’s mood seem to get worse?

Two steps away, Bai Yeqing remembered something and suddenly looked back, staring at his son.

“Don’t talk nonsense in front of Xia Xingchen. Otherwise, you don’t even think about touching other weapons!”

Xia Dabai was stunned, and he covered his mouth with both hands, standing straight,

After  a long while, he couldn’t help but continued, “Dad, you really suck!”


“You even threaten a four-year-old kid…”

Bai Yeqing snorted as a response, showing no softness.

At ordinary times, he acted and talked like a little worldly-wise villain, now he remembered he was just four years old.

… …

Bai Yeqing went abroad for a visit and returned five days later. In the evening, he got off the plane, and Leng Fei drove him directly to the presidential palace.

The servants of the presidential palace all came out to receive him, Xia Dabai stayed up as well. Dabai came at him and said, “Dad, I saw you on TV.”

Bai Yeqing felt satisfied by the kid’s hug. He stretched out his long arm to raise him up.

Then he subconsciously looked around.

“Where is Miss Xia?” He asked.

“Miss Xia has not been back since she went out that day!”

Bai Yeqing’s face turned sullen.

Good! Run away from home?

Xia Dabai held Bai Yeqing’s neck with his arms and frowned, asking, “Dad, are you quarreling now? Dabao is mad with you?”

“What can we quarrel about?”

“Then why doesn’t Dabao come back?”

Bai Yeqing fell silent for a while and then ordered, “Prepare a car.”

… …

Here two women were sitting cross-legged on the couch eating fruits and watching the news.

Originally, Xia Xingchen was holding the remote control and changing channels monotonously. As a result, she stopped at the news channel.

The figure of Bai Yeqing was moving on the TV in front of her eyes. She frowned and was about to transfer to another channel. Chi Weiyang grabbed the remote control, “Why to change it, it looks great. Look, how handsome! Xingchen, have you noticed that since he became the president of our country, the news even looks like an idol drama?”

“You keep watching, I am going to wash and sleep. The mask on your face should be picked up.” Xia Xingchen put down the pillow in her hands and got up.

Just then…

The doorbell rang suddenly.

“Eh, who will come at such a late time?” Chi Weiyang suspiciously got up from the sofa.

Xia Xingchen also stopped and reminded, “Look who is outside first before opening the door.”

“I know.” Chi Weiyang carefully squinted one beautiful eye at the cat’s eye. At first glance, she thought she mistook, then she rubbed her eyes and looked again.

“Ah–” she screamed, and the mask on her face fell.

Xia Xingchen was scared by Chi Weiyang’s screaming, “What’s wrong? Who is it? Shall we call the police?”

It was so late, she was afraid that it was a sensual man.

“Xingchen… The man… outside the door…” Chi Weiyang pointed at the door and couldn’t speak for a long time.

“Who is it?” She peered through the peephole.

Chi Weiyang said, “It’s Mr. President!”

Xia Xingchen was stunned. At this moment, she also saw the man through the peephole. Not as formal, solemn and serious as she saw on TV, he was wearing a white shirt and a windbreaker with the color of camel’s hair.

His dress was very simple, but his extraordinary proud and noble temperament was not changed at all.


Obviously, he had been quite impatient outside the door at the moment, and he pulled a long face.

Xia Xingchen was quite surprised, muttering, “Why did he come here?”

“Would there be other reasons? He must come here to take you home! You haven’t gone back for so many days!”

Take her home?

Xia Xingchen thought, “I am not that special.”

“What are you doing, open the door!” Chi Weiyang was very excited and pushed Xia Xingchen. She was so thrilled as if Mr. President was coming to look for her. Xia Xingchen was puzzled and moved her hand slowly to open the door. However, when her hand touched the doorknob, Chi Weiyang remembered something and grabbed her, “Stop, don’t move, wait for me!”

“What’s wrong?”

“The mask on my face hasn’t been washed yet! Xingchen, hurry up. Help me clean up the living room. It’s so messy, there is no place for Mr. President to sit.” Said Chi Weiyang, running to the bathroom.

Xia Xingchen thought she was too exaggerated, “Isn’t this room clean?”

“Not at all. Hurry to tidy it up.”

Xia Xingchen had to clean up first. In fact, she only replaced the cushion.

After a while, Chi Weiyang came out of the bathroom. When Xia Xingchen saw her, she was shocked beyond words.

This woman was too fast! Not only she changed her clothes, but she even also made up. Was that necessary!?

“Stop looking at me. Haven’t you seen me make up? Hurry up, open the door. The president has been anxious outside.”

He was indeed anxious outside.

When the door opened, his face was extremely gloomy.

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