Chapter 49 – Her Future Husband

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She was dumbstruck and kept thinking about her son’s words.

When she came to herself, she could only see his back. She intended to ask him if their son was telling the truth, but Xia Dabai was rubbing his hands and taking bows to beg her not to sell him out. She was softhearted, so she didn’t speak out her questions.

Following him from behind, she looked up at his broad shoulders several times, having mixed emotions.

She was absent-minded all the way until Leng Fei opened the door for him, he got in the car, Leng Fei smiled and called “Miss Xia”, she suddenly came to herself.


She actually followed him here!

“Sorry.” Xia Xingchen said in a low voice, feeling so embarrassed that she did not dare to look at Bai Yeqing in the car. Then she turned around to go to the driver who was already waiting for her in the back.

While Leng Fei continued, “I have been too busy recently, so I haven’t got time to congratulate Miss Xia.”

Xia Xingchen didn’t understand, so she looked up at him, “Congratulation for what?”

“Of course for your work. Congratulations, you have passed the assessment and re-entered the Foreign Ministry.”

“Thank you.” Xia Xingchen politely thanked him, “I don’t know that you would notice about my work considering that you are so busy, thank you for being considerate.”

“The considerate person should be His Excellency.”


Xia Xingchen took a look inside the car subconsciously.

What does it have to do with him?

Seeing through her thoughts at this moment, Leng Fei said, “His Excellency had specially called the Foreign Ministry to ask them…”

“Secretary Leng, aren’t you busy?”

A cold voice interrupted Leng Fei.

The window slowly wound down and the man’s handsome face appeared. He glanced at Leng Fei, “I didn’t know you are so talkative.”

“…” Leng Fei stunned and didn’t dare to speak anymore. He only nodded to Xia Xingchen and turned to go.

Xia Xingchen frowned slightly. After taking a look at Bai Yeqing, she subconsciously reached out to pull Leng Fei, “Secretary Leng, please finish your words before you go.”

“I’ve said too much. Miss Xia, if you want to know just ask His Excellency.”

Leng Fei didn’t dare to stay here any longer, and Xia Xingchen naturally couldn’t stop him. A row of cars whistled away.

She stood there staring at the motorcade while contemplating, then she suddenly doubled back to their house.

“Dabai.” She called her son.

“Hey? Dabao, why do you come back now?”

Xia Xingchen took out her mobile phone and asked, “Do you have your father’s private number?”

“Of course, just think about my relationship with Dad.” The little kid was very proud. Few people know Dad’s private number!

The next second he looked at her and asked, “Dabao, till now you don’t even have Little Bai’s number, do you?”

“Well, no.”

“Hasn’t Little Bai given it to you proactively?”


“Okay, Dad is too slow, wants to chase the girl but doesn’t leave a number, how could that work?” Grumbled Dabai.

Xia Xingchen felt embarrassed, “Don’t talk nonsense. Hurry, give me his number. I have something to ask him.”

Xia Dabai took her mobile phone and operated using his white and tender little fingers for a while, and then the number of Bai Yeqing was saved. Xia Xingchen saw his note, and then patted his small head without hesitation, “Naughty.”

The little guy actually saved the number as her ‘Future Husband’!

She wanted to change it right away but failed, as no matter how she tried, the editing function wouldn’t work.

“What happened?”

Did it die or something?

“Don’t change it, this is the most appropriate ID.” Xia Dabai smiled like a fox, “anyway, with your IQ, you won’t be able to change it.”

Xia Xingchen understood, “You set up some program in my mobile phone, didn’t you?”

“Bingo. It seems you are not dumb, or you can’t have a talented genius like me.” Xia Dabai felt very good about himself. He didn’t change the note for her but ran upstairs directly.

Xia Xingchen really didn’t know what to do with his son’s high IQ.

So, even a child could bully her now?

Had the father and the son planned about these?


Xia Xingchen tried to call him – looking at the flashing ‘Future Husband’ on the screen, she still felt embarrassed. She was afraid that people would notice that, so she held her phone tightly. She really couldn’t imagine what he would think about her if he knew this.

Xia Xingchen remembered what he said to her last night – If you want to go on a blind date, you should at least choose a suitable man. Do you think it’s possible for Yu Zennan to marry you? – She looked down and the light in her eyes became dim. It was conceivable that this address ‘Future Husband’ would make him feel ridiculous.

Bai Yeqing didn’t answer the phone.

Xia Xingchen made two calls in total, one in the morning, the other in the noon; neither got an answer.

He must be very busy.

She didn’t insist on making calls, but she checked her phone from time to time, waiting for him to call back.

It was nearly 1 pm and her lunch break was about to end, suddenly Xia Xingchen’s cell phone rang.

She immediately took out the phone, to her surprise, this call was not from Bai Yeqing but from Li Lingyi.

She didn’t expect this.

Normally if there is no urgency, Li Lingyi won’t call her.

After thinking about it, she touched ‘Accept’ and put it against her ear.

“Xingchen, your Dad is in big trouble!” Li Lingyi’s tone sounded anxious, nearly bursting into tears.

Xia Xingchen frowned slightly, and her heart was also hung up. But she tried to remain calm and continue to ask, “What happened?”

“Your father, he… He has had a fever since two days ago; today people from the Epidemic Prevention Department took him away and said… it was confirmed that he was infected with the Wis epidemic disease.”

Then Li Lingyi started to sob, while Xia Xingchen felt quite worried, and she clenched her phone subconsciously.

The Wis epidemic disease was now spreading globally, it would cause high rates of mortality and infection, and until now no effective therapeutic or preventive drugs had been developed yet.

Therefore, such an epidemic disease was largely equivalent to the death penalty. You could say that the patient infected by it had set one foot into the gates of hell, no exaggeration at all.

Because the epidemic prevention work had always been done well in the country, the spreading scope was not wide. However, she did not expect that this disease would reach her family.

“I’m coming back right now.” She said hastily, anxious to see her father.

“What’s the use of your coming back? Your Dad is not at home already. You’d better hurry to find someone in the Foreign Ministry who have contact with superior officials to help us, then we could get a chance to visit your Dad! Now he is in quarantine, we don’t have any latest updates on his situation now…” Li Lingyi cried again.

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