Chapter 46 – He Was Not a Gentleman

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Bai Yeqing snorted and stared at her stubborn face, “I have touched everywhere in your body whether I should touch or not. Isn’t it too late to say that?”

Hearing he said that, she was angrier and forgot all about his identity, “You hooligan!”

Thinking of the incident last time, she cursed at him without fear.

Bai Yeqing wore a gloomy face. He ignored her curse, simply stepped forward and embraced her waist with one long arm.

Xia Xingchen exclaimed as she felt dizzy, and then she found herself on his shoulder.

This bastard!

But his wound had not completely healed now. How could he stand her weight on his shoulder?

Wait a minute! What was she thinking about? It was time to worry about yourself now!

She gritted her teeth, clenched her fists and beat him, “Bai Yeqing, put me down! I will never get in your car even I walk to death!”

“Dare you to move again!” He gritted his teeth as well.

“What can you do to me? What can you do?” She provoked him by wiggling and beating. But he was physically strong, her fists beating on his back was like soft pillows patting on the stone. He was safe and sound, but her hands turned red.

Bai Yeqing got annoyed about her, “Snap – ”, he slammed directly on her pretty buttocks.

“You…you rogue!” Xia Xingchen flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“You dare to make trouble, I will show you what a real rogue is!” Bai Yeqing warned her.

After that, the woman on his shoulder suddenly settled down. She was so anxious that she even dared not to breathe heavily. Last time in the restroom, she just accused him of harassment, as a result…

He really did it!

Xia Xingchen was afraid that he would do the same as last time.

Biting the lips, she allowed him to walk carrying her on his shoulder. She felt something was accumulating in her eyes, she didn’t know whether it was caused by dizziness or grievances.

Bai Yeqing threw her into the car and pulled the seat belt to buckle her.

He raised his cold eyes and looked directly into her eyes. The tears gushing from her eyes startled him, he frowned.

She sniffed and turned her face away, looking outside the window. She tried to be as calm as possible.

“Why crying?” he asked.

“None of your business!”

Bai Yeqing snorted and really didn’t ask further. He closed the door and went to the driver’s seat. Then he stepped on the pedal and drove forward.

Along the way, he always glanced at her unconsciously.

Dame it!

The stubborn woman sitting nearby was shedding tears more intensely.

He was in a fret but didn’t know the reason. It was probably because the way she cried was really ugly.

But… the woman in tears actually looked… delicate and touching…

He took a paper towel and handed it to her, “Don’t cry! You look so ugly!”

Although the tone was fierce, his eyesight was full of some emotions that he had not noticed.

Xia Xingchen, being annoyed, was not aware of it either.

This man was really bad!

He didn’t even know how to hand a paper towel gently!

She took the paper towel angrily and sobbed, “If I knew you were so hateful earlier, I shouldn’t have taken care of you when you were injured…”

He frowned and glanced at her, “Do you think you have been wronged?”

“Shouldn’t I feel wronged?” Xia Xingchen glared at him with red eyes, “You want me to give birth to a child, and then I had to do that even if I was laughed at. You want to sexually assault me, and I could never reject that. And now, you forced me to get in your car. But just now when you didn’t want me to get in your car, you shouted at me so fiercely.”

The more she said, the more she felt wronged, and her voice was choked with emotion, “What do you take me for? I am a human, not your pet…”


Bai Yeqing snorted, “If I have a pet like you who is so stupid and disobedient, I’ll kill it personally and cook it!”

“…” This guy!

She hadn’t realized that he was so annoying!

When Xia Xingchen still wanted to say something more, Bai Yeqing suddenly said, “The reason I shouted at you is not that I don’t want you to get in the car.”

His voice got much more gentle.

“Don’t pretend anymore. I know it.”

“So I said you are stupid!”

“…” Xia Xingchen was too irritated to say anything. Taking a deep breath, she tried to be patient and asked, “Well, if it’s not because you don’t want me to get in the car, then why did you shout at me?”

“Because you stupid woman…”

Not finishing the whole sentence, he suddenly paused. Turning his head, he found she was also looking at him. He was a little embarrassed and did not continue.

Xia Xingchen asked, “Because of what?”

“…” He didn’t speak.

“Tell me.”

“You are so annoying!” Bai Yeqing was angry.

“You don’t know how to make excuses – I knew it!” Xia Xingchen looked like she’d known that he was lying.

Bai Yeqing couldn’t bear it anymore, “I shouted at you because you are so stupid that you use your body to stop my car! Do you know that if I stepped on the accelerator, you would have been dead!”

He was even more furious when he recalled the dangerous moment she was not aware of. He glared sideways at her, “You are stupid enough!”

“…” Xia Xingchen was stunned by his angry words, going blank for a moment.

So it turned out to be that she misunderstood him?

For a moment, she wiped her tears silently and stopped glaring at him.

It was strange that she didn’t feel angry when he said, “You are stupid enough!” Even her anger and grievances had somehow disappeared.

Their tit-for-tat quarrel stopped. Instead, they were much calmer now.

However, neither of them tried to start a conversation from their own initiative.

The atmosphere inside the car was awkward. He continued to drive quietly, while Xia Xingchen turned her gaze outside the window.


It was late when they returned to the presidential residence.

The remaining servants in the manor greeted them at the door. Bai Yeqing climbed out of the car and told them to go to rest. Then the servants quietly went back to rest.

Xia Xingchen was worried about her child, so she quickly changed her shoes and hurried upstairs without caring about tidiness in her dress.

Bai Yeqing followed her up.

“He has fallen asleep.” Bai Yeqing reminded her as she pushed the door of the kid’s room.

“What’s up with him?”

“He caught a cold,” Bai Yeqing replied.

“Did he have a fever or a cough? Did you send for a doctor? His throat becomes inflamed every time he catches a cold…”

Bai Yeqing could scarcely bear to look at her worried face, “Doctor Fu has come to see him. He said that Dabai would recover after a good night’s sleep.”



“Ok,” Xia Xingchen was relieved, “I want to see him.”

As she said, she quietly went into the room. She did not turn on the light but walked to the bed by the moonlight outside the window.

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