Chapter 47 – He Will Never Marry You

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Sitting on the bed and hearing the child’s light and even breathing, Xia Xingchen was very satisfied. These five days of miss finally got an outlet.

In fact, she could only endure for a few days. She would go crazy if she hadn’t seen her Dabai for a long time.

She carefully touched the child’s forehead and felt a normal temperature, and then she gave a long sigh of relief. Doctor Fu’s medical skills had always been good. Dealing with a small cold was certainly not a problem for him.

Xia Xingchen hugged Dabai for a while before she left the room, and then she went back to her bedroom to take a shower.

Having been out a few days, the servants still kept the room clean and tidy. When she was in the bathtub, she remembered Bai Yeqing’s wounds.

When he just carried her on his shoulder, she almost lost her mind because of anger, so she might hurt him with her fists. His wounds were still slowly healing, after her rash action, they might rupture again.

… …

While on the other side.

Bai Yeqing was standing in front of a full-length mirror. He frowned when taking off his shirt.

Sure enough, there were already blood stains on the shirt.

He turned sideways to have a look at the back and barely saw that the wounds were bleeding. That woman was really rude!

It was quite late, servants all went to rest, dealing with the wounds on the back was not easy for him.

But Bai Yeqing had no choice but to handle it by himself. He took gauze and scissors out of the drawer and was about to deal with it, and then he heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it?”

“… It’s me.” Xia Xingchen’s voice came from the outside. Compared with her yell in Chi Weiyang’s home, now her voice was incredibly soft.

In front of her, he didn’t have to hide the wounds.

Xia Xingchen was waiting outside the door, and when the door was pulled open, the man’s tall and strong upper body crashed into her eyes without warning. She breathed became heavy and didn’t know where to look.

Although she had taken care of him and helped him to wipe his body before. But…

Since the last time she was teased by him, how dared she to look straight to him?

“It’s late, but you dare to come here, not afraid of being swallowed by me?” Bai Yeqing squinted, looking at her from top to bottom and observing her uneasiness.

Xia Xingchen was even more embarrassed.

“Don’t talk nonsense… I… I come to ask you for money.”

She had a sudden inspiration, coming up with a good idea. She became justified and confident at once. She drew herself up and reached over to him, “Give me money.”

“What money?” He looked down at her palm.

“Have you forgotten what you said? On the last day I took care of you, you said that Leng Fei would pay me. We have been busy these days, so it is delayed. Now since I think of it, just give me the money quickly in case that you forget it again later.”

He just said it in furiousness, but this woman took his word for it!

Bai Yeqing gave her a glare, “Come with me!”

He turned around and walked inside.

Then Xia Xingchen saw the wounds on his back.

He got an almost perfect figure, no extra meat on his bones. He looked thin in clothes while muscular after taking off clothes. He was naked at the moment, his Apollo’s belt looming – he looked so sexy.


Wounds were scattered across his back.

However, this was not something to worry – it only made him more masculine.

“How much do you want?” Bai Yeqing took out the checkbook. This woman was definitely the first person who dared to take money from him.

Still staring at his back, Xia Xingchen didn’t hear his words. He glanced sideways at her, finding that she was looking at him, lost in thought. He narrowed his eyes, “am I so attractive?”

“Ah?” She collected herself and realized something. Then she explained, “Don’t get me wrong. I was just looking at your wounds.”

“It’s all because of you.”

“Why did you shout at me and carry me on your shoulder?” Xia Xingchen thought to herself.

“Sit down. Let me help you deal with the wound.”

“Don’t you regret that you shouldn’t take care of me at that time?”

“…” Xia Xingchen was depressed. Why did he always refute her using her own words?

Although Bai Yeqing spared no effort to refute her, he still sat down. He raised his chin to point at the gauze and potion. He was just worried about how to deal with the wounds on his back.

She didn’t say anything then, carefully binding up his wounds with adroitness.

“How did you know Yu Zenan?” Bai Yeqing suddenly opened his mouth.


“Stay away from him!” His tone indicated that he was not discussing with her, but ordering her.


“There is no reason. The Yu family is not easy to deal with.”

Xia Xingchen curled her lips, “I think he is pretty good. Anyway, even if he’s hard to deal with, he’s much more reliable than you…”

She said the last sentence in a very low voice. Not hearing her words clearly, Bai Yeqing turned to look at her coldly and said, “You’d better not ignore my words! If you want to go on a blind date, you should at least choose a suitable man. Do you think it’s possible for Yu Zennan to marry you?”

His words made her stunned.

Her self-esteem was damaged.

It seemed that she was particularly humble. She couldn’t reach either Bai Yeqing or Yu Zenan. When she was a little closer to any one of them, others would think she had overrated herself.

This was the case in the eyes of others and in Bai Yeqing’s eyes as well. If someone else such as Xu Yan said that, she would not be so sad…

“Yes, he won’t marry me. How can people like you, who live in another world and are superior to others, think highly of normal people like me?”

Her inferiority complex and anger were obviously shown in her tone. Bai Yeqing frowned and turned to her.

She had already bandaged his wound. Putting the gauze and the potion down, she said indifferently, “If nothing else, I’ll go to sleep.”

After that, she turned to leave immediately.

Looking at her back, Bai Yeqing was so depressed that he didn’t even think about it and grabbed her hand.

Xia Xingchen didn’t expect this situation – this man’s breath shrouded from the top of her head, which took her breath away. She looked up and caught his deep eyes. Her heart suddenly beat really fast.

She felt dangerous but could not tell what it was. She wanted to leave, but Bai Yeqing hugged her slender waist with one hand. He only held her with a little force and she couldn’t move – He had a large palm and her waist barely filled his palm.

Physical contact and the ambiguous atmosphere made Xia Xingchen a little panicked. She wanted to say something, but she felt dry mouth and couldn’t speak a word. She tried to take his hand away, but then her hand was held tightly by his other hand.

Her fingers intertwined with his.

“Bai…Bai Yeqing…” She wanted to rebuke him and push him away. However, there was no anger in her voice at all. Instead, her voice sounded completely soft.

What she was like at this moment almost made him lose his mind.

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