Chapter 48 – Stay Away from Him

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What she was like at this moment almost made him lose his mind. His gaze swept over her eyes and then fell on her beautiful nose.

And then…

It was her rosy, soft lips which parted slightly…

His gaze fell there, paused, and could not move.

His eyes suddenly became deep and dangerous.

Xia Xingchen caught his eyesight, her throat tightened and she subconsciously tried to escape. However, before she reacted, the man’s lips once again covered hers overbearingly.

Although it was the fourth time he kissed her, Xia Xingchen could not be calm. Her breathing almost stopped and the empty hand pushed his shoulder hard, but he did not move. His overbearing and possessive kiss, made her difficult to resist.

While kissing, the man’s big palm gradually moved from the upper side of her waist to the body parts above…

The dangerous feeling made Xia Xingchen calm down at once, and her eyes, which had been blurred, could barely focus now.

She suddenly stood up from the man’s lap. Her eyes, which were covered with moisture and mist, looked at him like a frightened deer.

Her hands grasped her pajamas neckline subconsciously and her fingers trembled. The heat and strength of his fingertips seemed to still remain on her chest, which made her mouth dry.


In the end, she fled from his room. She intended to ask for money, but as a result, she had totally forgotten that.

Going back to her bedroom, for a long time, she still remembered the words that he whispered when he caught her, “Stay away from Yu Zenan!”

She asked with a trembling voice, “Why?”

Bold and straight, he replied calmly, “I don’t like it!”

This man was extremely overbearing!

His piercing eyes at that time was sharp as if he wanted to burn her into ashes.

Xia Xingchen’s mind was in a whirl and she couldn’t think about it at all. So, she neither nodded nor shook her head, and ran out, frightened.

The situation at that time made her feel that if she ran out slower, she might be eaten by him.

It was too dangerous!

She was so tense that her heart pounds like a jackhammer the whole night.

She couldn’t help but blame herself. He teased her not long before; how could she not learn a lesson and let him…

She bit her lip, and covered herself with quilt annoyingly, forcing her to stop thinking about him.

The next day.

Xia Dabai got up bleary-eyed. When he just came out of the room, someone held him up.

He turned his head and saw who it was. Then he wrapped his arms around Bai Yeqing’s neck, “Daddy, did you pick up Dabao yesterday?”


“Good job. Kiss for you!” Regardless of whether Bai Yeqing was willing or not, Dabai pouted and kissed Daddy on his face. As they lived together for a longer time, they got along with each other better. But sometimes they still liked to bicker with each other.

“If you don’t want her to leave you alone for such a long time, then just keep nodding, no matter what I said at breakfast.”

Xia Dabai was confused, “Daddy, what are you going to say?”

“You will know at that time.”



After a while, breakfast time.

As soon as Xia Xingchen appeared, Dabai hurled himself into her arms, acting like a spoiled brat. She picked him up and kissed him.

“Dabao, I miss you so much.” Xia Dabai hugged her, and smiled at the man sitting at the table. “Daddy misses you too.”

Xia Xingchen looked at Bai Yeqing unconsciously, recalling what happened last night. An embarrassed look appeared on her face.

Originally she thought he would deny Dabai’s words, but he didn’t!

Instead, he turned to the butler and gave him some orders.

Xia Xingchen couldn’t help but look at his handsome profile, thinking that he probably didn’t hear Dabai’s words.

She shook her head and prevented herself from thinking about him again. Anyway, they had nothing to do with each other. Dabai just said that casually; if she bore it in her mind, it would make her look stupid.

As for those things…

Last time, he made it clear that he was teasing her.

And last night…

She could only blame it on hormones.

For adult single men and women, even if they had no feelings for each other, it would be easy to burn with desire, not to mention that she’d slept with him.

Shaking off all these thoughts, she put her son on the children’s chair and touched his forehead, asking, “Do you still have any feeling of discomfort now?”

He shook his head, “I’m feeling super good!”

Xia Xingchen smiled with relief, “Doctor Fu is so skilled. But, has he prescribed any medicine for you?”

“Why should I take medicine?” Xia Dabai was more confused.

“You had a fever last night.” Bai Yeqing chipped in. He sipped his soup slowly and glanced at his son, “you forgot that?”

“Ah… I remember… Yeah, Dabao, I had a cold. You and Dad were both out, I was so poor~” Xia Dabai took the opportunity to make a request, “Dabao, don’t leave home for so long in the future, OK?”

Xia Xingchen loved her son dearly, so once he requested, how could she think more? She just kept nodding and promised, “Okay, I promise that I will never do it again.”

Xia Dabai proudly raised his brows at someone.

Bai Yeqing seemed to be in a good mood, as his usually-non-expression face put a faint smile at this moment.

… …

After breakfast, Xia Xingchen took her bag and was about to go. As she reached the door, she reminded the butler that he must pay special attention to Dabai’s temperature. After all, she still felt worried.

However, the work had to be done.

“Baby, I’m going, give me a kiss.” She squatted down and leaned over to the son.

Xia Dabai stood on tiptoe to print a kiss on her face. Suddenly he hugged her neck and said in a low voice, “Dabao, in fact, I am not sick at all…”


“Dad has lied to you, in fact, he just wants to pick you up.” His voice was very low so that only the two could hear. After that, he put his little finger on Xia Xingchen’s lips, “Hush! Don’t tell Little Bai. Little Bai is so arrogant, is he knows that I expose his lie, he will definitely threaten me again.”

Xia Xingchen was stunned and wondered whether it was true.

Before she could ask her son in detail, Bai Baiqing walked out. Xia Dabai quickly released the hand holding Xingchen and stepped back.

Perhaps because of his guilty conscience, he stood up straight and called with a strong voice, “Dad, goodbye!”

Bai Yeqing gave him a glance but noticed nothing, so he nodded and continued to walk.

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